Cstan98 Money Cultivation - Saving

Version2 2018.09.22

*The Perfect Christian Objective of Saving Money.

(01) To Bless Self.

(02) To Bless Others.

  1. Ask Why You Want To Save?

    (01) It is the Why Reasons that push all Goals to completion. So Why You want to save money?:

    (02) For a Working Cashflow?

    (03) To build Company Farmlands for mass interesting jobs creations?

    (04) To buy a Essential Strategic Computer Game App?

    (05) To buy a Study Bible?

    (06) To open a Business Bank Account?

    (07) To plan for a Important Subscription Renewal like Yearly Website Hosting Fees?

    (08) To start Your own Galactic Empire?

    (*) Sun Zi: "when You know Self. Half the Battle has already been won."

  2. Cstan98 Better & Better. Faster & Faster. Stroke

    (01) Build More Discipline.

    (02) Cut Your Business Expenses deeper & deeper.

    (03) Head Towards Further Money Educations.

    (04) Improve Business Incomes Sources with more markets & pockets.

    (05) Increase Your Savings Cultivation Skills.

    (06) Know GOD how to get more Money Blessings. The list go on.

  3. Habit To Save.

    Suze Orman: "cultivate Habit to save. Not habit to spend." Read all Her Books. They are all very practical commonsense. She from Waitress turn into near Millionaire. If front car goes to Changi Airport. You just follow that car to go there.

  4. Have Surplus.

    Holy Bible: "the wise has surplus. The foolish finish everthings." Always have enough surplus reserves for emergencies. Do not let things take you off guard. Extras means You are blessed. It is wise to plan many steps ahead. Lacks mean you are cursed sinned. Save money to have surplus.

  5. More & More.

    Aim for more & more reserves surplus. See Your Galactic Empire grows bigger & bigger. See Your Money Management becomes more & more effective & efficient. See Your Savings grow each month.

  6. Set Goals.

    (*) You need to do Daily Accountings.

    (01) Level 1: Which are priority?

    (02) Level 2: Which are important?

    (03) Level 2: Which are urgent?

    (04) Level 3: Others Unknown.

    (05) Plan your money wisely accordingly.

    (06) Project Your Monthly Cashflows = All Incomes & Expenses.

    (07) What Important Savings Goals can you afford?

  7. Set Monitor.

    When You monitor Money Savings Goals. Each day increases encourages you put in more towards that aim. Confucius: "a Gentleman is like firing an arrow at a target. You adjust the next arrow until you reach the target." If you don't monitor your arrows. How are you to reach the targets?

  8. Start From Young.

    Saving Habits start from young. Teach money managements & plannings to Your Young Children as soon as possible. Teach Them to give 10% GOD Tithes/Offerings. Teach Them to give satan the devil dues & taxes. Teach Them to administer their own expenses. Teach Them to give Extra Miles to the poor. Teach Them to Honour Father/Mother by giving monthly allowances. Teach Them GOD going to provide for their Retirement Plannings. Teach Them if They want a weekly MacDonald Strawberry Sundae. They must save for it. Progress from Notebook & Pen Accountings to Mac Laptop Apple Numbers Spreadsheets.

  9. The Step Month 10s Plan.

    Revised from saving day 1 = $1 , day 2 = $2 , day 3 = $3 , ... Change to Month 1 = $10 , Month 2 = $20 , Month 3 = $30 , ... This is more feasible. Because it is easier to save $10 more per month than to save $1 more per day. Each month must be better than last month.

  10. Use Savings Wisely.

    Make each penny counts. Because every drop is Your hard earned money. Especially Your Huge Savings. Use them wisely. Farm Your seeds to increase more harvests. Think out of the box.

  11. *Conclusions.

    The money is a knife. It can be used to kill souls. Or it can be used to save souls. It depends on the User. Use it wisely.

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