Cstan98 Marriage Sex Cultivation 陳俊雄房中术

Version2 2020.03.28

**Warning!!! This Webpage Objectives are:

(01) To let Worthy Ones increase (need Half-Virginity Cultivation).

(02) To let unworthy ones decrease (if you physical adultery. The you die before eternal life).

(03) Of course. Actually no male (even me Cstan98) wants to teach other males. About how to play females better. Which male does not want to have more beautiful females girlfriends? But it is to Panda advantages. That everyone (female/male alike) are happily married 1-to-1. To end current galactic wars faster. It is a sex problem. Not a satan the devil problem.

(04) How To Daily. Just read each Bold Heading. Each try to recall details. If cannot. Read that paragraph. Repeat Step down.

The me Cstan98 can cure my 40 years pornography-induced impotence. So can you. My impotence cure handicaps:

(01) My unerected p organ is 2 inch due to pornography-induced retarded growth.

(02) The me Cstan98 is a strict half-vegetarian. That mean me does not eat meat solids. Only juices sauces. Also mean me do not take most meat sex enhancements products.

(03) The me has a 40+ years history of pornography addictions. Some people say it is normal. The me have to fight conventional wisdom.

(04) My Wife is half-ugly. In fact not beautiful or sexy. But now at Sep-2019. The me can have a normal erection to have marriage sex with Her.

(***) If me Cstan98 can do cure. So can do you. The me is happy and soon be happy for you also.

**GCE (E/V/DMS) Levels.

In Singapore you need to pass some educational levels to reach BBA (business administration degree) education. You need to pass GCE 'O (ordinary)' Level & GCE 'A (advance)' Level. The me Cstan98 like to add 3 additional sexual cultivation levels for you to attain. Especially for males.

  1. GCE 'E (Eyes)' Level.

    To pass GCE 'E (Eyes)' Level. You need to look all females (even all males/Wife in the eyes) in the eyes. Whether it is movie/photo/real. If you fail for that female. Please quickly retake to pass. This GCE 'E (Eyes)' Level if you pass. You guard your dan sex foundations energies for further below 2 levels.

  2. GCE 'V (Valentine)' Level.

    Are you able to pass GCE 'V (Valentine)' Level everyday? That means you have a Valentine Girlfriend everyday. Since age 0.

  3. GCE 'DMS (Daily Marriage Sex)' Level.

    Are you able to pass GCE 'DMS (Daily Marriage Sex)' Level everyday after you get married? To pass this level. You are required to know all subjects to get your natural p organ (without implant) to work. Currently. Panda is only able to pass once a week. At Sep-2019. With handicaps. Never use AV pornography/hand/mouth to erection first. Wife is 5 months pregnant big tummy unsexy. Can rape her for 5 mins.

**Cstan98 Court Wife Arts. 陳俊雄泡妞大法:

  1. 脸皮要厚。心要细。

    Someone. Face thick skin. Heart tiny details.

  2. 越不想泡。泡更多。

    Cstan98. When You don't want. You get more.

  3. 她不想上你。你很难上她。

    Cstan98. If She doesn't want to on You. You very difficult to on Her.

  4. 半个爱哭鬼。半个小孩子。半个色鬼。半个好好先生。打下天下奶。

    Cstan98. Half cry baby. Half kid. Half pervert. Half good husband. Get all breasts under Heaven.

  5. 成全别人以加持成全自己。

    Cstan98. Helping Others get married is helping spells on Own Marriage.

  6. 古佛道她心通泡妞比较快。

    Cstan98. Old Buddha Cultivation knowing Females Heart Powers court Wife faster.

  7. 泡妞容易。摔妞难。

    Playboy Uncle. Court Females easy. Dump Females difficult. (My foster family foster uncle. The he acts good guy to get. Then act bad guy to dump. Take out so many virginity hymens. Old age marry thai prostitute in thailand. Running from death bounties place on his head by lost virginity hymens angry Brothers/Fathers. So impotent. Can only use tongue. Panda come on sign: "just try lah. See what We Jedi do to you.")

  8. 请神容易。送神难。

    Cstan98. Invite god easy. Dump god difficult.

  9. 结婚容易。离婚难。

    Cstan98. Marry easy. Divorce difficult.

  10. 不要婚了。昏了。

    YouTube: China. Don't married. Mess-ied.

  11. 当每个人讲话。静静。

    Playboy Uncle. When Everyone talks. Keep quiet.

  12. 当每个人静静。讲话。

    Playboy Uncle. When Everyone quiet. Keep talking.

  13. 弄她乱。弄她一直想妳。

    Cstan98. Make Her disturbed. Make Her always think of You.

  14. 女人吗。她爱的男人对她越好。她就越美。

    Cstan98. Females. Their loved Males treat Them more better. They more beautiful.

  15. 男人吗。他越能控制他的一切。他就越帅。

    Cstan98. Males. They more in control of their everythings. They more handsome.

  16. 男人吗。他爱的女人孩子越听话。他越奋斗养家。

    Cstan98. Males. Their loved Females & Children more obedient. They more hardworkingly earn for Family.

  17. 男人吗。要当就当猛男。人生比较好玩。

    Cstan98. Males. Want to be male. Be a Hulk. Life is more funs.

  18. 女人吗。要当就当美女。人生比较好玩。

    Cstan98. Males. Want to be female. Be a Beautiful Girl. Life is more funs.

  19. 白天整身淫兽欲。

    Cstan98. Daytime full of sex beast desires.

  20. 晚上整晚做老婆。

    Cstan98. Nighttime whole night sex Wife.

  21. 淫兽整晚一直不停搞老婆不停搞老婆。老婆一直高潮浪声不停得叫整晚。

    Cstan98. Sex beast Wife whole night. Whole night Wife screaming with waves & waves of ecstasy.

  22. 人生乐趣吗。你家的老处女老婆被你做得哎哎叫。

    Cstan98. Life Pleasures. Just to f Your Old Virgin Wife let Her screaming with ecstasy.

  23. 人生乐趣吗。你家的老节妇老婆被你搞得变你的欲女性奴。

    Cstan98. Life Pleasures. Just to f Your Strict Serious Wife into highly sexed female sex slave.

  24. 人生乐趣吗。是搞你老婆让她欲死欲仙整晚每晚。

    Cstan98. Life Pleasures. Is made your Wife want to die want to Heaven whole night every night.

**Cstan98 Small P Organ Martial Arts. 陳俊雄小鸟功:

  1. 不要冷水。

    No Cold Drinks. (Cold drinks especially iced damage spleen.)

  2. 不要假药物。

    No Drugs. (If no choice like alcohols/cigarettes/drugs/... Need to boil cook first.)

  3. 不要假东西。

    No Fake Things.

  4. 不要假大鸟。

    No P Implant. (They come out in 3-10 years time. Become totally no c.)

  5. 不要假色情片。

    No Pornography. (Recommend You don't use live ammos for just training videos.)

  6. 不要睡太多。

    Don't Sleep Too Much. (Sleep too much = too tired exhausted.)

  7. 不要牙膏。只是牙刷。

    Monk Cultivation: cannot toothpaste. (Still need toothbrush.)

  8. 不要肥皂。除了厕所过后/洗屁股洞。

    Monk Cultivation: cannot shampoo/soap. Need x3 water rounds per bath. (Except after toilet/shaving/washing asshole.) (Don't soap still eating meat = confirm very smelly.) (May need to soap. If still eat smelly eggs/garlic/onion.)

  9. 罗汉不摸鸟。只做老婆。

    Jedi Cultivation: do not touch bird. (Unless cleaning.) Only do Wife.

  10. 罗汉脚不动地。

    Jedi Cultivation: legs do not touch ground. (Need at least carpet/shoes/slippers/socks.)

  11. 不要保险套。

    Marriage Sex - No Condom. (You need to absorb each other sex juices to make p organ big.)

  12. 上面50%水。

    Drink top 50% of every drinks/soup. (Because Buddhism Physics Laws = good float + bad sink.)

  13. 每天一杯茶。

    Tea - Everyday. (For me Cstan98. Everyday 1 ice large Gongcha Tea Chainstore = large green tea with 0% sugar/topping. All generic tea types = branch from same sister plant to strengthen kidney.)

  14. 每天打拳。

    Martial Arts - Everyday. (Physical fit Male more sex potent? Or weak one?)

  15. 每天周公礼。

    Marriage Sex - Everyday. (My Wife Choy menstruation stop. So We have all the funs.)

  16. 够食物。

    Enough Vegetarian Foods. (Because marriage sex use up many carbohydrates/fats/minerals/proteins/vitamins.)

  17. 周公礼之前食物。

    Eat delicious drinks + snacks immediately before marriage sex. (So become less tired during sex session.)

  18. 干净不射 = 素食 + 忠实夫妻身体。

    Clean Don't Early Ejaculation = Vegetarian + Marriage Virginity Clean Body.

  19. 后前奏。不是前前奏。

    Marriage Sex - Foreplay Come After Insertion. Not Before. (So You get more & more excited to shoot. Not before.)

  20. 30分钟一直小便。1分钟前喝一杯水。

    Keep Urining 30 minutes before. Drink 1 cup (cold) filtered water 1 minute before marriage sex. (Able to erection & enough times before ejacualtion.)

  21. 小就放进去洞。

    Marriage Sex - Limp Tiny Insertion With Hand. (Half f c is better than no c.)

  22. 剪刀性交位。

    Scissor Position (Intercourse position for small p organ). (You need not have erection to have sex).

  23. 慢慢搞。要大不能大。要死不能死。要射不能射。

    Marriage Sex - Slowly Start Doing. (Want big cannot big. Want die cannot die. Want shoot cannot shoot.)

  24. 反正鸟会越来越大。

    It Get Bigger & Bigger Anyway.

  25. 三手指压止泻精。

    3 Fingers Archpoint Pressing. At area between 2 testis & asshole. To stop ejaculation of sperms.

  26. 老婆CB汁到明天早上。

    Let Wife CB juices dry to next morning (to bigger p organ for tomorrow night). (Recommend wear underwear not to expose. One Law says strip show exposures punishes smaller.)

  27. 专一老公自然大鸟功。

    Faithful Husband Confirm Bigger Each Day. (With juices absorptions/practices.)

  28. 夫妻每天一起冲凉。

    Husband & Wife bath together everyday. Everyday light pornography (see Wife real breasts). Don't heavy pornography (see pornography g cup av breasts).

  29. 进步研究。

    Research & Development. (Drinks/foods/physical exercises/management energies/sexloads/sleep/...)

**Cstan98 Big P Organ Martial Arts. 陳俊雄大鸟功:

  1. 利用外调内调。

    Make use External/Internal Balance.

  2. 利用外药内药。

    Make use External/Internal Medicine.

  3. 利用外功内功。

    Make use External/Internal Arts.

  4. 利用外德内德。

    Make use External/Internal Virtues.

  5. 利用外佛力内佛力。

    Make use External/Internal Buddha Effects.

  6. 利用外魔力内魔力。

    Make use External/Internal satanic effects.

  7. 解药越便宜越好。

    Medicines Cures as cheap as possible.

  8. 一个礼拜一天休息日。

    Every week 1 Rest (Sabbath) Day.

  9. 小心佛功德费。

    Careful of Buddha Merits Money.

  10. 小心魔政府费。

    Careful of satanic governments taxes.

  11. 小心免费东西。

    Careful of free things.

  12. 小心坏药物。

    Careful of evil medicines.

  13. 不能多过一妻。

    Cannot more than 1 wife.

  14. 不能心淫。

    Cannot heart adultery.

  15. 不能不是妻淫。

    Cannot not Wife adultery

  16. 当你越大鸟功越玩你唯一的老婆。你老婆会不会帮你?

    When You more big p organ more play only Wife. Your Wife help?

  17. 当你越大鸟功越教全部女人丈夫怎样大鸟功玩她们。全部女人会不会帮你?

    When You more big p organ more teach all Females Their Husbands big p organ to play Them. All Females help?

  18. 当你越大鸟功越教全部男人怎样大鸟功玩他们老婆。全部男人会不会帮你?

    When You more big p prgan more teach all Males big p organ to play Their Wives. All Males help?

  19. 当你越大鸟功越帮全部小孩子大鸟功长大能一夫一妻结婚。全部小孩子会不会帮你?

    When You more big p organ more help all Little Children big o organ grow up to 1 Husband 1 Wife Marriage. All Little Children help?

  20. 如意棒大鸟功 = 要大要小随心所意。

    Can Big Can Small P Organ Martial Arts = according to wishes.

  21. 学大鸟功时。不修更高道行。小心走火入魔。

    When learning Big P Organ Martial Arts. Not learn higher higher levels. Careful to dark side.

  22. 学大鸟功时。不修大德者。小心折寿折福。

    When learning Big P Organ Martial Arts. Not learn big virtues. Careful out of lifespans.

  23. 学大鸟功时。不修罗汉五戒。小心不够精气神。

    When learning Big P Organ Martial Arts. Not learn Sub-Sub-Buddha Cannot. Careful out of energies.

  24. 大鸟功时每个美女功要吃。美女功时每个大鸟功要吃。

    When Big P Organ every female wants to eat. When Beautiful Female every male wants to eat.

  25. 大鸟功。美女功。老公老婆功。必须同时一起学用。三缺一不可。

    Big P Organ/Beautiful Female/Husband Wife Martial Arts. 3 Together same time. Lack 1 cannot.

  26. 大鸟功。又大又粗又长又久。

    G-Size Big P Organ. Big Thick Long Long-Time.

  27. 观音娘娘:“每天用鸟采老婆蜜。”

    GUAN YIN: "Everyday Use P Organ Pick Natural Wife Vagina Honey."

  28. 陳俊雄:“每天鸟不能采大便。”必须把小便擦掉。

    Cstan98: "Everyday P Organ Cannot Pick Shits." Must Wipe Away Even Urine.

  29. 陳俊雄:“男人不是铁做的。泰山都会驾崩啦。好自为之。”

    Cstan98: "males are not made of steel. Even mountains fall of exhaustions. Be careful."

  30. 陳俊雄:“不要担心老婆不漂亮不性感。女人越爱越美。越玩越性感。”

    Cstan98: "don't worry your Wife not beautiful not sexy. More you love Her. She become more beautiful. More you sex Her. She become more sexy."

  31. 修身养性。

    Cultivate body/nature.

  32. 五脏调好。

    5 internal organs well maintain regulate.

  33. 从内到外。不是从外到内。

    From internal to external. Not from outside to inside.

  34. 精气神不外泄。

    3 body energies (glucose/qi/thoughts) not leak out.

  35. 不是老婆多性感。是丈夫多行。

    Not how sexy is Wife. Is how capable is Husband.

  36. 火要灭时。变很大。

    When flame dying. First become very big.

  37. 树要大时。什么事都没发生。

    When tree growing big. Nothing really happen (root levels activities cannot be seen).

  38. 要早上鼓起。

    Need to spontaneous morning erection.

  39. 不要色情片。(房中术最大害。)

    Cannot pornography. (Sexual Cultivation greatest harms.)

  40. 不要一个淫念头。(精气神泄。)

    Cannot even single adultery thought. (3 body energies start leaking.)

  41. 最高大鸟功境界是。你一直想搞老婆。老婆一直想搞你。妳你们迟早会明白的。

    Highest Ultimate Big P Organ Martial Arts is that You keep on doing to Wife Wife keep on doing to You. You People sooner later understand.

Sub-Buddha Protect Sex Cultivation. 菩萨令众生防护十戒房中术:

  1. 禁戒.

    Cut-off lust rule. Concentrate horniness do Wife.

  2. 清戒.

    Clean body rule. Body as filter for dirty.

  3. 善戒.

    Goodness rule. Build virtues.

  4. 不缺戒.

    Perfect (no flaw) rule. Aim higher higher level.

  5. 不折戒.

    No cut corner rule. Full stroke.

  6. 大乘戒.

    Big sex cultivation rule. Go above level to solve lower level.

  7. 不退戒.

    No back out rule. Die die must capture sex.

  8. 随顺戒.

    Flow rule. Tao (Way) is natural.

  9. 毕竟戒.

    Just like that rule. Nothing less/more.

  10. 具足戒.

    Full rule. Full strokes.

Sub-Buddha Thoughts Sex Cultivation. 菩萨所念十戒房中术:

  1. 不缺戒.

    No lack controlled thoughts.

  2. 不破戒.

    Non stop controlled thoughts.

  3. 不穿戒.

    No hide controlled thoughts.

  4. 不杂戒.

    No extra controlled thoughts.

  5. 随道戒.

    According Tao (Way) controlled thoughts.

  6. 无著戒.

    No attachment controlled thoughts.

  7. 智所赞戒.

    Wise controlled thoughts.

  8. 自在戒.

    Freedom controlled thoughts.

  9. 随定戒.

    Accordingly fixed controlled thoughts.

  10. 具足戒.

    Full controlled thoughts.

**Monk Sex Cultivation. 和尚戒房中术:

  1. 戒杀生.

    Do not kill. Vegetarian less dirty ejaculation. Longer sex times.

  2. 戒偷盗.

    Do not steal. So sexual energies not stolen.

  3. 戒邪淫.

    Do not adultery. Do stupid things. Confirmed cannot stand (erection).

  4. 戒妄语.

    Do not lie. So to have accurate research reports.

  5. 戒饮酒.

    Do not problem (alcohol). So no problem in sexual cultivation.

  6. 戒着香花.

    Do not shampoo/soap. Become more sexual potent after that.

  7. 戒坐卧高广大床.

    Do not big bed. Suppose to sleep one position (penis organ face up). With each breath in-out.

  8. 戒非时食.

    Do not unfixed timed meals (routines). Fixed actions to know each slight disturbances.

  9. 戒歌舞.

    Do not AV (pornography). Release horniness do Wife.

  10. 戒存金钱.

    Do not leftover Merits Money. Increase more GOD GDP (money farmings) cycles.

**iPhone (法鼓山文教基金会) 生活佛教-法鼓山 App.

文字開示 - 《四眾佛子共勉語》 by 聖嚴法師.

Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

  1. 信佛學法敬僧.

  2. 三寶萬世明燈.

  3. 提昇人的品質.

  4. 建設人間淨土.

  5. 智恩報恩為先.

  6. 利人便是利己.

  7. 盡心盡力第一.

  8. 不爭你我多少.

  9. 慈悲沒有敵人.

  10. 智慧不起煩惱.

  11. 忙人時間最多.

  12. 勤勞健康最好.

  13. 為了廣種福田.

  14. 哪怕任怨任勞.

  15. 佈施的人有福.

  16. 行善的人快樂.

  17. 時時心有法喜.

  18. 念念不離禪悅.

  19. 處處觀音菩薩.

  20. 聲聲阿彌陀佛.

**Cstan98 Panda Playing. 熊猫游戏:

  1. **哥哥姐姐。你想熊猫叫你做师父?跟你下一盘师父棋。(那一个棋盘你妳赢得过熊猫。熊猫教一声师父。)

    ***Brother Sister. Want Panda to call You Teacher? Play Teacher Chess with You. (Which Chess Set You win Panda. The me call You Teacher one time.)

  2. **哥哥姐姐。你想扁熊猫?跟你下一盘碰碰棋。(不相信你碰得到熊猫。高手不碰。烂手怎么碰都碰不到。)

    ***Brother Sister. Want to beat Panda? Play Touch Touch Chess with You. (Can You touch Panda? High Hitman not touch Panda. Low Himan cannot touch.)

  3. **哥哥姐姐。你要超熊猫?跟你下一盘五行圣人棋。(谁比较长生不老仙好像18岁小妞小男?)

    ***Brother Sister. Want to competition Panda? Play 5 Elements Sage-King Chess with You. (Who more Eternal Life still looks like a Little Female Male Teenager?)

  4. **哥哥姐姐。你要赢熊猫?跟你下一盘无相布施棋。(无施钱相,无施东西相,无施相,无我相,无回报相....)

    ***Brother Sister. Want to win Panda? Play a No Attachment Donations Chess with You. (No money, no giving, no me, no returned blessings, ... attachments.)

  5. **哥哥姐姐。你是更好的天帝?跟你下一盘天帝棋。(我们熊猫派天帝是一个无边无量的电脑软件。)

    ***Brother Sister. You are a better god? Play a GOD Chess with You. (Our Panda GOD is an infinite infinite Program Software.)

  6. **哥哥姐姐。你说是你的钱。(有本事就拿去。有妖魔鬼怪帮我们古佛派顶功德费的罪更加好。我们不用钉死死字架。)

    ***Brother Sister. You say is your money. (Take them if you able. More demons take Old-Buddha Sect Sins Offerings Money better still. We need not Cross die.)

  7. **哥哥姐姐。你说是你的皇后。(有本事就拿去。女人应该知道男人靠进是要拿妳这个皇后。不是真正对妳有兴趣的。)

    ***Brother Sister. You say is your queen. (Take Her if you able. Female must know near You 5 steps just want to take you queen. Not really interested in you.)

  8. **哥哥姐姐。你说是你的东西。(有本事就拿去。有妖魔鬼怪帮我们古佛派给布施福报更加好。我们不用给。)

    ***Brother Sister. You say is your thing. (Take them if you able. More demons take Old-Buddha Sect Things better still. We need not give Blessings Rate.)

  9. *姐姐。看谁要谁的电话号码?跟妳下一盘电话棋。(熊猫是不会要的。熊猫已经有老婆了。)

    ***Sister. See who want whose phone number more? Play a Phone Chess with You. (The me does not want. Already have a Beloved Wife.)

  10. *姐姐。太太妳挡着熊猫狐狸精下电话棋。(熊猫不是在看妳,太太。)

    ***Sister. You are blocking Panda playing Phone Chess with Beautiful Female Fox Spirit. (The me is not looking at You, Auntie.)

  11. 哥哥。鸟我屁股?(熊猫几时欠你屁股?方正你鸟这样长。鸟你自己吧。)

    Brother. Asshole me? (Are you sure Panda owe you asshole. Since your c so long. Just ass yourself.)

  12. 哥哥。比光头?(摸我的头发真舒服。)

    Brother. Compete bald head? (Touching my hairs feel so good.)

  13. 哥哥。可以不要再手淫射精吗?(才抬得起头。)

    Brother. Can don't masturbation ejaculations? (To raise up your head high.)

  14. 哥哥。可不可以她给我?(你要她电话号码。必须亲自问她。对吗?)

    Brother. Can give Her to me? (You want Her phone number. Should ask Her directly. Right?)

  15. 哥哥。可以不要再AV片手淫好吗?(不然全部女兵处女膜都会给魔搞掉。)

    Brother. Can stop pornography masturbation? (Or else all Females Virginity Hymen taken away by satan the devil.)

  16. 哥哥。找不到老婆?(天下何处无芳草。)

    Brother. Cannot find Wife? (Under Heaven where have no flower.)

  17. 哥哥。干你妈?(你真的要干熊猫老妈?起手不回。)

    Brother. F Panda mother? (Are you sure want to f my Panda old mother? Out stroke cannot take back.)

  18. 哥哥。为了跑掉女人打熊猫。(不要为了一棵树烧掉整个森林。)

    Brother. Fight Panda because female runs away. (Do not because of a tree burn whole forest.)

  19. 哥哥。有种打架。没种拿好皇后电话号码?(没种啊?)

    Brother. Have guts to fight. No gut to ask Female phone number? (No gut right?)

  20. 哥哥。有心打架。没心泡个好皇后?(没心啊?)

    Brother. Have heart to fight. No heart to get a Queen? (No heart right?)

  21. 哥哥。有智慧打架。没智慧找个好皇后?(没智慧啊?)

    Brother. Have wisdom to fight. No wisdom to find a Queen? (No wisdom right?)

  22. 哥哥。是那些女孩教我的?(酒不醉人人喝。色不迷人人惹。)

    Brother. It is those Females teach me. (Alcohols do not drunk people drink. Sex do not entice people people adultery.)

  23. 哥哥。找美女?(高手创造美女。烂手找美女。)

    Brother. Looking for Beautiful Females? (Capable Males create Beautiful Females. Incapable males look for Beautiful Females.)

  24. 哥哥。外面可不可以穿好衣和长裤?(你里面穿女人内衣裤都没有人管你。)

    Brother. Outside can wear good shirt & long trouser? (If you inside wear female bra & panty. No one bother. But.)

  25. 哥哥。熊猫泡妞?是她们来惹熊猫的。(高手妞泡。烂手泡妞。)

    Brother. Panda dating females? They come & mess Panda. (Capable Males Females date. Incapable males date Females.)

  26. 哥哥。直接问她的电话号码啦。(打熊猫做什么?)

    Brother. Straight ask that Female phone number. (Hit Panda for what? Everythings Panda faults?)

  27. 哥哥。直接打你的狗皇帝啦。(打熊猫做什么?)

    Brother. Straight hit that dog emperor. (Hit Panda for what? Everythings Panda faults?)

  28. 哥哥。还不上?(以前我大学大哥教熊猫的。)

    Brother. Still don't go? (This is last time how my University Big Brother teaches Panda want.)

  29. 哥哥。你没有奶跟洞。看太久眼睛会生苍的。(我对男人没有兴趣。)

    Brother. You do not have breasts & v hole. See too much eyes become sore. (The me is not interested in males.)

  30. 哥哥。你的女人给光头老乌龟拿掉?(是不是该增加道行。何况熊猫根本不要你的女人。)

    Brother. Your Female gets zapped by a bald head Old Tortoise? (Shouldn't You start improving. Especially when He does not want your Female.)

  31. 哥哥姐姐。三年大病无孝子?(谁要推大肥猪轮椅。)

    Brother Sister. 3 years sick no filial children? (Who want to push big fat pig wheelchair.)

  32. 哥哥姐姐。666魔印钱方便?(你妳有没有听过魔666电脑坏,魔洗他的罪功德费算法,多钱没有食物买,...)

    Brother Sister. 666 mark money more convenient? (Have you heard chip server may down, satan the devil own calculations of Merits Money, many money no foods, ...)

  33. 哥哥姐姐。1000年半处男女道算是500年处男女道。(2016. 少过1%能500年处男女道。)

    Brother Sister. 1000 Years Male/Female Half-Virginity = 500 Years Male/Female Virginity Cultivation. (In 2016. Less than 1% able to 500 Years Virginity Cultivation.)

  34. 哥哥姐姐。1000年肉边菜半斋戒道算是500年斋戒道。(2016. 少过10%能500年斋戒道。)

    Brother Sister. 1000 Years No Meat Half-Pure Vegetarian = 500 Years Pure Vegetarian Cultivation. (In 2016. Less than 10% able to 500 Years Pure Vegetarian Cultivation.)

  35. 哥哥姐姐。已经改朝换代了。(我们熊猫派恨狗皇帝鸟皇后入骨。会当狗皇帝鸟皇后?)

    Brother Sister. Already changed Dynasty. (We hate dog emperors bird empresses like mad. We want to be like them?)

  36. 哥哥姐姐。一直输?(熊猫比妳厉害3000棋。妳比熊猫厉害别的3000棋。)

    Brother Sister. Always lose? (Panda better 3000 chess. You better other 3000 chess.)

  37. 哥哥姐姐。反正死。杀熊猫再死。(有跳楼死。永生被古魔在火箱折磨死。反正你高兴。)

    Brother Sister. Anyway going to die. Kill Panda then die. (There is jump storey suicide death. There is Forever & Ever being tortured by satan the devil in Firebox death. So long you happy.)

  38. 哥哥姐姐。反正监狱。乱搞。(有多十年,百年,亿年,... 反正你高兴。)

    Brother Sister. Anyway in prison. Anyhow do. (There is extension more 10, 100, billions GOD Years. So long you happy.)

  39. 哥哥姐姐。刺杀?(打输走火入魔想杀熊猫?)

    Brother Sister. Assassinations? (Fight lose gone berserk trying to kill Panda?)

  40. 哥哥姐姐。家里吵吵闹闹?(家和万事兴。)

    Brother Sister. At home always fighting? (Home Unit harmony all things prosper.)

  41. 哥哥姐姐。讨钱?(高手做工。烂手拿CDC福利部。)

    Brother Sister. Beg money? (Capable People work. Incapable people take CDC social welfare.)

  42. 哥哥姐姐。够大鸟了吧?(要几吨?)

    Brother Sister. Big enough p organ already. (Want how many tons?)

  43. 哥哥姐姐。够大奶了吧?(要几吨?)

    Brother Sister. Big enough breasts already. (Want how many tons?)

  44. 哥哥姐姐。比猪?(哈哈。有人比熊猫还肥。)

    Brother Sister. Compete pigness? (Ha Ha. Someone fatter than Panda.)

  45. 哥哥姐姐。道行更高。更多市场。(更多人要妳你。)

    Brother Sister. Dan higher. More markets. (More people want to marry You.)

  46. 哥哥姐姐。战败狗?(边离开还边骂?)

    Brother Sister. Defeated dog? (Running away still scold at same time?)

  47. 哥哥姐姐。知不知道靠进熊猫五步会变成熊猫的游戏?(看谁还敢靠近熊猫被熊猫整。)

    Brother Sister. Do you know everythings that is near Panda 5 steps become his games? (See who dare to be within Panda 5 steps to be toyed.)

  48. 哥哥姐姐。各为其主?(记得。当我们拿下我们的旗和军服。我们还是朋友。)

    Brother Sister. Each for each l/Lordship? (Just remember when We take down Our f/Flags & u/Uniforms. We are still Friends.)

  49. 哥哥姐姐。早熟早烂?(应该永生熟不烂。)

    Brother Sister. Early purberty early rot? (Should Eternal Life matured never rot.)

  50. 哥哥姐姐。吃素减肥一夫一妻容易?(还是起兵造反打到天庭骂狗天帝容易?)

    Brother Sister. Eat Vegetarian Lose Weight One Husband One Wife Easiser? (Or setup armies rebellion fight to Heaven Palace to scold GOD easier?)

  51. 哥哥姐姐。吃大便?(高手吃熊猫吃的。烂手吃狗猪吃的。)

    Brother Sister. Eating shits? (Capable People eat what Panda eat. Incapable people eat what dogs pigs eat.)

  52. 哥哥姐姐。吃维他命丸?(就好像看三级片不真做爱。必定是假东西。)

    Brother Sister. Eating vitamin supplements? (Is like watching av sex movies not doing real sex. Still artifical.)

  53. 哥哥姐姐。鸡蛋起$1所以在家里煮饭?(就好像在家里自己拍莱坞电影省钱。)

    Brother Sister. Eggs price increase $1 so cooking at home? (Is just like making Hollywood Movies at home instead of watching Other People.)

  54. 哥哥姐姐。冤家路窄?(小不忍乱大谋。)

    Brother Sister. Enemy meet narrow roads. (Small don't endure big plan mess.)

  55. 哥哥姐姐。什么都是熊猫班长。(黑板没擦。地没扫。熊猫班长必须做。妳们这些兔宰子。)

    Brother Sister. Everythings all Panda Class Monitor. (Black board not clean. Floor not wipe. Panda must do. All you Kids.)

  56. 哥哥姐姐。过招?(熊猫最喜欢过招。)

    Brother Sister. Exchange strokes? (Panda loves exchanging strokes.)

  57. 哥哥姐姐。眼睛长在头顶上?(眼睛搭邮票才嫁娶你妳。)

    Brother Sister. Eyes grow on top of head? (Eyes stick stamps then marry you.)

  58. 哥哥姐姐。女人十八岁一朵花?(男女高手每年都十八岁。)

    Brother Sister. Female 18 years old a Flower? (Males/Females High Cultivators every year is 18 years old.)

  59. 哥哥姐姐。整熊猫?(熊猫会整死妳你王八旦回。还敢不敢?)

    Brother Sister. Fight disturb Panda? (Panda fight disturb you back. Not scare?)

  60. 哥哥姐姐。打架受伤?(高手每天防打架。烂手打架受伤。)

    Brother Sister. Fighting get hurt? (Capable People everyday prevent being fight. Incapable people fight get hurt.)

  61. 哥哥姐姐。第一次接吻摸奶插洞最多三十分钟。(不要为它们失去500百年处男女道行。)

    Brother Sister. First time kiss/pet/sex only last 30 minutes. (Don't waste Your 500 Years Virginity Cultivation for them.)

  62. 哥哥姐姐。狐狸精一直看熊猫猛男?(以前观音庙全家施3次。她们不知道是熊猫竹竿变的。女人。)

    Brother Sister. Fox Spirits keep looking at Panda Hulk? (Last time homeless 3 times. Don't know Panda transforms from bamboo. Just Females.)

  63. 哥哥姐姐。好熊猫不跟铁车斗。(笨男女才跟铁车比硬。)

    Brother Sister. Good Panda not fight with metal cars. (Only stupid males females see who is tougher than metals.)

  64. 哥哥姐姐。哈哈。妳你们还在找。(熊猫已经找有了。)

    Brother Sister. Ha ha. You People still looking. (Panda long time found & happily married.)

  65. 哥哥姐姐。有爱情没面包?(爱情和面包一起慢慢吃。省一点就可以了。)

    Brother Sister. Have love no bread? (When there are love & bread slowly eat. Frugal living does & does.)

  66. 哥哥姐姐。早知如此何必当初。(三年前。不是告诉妳高肥老黑配高肥老黑的吗?尽量变一样。)

    Brother Sister. Have me not tell You so. (3 years ago. Have me not tell. That tall fat old black should match tall fat old black. Try best to become Same.)

  67. 哥哥姐姐。夫妻当街打架?(打打打。大众最喜欢看打架的。)

    Brother Sister. Husband Wife street fight? (Fight! Fight! Fight! Everyone like to see a good fight.)

  68. 哥哥姐姐。你妳不和熊猫打架的?(请你妳下棋下棋。尊敬长官尊敬长官。不要弄乱。)

    Brother Sister. I don't fight Senior Officer Panda? (Please when play chess play chess. When salute Senior Officer salute Senior Officer.)

  69. 哥哥姐姐。上官宝剑雨伞打熊猫?(应该上打昏君下打狗官。怎么打好熊猫?)

    Brother Sister. Imperial Sword Umbrella beating Panda? (Should beat up evil emperors down corrupted officials. Why beat good Panda?)

  70. 哥哥姐姐。烂手来根烟?(高手吸空气。烂手吸烟。)

    Brother Sister. Incapable smoking cigarette? (Capable People smoke fresh air. Incapable people smoke cigarettes.)

  71. 哥哥姐姐。ISA?(熊猫也有USA.)

    Brother Sister. Internal Security Acts? (Panda also have Universe Security Acts.)

  72. 哥哥姐姐。桃花运?(应该是天帝软件的桃花美女阵。)

    Brother Sister. Lady lucks? (Most likely is GOD Beautiful Females Tests.)

  73. 哥哥姐姐。人生空虚?(来看熊猫?)

    Brother Sister. Life no meaning? (Come & see Panda?)

  74. 哥哥姐姐。MMA来啦手语。(不怕死。就来啦。)

    Brother Sister. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) come sign. (Not afraid to die. Just come lah.)

  75. 哥哥姐姐。看住熊猫?(动物园工作很闷吧?)

    Brother Sister. Monitoring Panda? (Zoo jobs very boring right?)

  76. 哥哥姐姐。要懂老公老婆的脾气。(要玩他她。不要给他她玩。)

    Brother Sister. Must know Husband/Wife temperament. (Play Him/Her. Not play by Him/Her.)

  77. 哥哥姐姐。没有死过?(连LKY熊猫都敢惹?)

    Brother Sister. Never die before? (Dare to mess with a LKY Panda.)

  78. 哥哥姐姐。不用术摸了。(熊猫白天小鸡鸡。晚上搞老婆才大鸡鸡的。)

    Brother Sister. No need to spells touch anymore. (Panda daytime small bird. Only night-time do Wife then Big Bird.)

  79. 哥哥姐姐。没有天理?(当佛魔打到乱。会有天理?)

    Brother Sister. No Heaven Laws? (When Angels & satan the devil fight everywhere. Still have Heaven Laws?)

  80. 哥哥姐姐。不够婚姻饿对吗?(这个丑。这个不够好。熊猫让你妳们超极婚姻饿。超级饿的什么都吃的。)

    Brother Sister. Not Marriage hungry enough? (This one ugly that one not good. Panda make You super Marriage hungry. Super hungry everythings eat.)

  81. 哥哥姐姐。现在是下棋高手了?(看足球赛。看者死都不踢一次球。会是足球高手?)

    Brother Sister. Now is a good chess player? (*keep seeing football matches. Die die don't kick once football. A good football player?)

  82. 哥哥姐姐。现在康熙熊猫的警卫城很大。(有四马路观音堂。Bugis Junction. NCC. Northpoint. 435.)

    Brother Sister. Now Panda Emperor Palace City is very big. (Have Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple. Bugis Junction. NCC (New Creation Church). Northpoint. Yishun 435.)

  83. 哥哥姐姐。又怎么?(又关熊猫什么事?)

    Brother Sister. Now what? (What to do with Panda?)

  84. 哥哥姐姐。又什么问题?(是不是怎么样都要找问题给熊猫?)

    Brother Sister. Now what problem? (Die die must give Panda problems right?)

  85. 哥哥姐姐。又什么事啊?(熊猫休息一下都不可以。)

    Brother Sister. Now what thing? (Panda cannot even rest awhile.)

  86. 哥哥姐姐。思春?长暗苍。(是不是该出嫁了?)

    Brother Sister. On heat thinking of sex? Growing acne. (You better get married fast.)

  87. 哥哥姐姐。棋手不回。(愿赌服输。)

    Brother Sister. Once chess moved unable take back. (Lose should admit lose.)

  88. 哥哥姐姐。一个字=烂。(只有拼命读书+拼命进步=才能医。)

    Brother Sister. On word = low dan. (Only cure = keep studying + keep improving.)

  89. 哥哥姐姐。一个字=穷。(只有拼命读书+拼命工作赚钱=才能医。)

    Brother Sister. On word = poor. (Only cure = keep studying + keep working earning money.)

  90. 哥哥姐姐。别人黄金万贯。管你屁事?(要的话。自己修练跟上啦。)

    Brother Sister. Other People gold rich. Not your problem right? (If you want. Self cultivate catch-up lah.)

  91. 哥哥姐姐。别人老公猛男。管妳屁事?(要的话。自己修练跟上啦。)

    Brother Sister. Other People Husband good in bed. Not your problem right? (If you want. Self cultivate catch-up lah.)

  92. 哥哥姐姐。别人老婆性感。管你屁事?(要的话。自己修练跟上啦。)

    Brother Sister. Other People Wife sexy. Not your problem right? (If you want. Self cultivate catch-up lah.)

  93. 哥哥姐姐。我已经不是日本人了。(我是新加坡人 = 新混种人。)

    Brother Sister. Panda already no longer Japanese. (A Singaporean = new mixed Race.)

  94. 哥哥姐姐。我已经不是中国人了。(我是熊猫人 = 新混种人。)

    Brother Sister. Panda already no longer chinese. (A Panda Human = new mixed Race.)

  95. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫功坏好?(该学就学。不该学就不学。)

    Brother Sister. Panda bad & good? (Right learn. Not right don't learn.)

  96. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫在鸟话?(你们要鸟鸟鸟话回。这样才鸟语花香。因为大家都忍太久。天下才这么乱。)

    Brother Sister. Panda bird languaging? (Need to bird language back. Then Birds Singing Flowers Good. Because Everyone endures. That's why chaotic worlds.)

  97. 哥哥姐姐。疯子?(要一点疯比较好玩。)

    Brother Sister. Panda crazy? (A bit crazy more fun.)

  98. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫不要麻烦。(但是如果你妳要。熊猫会给你妳超级多。)

    Brother Sister. Panda does not want any troubles. (But if you want some. Panda gives all you want.)

  99. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫会嫌弃老婆是Samsung S6?(以前熊猫连Nokia都没有。)

    Brother Sister. Panda grumble Wife is Samsung S6? (Last time Panda does not even have a Nokia.)

  100. 哥哥姐姐。我犹太人洋人不是了。(当连中国人日本人都不是。)

    Brother Sister. Panda is not Jew/Western. (When not even a Chinese/Japanese.)

  101. 哥哥姐姐。我不是想动女孩子。(是不想被女孩子动。)

    Brother Sister. Panda is not trying to disturb females. (Is trying not to be disturbed.)

  102. 哥哥姐姐。我不是想看色情片。(是不能不想色情片。)

    Brother Sister. Panda is not thinking pornography. (Is trying not to think.)

  103. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫是那种死不相信自己丑八怪皇后不能变成美女的怪物。(不相信不能。)

    Brother Sister. Panda is the weirdo who die die don't believe cannot turn His ugly Queen into a Beautiful Female. (Never say die.)

  104. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫杀人?(我们天使只听说天帝电脑软件杀该杀的狗猪。没有听说熊猫杀人。)

    Brother Sister. Panda killing people? (We Jedi only hear GOD killing supposed to kill dogs pigs. Never hear a Panda killing people.)

  105. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫地美女如云?(少见多怪。)

    Brother Sister. Panda Lands many Beautiful Females? (Get used to them.)

  106. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫地游戏如云?(低手远离。)

    Brother Sister. Panda Lands many games? (Low dan players please avoid.)

  107. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫最喜欢打架下棋和玩游戏。(你真的要惹熊猫?)

    Brother Sister. Panda most love fighting play chess & games. (You sure want to mess with Panda?)

  108. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫怕你妳?(当然。怕你妳狗猪狐臭味。)

    Brother Sister. Panda scare of you? (Of course. The you stink like hell.)

  109. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫讲大声是因为他够大。(如果你妳要一样大声。你妳真得够大吗?)

    Brother Sister. Panda talk big is because He is big enough. (If you want to talk as big. Are you big enough?)

  110. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫乱讲话?(有本事。增加妳你的道行来掌熊猫两把掌。)

    Brother Sister. Panda talking rubbish? (Then have abilites. Increase cultivation to give Him 2 tight slaps lah.)

  111. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫要当孕妇不可以吗?(指背包放在前面。)

    Brother Sister. Panda want to be pregnant cannot? (Referring putting backpack in front.)

  112. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫要当乌龟不可以吗?(指背包放在后面。)

    Brother Sister. Panda want to be tortoise cannot? (Referring putting backpack behind back.)

  113. 哥哥姐姐。下棋?(熊猫最喜欢下棋了。)

    Brother Sister. Play chess? (Panda loves chess.)

  114. 哥哥姐姐。当众吻吻抱抱好恶心。(熊猫也要。)

    Brother Sister. Public kiss kiss hug hug so disgusting. (Panda also wants.)

  115. 哥哥姐姐。真得吗?胸大无脑。(妳你们猜要多少脑力变大奶?)

    Brother Sister. Really G-Cup Breasts no brains? (You guess how much brain powers needed to become?)

  116. 哥哥姐姐。真得吗?鸟大无脑。(妳你们猜要多少脑力变大鸟?)

    Brother Sister. Really G-Size P Organ no brains? (You guess how much brain powers needed to become?)

  117. 哥哥姐姐。救一个坏婚姻容易过从新一个婚姻。(不相信你们试试。问题会一直重复。)

    Brother Sister. Salvaging a damaged Marriage is easier than restarting another new Marriage. (Don’t Believe Just Try. Problems tend to repeat.)

  118. 哥哥姐姐。第二招第二式?(死都要再试多一次?)

    Brother Sister. Second chapter second stroke? (Die die must try once more time right?)

  119. 哥哥姐姐。应该没问题。对吗?(才怪。狐狸精越来越可怕。)

    Brother Sister. Should be no problem. Right? (You wish. Female Fox Spirits getting scarier & scarier.)

  120. 哥哥姐姐。真好玩?(玩妳你自己吧。)

    Brother Sister. So fun? (Why don't you play yourself.)

  121. 哥哥姐姐。这么老夫老妻还吵架。(亲戚邻居会笑掉大牙的。)

    Brother Sister. So old Husband & Wife still fight. (Relatives Neighbours going to laugh out loud.)

  122. 哥哥姐姐。陪妈妈逛街?(这么大还不害臊?)

    Brother Sister. Still go out with mother? (So grown up still not shy?)

  123. 哥哥姐姐。同归以尽?(当然我归妳你尽。)

    Brother Sister. Suicide die with Panda? (Of course. The you die. Panda goes Heaven.)

  124. 哥哥姐姐。拿钱?(拿人钱财替人消灾。)

    Brother Sister. Take money? (Take people money. Bear people sins.)

  125. 哥哥姐姐。我必须承认熊猫是一种半猪半猫的动物。(半猫是一种半狗。)

    Brother Sister. The me must admit Panda is a kind of Half-Pig Half-Cat Animal. (Half-Cat = a kind of Half-Dog.)

  126. 哥哥姐姐。熊猫还是被奶所动。(对自己。奶则是空。空则是奶。什么都是奶。可能吗?还是奶。)

    Brother Sister. The me Panda still distract by breasts. (To myself. Breasts are void. Void are breasts. Everythings are breasts. Is it possible? Still breasts.)

  127. 哥哥姐姐。纹身最高的境界是一个黑人。(白仙不当。要当黑鬼。)

    Brother Sister. The tattoo ultimate level is become a black person. (White Angel don't want be. Want to be a black ghost.)

  128. 哥哥姐姐。老虎不发威你当是病猫?(我家的母老虎还不是变成我的小猫咪。)

    Brother Sister. Tiger not fierce not scare? (So is my home Tigeress also become my Little Pussy.)

  129. 哥哥姐姐。日久狐狸尾自然露。(日久见真心。)

    Brother Sister. Time long fox tail appear. (Time long see true heart.)

  130. 哥哥姐姐。太过高?(谁叫你妳不叫同班男女同学一起运动。)

    Brother Sister. Too tall? (Who ask you don't ask your classmates to exercise with you.)

  131. 哥哥姐姐。要熊猫收流浪小猫咪小狗狗。(熊猫还不够东西照顾。)

    Brother Sister. Want Panda to take care of homeless little cats little dogs. (Panda not enough things to take care right?)

  132. 哥哥姐姐。想当皇帝?(你妳只要赏罚分明。解决问题多过制造问题就可以了。)

    Brother Sister. Want to be Emperor? (You just rewards punishments fairly. Solve problems more than creating problems.)

  133. 哥哥姐姐。找死因为投错胎?(熊猫让妳死投错胎多一次。)

    Brother Sister. Want to die because too tough? (Panda make you die tougher again.)

  134. 哥哥姐姐。带墨镜。(见不得光?)

    Brother Sister. Wear sunglasses. (Cannot see light?)

  135. 哥哥姐姐。带眼镜。(四眼田鸡?)

    Brother Sister. Wear spectacles. (4 eyes frog?)

  136. 哥哥姐姐。轮椅?(没脚见人?)

    Brother Sister. Wheel chaired? (No legs to see Everyone?)

  137. 哥哥姐姐。当天下没有地狱监狱时。(才知道谁一直是好天使。)

    Brother Sister. When there is no more Hell Prison. (Then We know who have been always Good Angels.)

  138. 哥哥姐姐。处男女就修处男女道。夫妻就修夫妻道。(不要处男女要做夫妻。夫妻要做处男女。乱七八糟。)

    Brother Sister. When Virgin be Virgin. When Married be Married. (Not when virgin want to married. When married want to virgin. So messy.)

  139. 哥哥姐姐。谁说我肥就扁谁?(肥肥肥。你妳能把熊猫怎么样?)

    Brother Sister. Who say I fat I hit who? (Fat fat fat. What you going to do to Panda?)

  140. 哥哥姐姐。谁怕谁?乌龟怕铁锤。(会怕小鸡鸡小CB?)

    Brother Sister. Who scare who? Tortoise afraid hammer. (Panda scare of small p organ small v hole?)

  141. 哥哥姐姐。老婆不够美?(应该多点古佛魔鬼训练对吗?)

    Brother Sister. Wife not beautiful enough? (Then should put in more Old Buddha satanic trainings right?)

  142. 哥哥姐姐。打工?(高手给工。烂手打工。)

    Brother Sister. Working for people? (Capable People give work. Incapable people work for people.)

  143. 哥哥姐姐。妳你是垃圾桶?(熊猫正在丢垃圾。)

    Brother Sister. You are rubbish bin? (Panda is throwing rubbish.)

  144. 哥哥姐姐。你妳演更好?(变现场电视啦。看有没有人看。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can act better? (Go live tv lah. See anyone watch or not. Talk so much c.)

  145. 哥哥姐姐。你妳公司更好?(自己创公司啦。只会讲不会建。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can company better? (Setup your own company lah. Only able to talk unable to setup. Talk so much c.)

  146. 哥哥姐姐。你妳打更好?(建自己军队啦。看他她们能活多久。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can fight better? (Build your own armed forces lah. See they last or not. Talk so much c.)

  147. 哥哥姐姐。你妳治理更好?(变网站皇帝啦。看天下更好吗?讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can govern better? (Become blogger emperor yourself lah. See whether things better or not. Talk so much c.)

  148. 哥哥姐姐。你妳钱更好?(自己赚钱啦。只会花不会赚。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can money better? (Earn your own money lah. Only able to out unable to in. Talk so much c.)

  149. 哥哥姐姐。你妳兵法更好?(和你妳下洋棋和围棋。熊猫多东西都会。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can strategies better? (Play eastern weiqi go & western chess with you. Panda is fluent more than 2. Talk so much c.)

  150. 哥哥姐姐。你妳讲更好?(变古佛道音啦。看有没有人听。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can talk better? (Become old-buddha archangel class radio yourself lah. See whether anyone listens. Talk so much c.)

  151. 哥哥姐姐。你妳教更好?(自己收徒弟啦。谁比较多?讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can teach better? (Build your own flock lah. Panda Flock is bigger or yours?Talk so much c.)

  152. 哥哥姐姐。你妳宇宙更好?(自己创宇宙啦。只会讲不会建。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can universe better? (Setup your own universe lah. Only able to talk unable to setup. Talk so much c.)

  153. 哥哥姐姐。你妳写更好?(写自己网站啦。看有没人有读。讲这么多废话。)

    Brother Sister. You can write better? (Learn HTML & write website yourself lah. See whether anyone reads. Talk so much c.)

  154. 哥哥姐姐。妳你已经被警告了。熊猫有自卫装置。(到时被扁。不要怪。)

    Brother Sister. You have been warned. Panda has come near Self-Defence Mechanisms. (Wait you get wreck. Don't blame.)

  155. 哥哥姐姐。怎么飞镖越来越多?(熊猫是接飞镖长大的。)

    Brother Sister. You more & more flying darts? (Panda grow up catching & returning flying darts.)

  156. 哥哥姐姐。老公老婆不爱妳你就不会跟妳你结婚。(除非他她跟很多人结婚。)

    Brother Sister. Your Husband/Wife does not love You then He/She does not marriage You. (Unless he/she marriage with a lots of people.)

  157. 哥哥姐姐。你的病一个字=穷。(只有拼命读书。拼命做工赚钱。才能医。)

    Brother Sister. Your sickness one word = poorness. (Only hardworkingly study. And hardworkingly working earn money. Can cure it.)

  158. 哥哥姐姐。其实老婆吃醋表示她爱妳。老公骂妳表示他关心妳。(不见得她他对别人。)

    Brother Sister. Your Wife jealous means She loves You. Your Husband scolds You means He cares for You. (You don't see Them do to others.)

  159. 姐姐。0.30能买妳一个吻?(那妳去吻扫把吧。熊猫要它超级爽。)

    Sister. 0.30 can buy a kiss from you? (Then go kiss a boom. Panda want it very shiok.)

  160. 姐姐。已经玩了。(不必要搞到双方家破人亡。)

    Sister. Already played. (No need further physical to break both parties marriages.)

  161. 姐姐。美啦美啦。(不用一直动头发衣服。)

    Sister. Beautiful enough already. (No need keep touching hairs clothes.)

  162. 姐姐。屁股大?(老人家说大屁股女人很会生孩子。)

    Sister. Big buttock? (Old People say big buttock Females able to bear many Children.)

  163. 姐姐。佛经讲美女是毒品。超级可怕。(熊猫会多看几眼?)

    Sister. Buddhism Scriptures say Beautiful Females are Drugs. Very scary. (Panda dare to see more than once?)

  164. 姐姐。不要一直盯着人家看吗。(熊猫会害臊的。)

    Sister. Can don't keep staring at me? (Panda is very shy.)

  165. 姐姐。可不可以找自己的老公?不要找别人的老公。(不然天下很乱。)

    Sister. Can find own Husband? Don't find Other People Husband. (Or else empire becomes very messy.)

  166. 姐姐。可不可以乖一点?(这样才容易嫁出去。)

    Sister. Can good more? (Then more able to marry off.)

  167. 姐姐。我都救不了自己。怎么救妳?(帮不了妳。早点找一个好男人嫁吧。)

    Sister. Cannot even save Myself. How to save You? (Cannot help You. Find a Good Husband & marry fast.)

  168. 姐姐。布料很贵啊。穿这样少。(哼。我高兴对吗?)

    Sister. Clothes so expensive. Wear so little. (I like right?)

  169. 姐姐。靠大奶打天下啊?(熊猫又不是妳吃奶小宝宝。)

    Sister. Depend on big breasts to win empire? (Does me look like your eat milk baby to you?)

  170. 姐姐。死都要走得比熊猫快?(那里可能男人会不要我?)

    Sister. Die die must walk faster than Panda? (How can a Male don't want me?)

  171. 姐姐。不要太靠化妆品。(不然卸妆。鬼都不敢看。)

    Sister. Don't depend makeup too much. (Or else when wash even ghosts don't dare see.)

  172. 姐姐。不会吧?没有搞你就高潮了。(你可不可以看着妳老公高潮不要看着熊猫高潮。)

    Sister. Don't tell me. Never disturb You already orgasmic. (Can You look at Your Husband then orgasmic not at Panda orgasmic.)

  173. 姐姐。不要想太多。不然饭会吃不下的。(有一些男人不值得为他自杀。)

    Sister. Don't think too much. Or else cannot eat. (Some males are worth to suicide.)

  174. 姐姐。早熟早烂?(女孩子这么小。奶就这样大?)

    Sister. Early ripe early rot? (Female so young, breasts already so big?)

  175. 姐姐。家家有本难念的经。(熊猫象其他白痴男人吗?一本都受不了。会加多一本。)

    Sister. Every Marriage has a Difficult To Read Scripture. (Does me look like another stupid male. Adding one more additional to read?)

  176. 姐姐。脸这样臭。给男人惹?(不会又是我熊猫。为什么每次都是熊猫的错?)

    Sister. Face so shits. Pissed by a male? (Cannot be me right. Why everytime is me?)

  177. 姐姐。肥妞放心吧。(熊猫拿妳电话号码机会高过一个帅哥。最丑的女人是一个男人。)

    Sister. Fat Female, do not worry? (The me asks You for phone number higher chance than asking a handsome male. The most ugly female is a male.)

  178. 姐姐。肥妞应该是被很行的男人搞过。过后找不到那一根。拼命吃拼命吃。(妳不会吧?那么要。)

    Sister. Fat Female is because being played by very capable male. Later cannot find one. Keep eating and eating. (Don't tell me. Need so much.)

  179. 姐姐。哈哈。熊猫和老婆有约。(没时间陪妳玩。)

    Sister. Haha. The me has a Date with Wife. (So no time to play with you.)

  180. 姐姐。哈哈。今晚熊猫老婆没月经。(搞老婆比较爽。)

    Sister. Haha. Tonite my Wife no menstruation. (Do to Wife more fun.)

  181. 姐姐。哈哈。今晚就有老婆解药了。(妳狐狸精媚术是拿熊猫精没办法的。)

    Sister. Haha. Tonite soon have Wife Antidotes. (Your Female Fox Spirit Skills have no effects on Panda Spirit Cultivation.)

  182. 姐姐。有处女膜了不起啊?(熊猫也算是半老处男。)

    Sister. Have Virginity Hymen so what? (Panda is also Old Half-Virgin Male.)

  183. 姐姐。妳们怎样T1000熊猫都没用。(男人兵法。装死我不要讲。装睡我不要听。装傻我不要做。)

    Sister. How you Females T1000 me Panda also no use. (Male Arts Of War: One Fake Dead No Talk. Two Fake Sleep No Hear. Three Fake Idiot No Do.)

  184. 姐姐。妳怎么哭熊猫都不会帮妳。(妳们女人兵法。一哭。二闹。三上吊。)

    Sister. How you cry me also not help you. (You Females Arts Of War: One Cry. Two Shout. Three Suicide.)

  185. 姐姐。妳怎样被强奸熊猫都不会帮妳。(妳们女人兵法演戏。)

    Sister. How you get raped me also not help. (You Females Arts Of War: Acting.)

  186. 姐姐。是不是我没事了。谢谢你熊猫。拜拜。(好险没有跟老婆离婚。)

    Sister. Is it I am alright now. Thanks Panda. Bye bye. (Lucky me never divorce Wife.)

  187. 姐姐。都是妳们害的。熊猫现在每天超极累。(已经开始被老婆轮奸。她学妳们。)

    Sister. It is all You Females fault. Now everyday so tired. (Because my Wife copycating You People starting to gang rape me.)

  188. 姐姐。不是怕老婆。是不想惹老婆。(不然今晚老婆吃不下饭。熊猫没饭吃。)

    Sister. It is not scare of Queen. Just don't want to mess Her. (Or else tonite She cannot eat. The me no dinner to eat.)

  189. 姐姐。左还是右?(两头蛇。妳走左熊猫走右。妳走右熊猫走左。)

    Sister. Left or right? (Chess fork. You left Panda right. You right Panda left.)

  190. 姐姐。腿站这样开。是不是CB汁一直流内裤湿湿的?(熊猫是熊猫。不是鸭。去找妳的鸭吧。)

    Sister. Legs so open. V hole juices dipping & underwear wet wet? (The me is a Panda not a duck male prostitute. Please go find a duck.)

  191. 姐姐。找这世界还有好男人心理寄托?(应该可以。只要妳眼看手不动。不然熊猫今晚怎样嫁人给老婆。)

    Sister. Looking for a Good Male for Psychological Comfort? (Should be ok? Just see cannot touch. Or tonite how am me marry off to my Wife.)

  192. 姐姐。找熊猫心理医生啊?(其实每一宗都一样。老公只知道错应该骂。不知道乖应该疼。)

    Sister. Looking for Panda Psychologist? (Actually every case is the same. Husbands know wrongs must scold, do not know rights must praise.)

  193. 姐姐。心花露放?(腿飞起来。这样开心。)

    Sister. Love high? (Your legs flying up. So happy.)

  194. 姐姐。逛街很久吧?(那样的衣服要逛街很久。所以有家庭老婆衣服都不好看。)

    Sister. Must have shoppings very long. (That clothings standard needs very long time to shop. That's why family Wives don't do them.)

  195. 姐姐。起身很早吧?(那样的妆要化很久。所以有家庭老婆都不化妆。)

    Sister. Must have wake up very early. (That makeup standard takes very long time to do. That's why family Wives don't do them.)

  196. 姐姐。管我屁事。妳的老公给狐狸精搞掉。(其实妳要付责任。谁教妳老公有需要妳不给他。道行极极烂。)

    Sister. My fault? Your husband stolen by fox spirit. (Actually you responsible. Why when your husband approach you, don't give. The cultivation so low.)

  197. 姐姐。搞新玩意换兵法?(头发衣服颜色一直换。)

    Sister. New things changing arts of wars? (Hairs clothings colours keep changing.)

  198. 姐姐。熊猫怎样照镜子都觉得自己丑。(妳们是不是给熊猫网站冲昏了头?)

    Sister. No matter how me mirror self still find ugly. (You Females must be overloaded with Cstan98 Website.)

  199. 姐姐。嫁不出去?(只是时辰未到。)

    Sister. Not able marry off? (Just time not come.)

  200. 姐姐。不会吧?这么老太太也想抱着熊猫睡觉。(想起死去的老公?)

    Sister. Not right, right? So old also want to hug Panda to sleep. (Remember Dead Old Husband, right?)

  201. 姐姐。不怎么饿。(昨晚不是跟老婆吃饱。就是气饱了。)

    Sister. Not that hungry. (Last night eaten or quarrel with Wife.)

  202. 姐姐。熊猫天子骂妳们很严?(妳还没有看过他骂自己和他的皇后。家有家规。国有国法。)

    Sister. Panda Emperor scolds You Females very strict? (Not seen how He scolds Himself & His Queen. House has House Rules. Country has Country Laws.)

  203. 姐姐。熊猫不是跟踪妳。(因为我们暂时一样路。)

    Sister. Panda not following You. (Just temporary same path.)

  204. 姐姐。熊猫的电话号码?(99938384。妳要心理准备警察会接。)

    Sister. Panda phone number? (99938384. Prepare police answer.)

  205. 姐姐。熊猫丑老?(熊猫并没有说熊猫帅呀。)

    Sister. Panda ugly old? (Never say Panda is handsome what?)

  206. 姐姐。熊猫丑非常?(熊猫不是女的。不可能放眼影,粉底,口红,...)

    Sister. Panda ugly very? (Panda is not female. You cannot expect Panda to makeup eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, ... Right?)

  207. 姐姐。玩红楼梦啊?体弱多病。(再不吃好吃东西。就要死了。)

    Sister. Play chinese classic red chamber? So sickly. (If You don't start eating delicious foods, You are going to die.)

  208. 姐姐。公主乖一点好吗?(是不是死都要给熊猫天下问题。)

    Sister. Princess can be good? (Or die die must give Panda Empire problems?)

  209. 姐姐。公主欠扁啊?(有一些公主童年欠扁。)

    Sister. Princess need to be beaten up? (Some Princesses not beaten up enough during Childhood.)

  210. 姐姐。互相拉头发?(保证两个比一般头发少。)

    Sister. Pull each other hairs. (Confirmed both less than average hairs numbers.)

  211. 姐姐。又跟老公吵架?(那对夫妻不吵架?床头吵床尾和。)

    Sister. Quarrel with Husband again? (Which Couple does not quarrel? Bed head quarrel bed end reconcile.)

  212. 姐姐。骂熊猫到狗血淋头。(只因为熊猫没时间看妳?)

    Sister. Scold Panda like shits. (Just because Panda is too busy to look at you.)

  213. 姐姐。矮东瓜。活该。(谁教妳死都不运动。就算老也不算太迟其实。)

    Sister. Shortie. Deserve it. (Who ask You die die don't want to exercise. Even old still not late actually.)

  214. 姐姐。笑一个比较美。(人生已经够苦了。还苦瓜脸。)

    Sister. Smile. You look more beautiful. (Life is sufferings. Still suffering face.)

  215. 姐姐。白痴对着手机笑。(心爱男朋友写妳东西?)

    Sister. Smiling at Your Smartphone. (Your Boyfriend writes somethings to You?)

  216. 姐姐。好漂亮啊。就这样站在那里。(然后熊猫快快溜走。)

    Sister. So beautiful. You just stand down there. Don't move. (Panda quickly escapes away.)

  217. 姐姐。算妳狠。(还没打熊猫就已经算出输了。)

    Sister. So capable. (Panda has not even fight already know lose.)

  218. 姐姐。这么可怕的狐狸精应该没有问题对吗?(因为一直被打酒精毒针。道行有点弱。)

    Sister. So scary female fox spirit should be no problem right? (Because under alcohol poison injections. That's why Cultivation a bit weak.)

  219. 姐姐。那么想要啊。(熊猫指穿到这样暴露。)

    Sister. So want? (Panda means expose so much.)

  220. 姐姐。罗汉古佛不是不要看妳。(因为看太多会变回色鬼道。)

    Sister. Sub-Sub-Buddha Old Buddha is not don't want to look at You. (Is just look too much turn back into sex pervert.)

  221. 姐姐。好险熊猫不是女的。(不然一大堆臭男人苍蝇要她的电话号码。)

    Sister. Thanks GOD Panda is not female. (Else confirmed pester by many men houseflies.)

  222. 姐姐。想当年吗?(想当年。熊猫没女人要。皇后仓鼠没男人要。熊猫天下就这样打出来的。)

    Sister. Thinking of last time? (Last time. Panda no females want. Queen Hamster no males want. That is how Panda Empire is built.)

  223. 姐姐。魅力无法挡?(到处男人看妳车祸?)

    Sister. Too awesome? (Everywhere males looking at You cars accidents?)

  224. 姐姐。钓熊猫鱼吗?(没有更好事情做吗?)

    Sister. Trying to hook a Panda Fish? (Nothing better to do right?)

  225. 姐姐。丑?(母不怪子呆。子不怪母丑。)

    Sister. Ugly? (Mother not mind Son stupid. Son not mind Mother ugly.)

  226. 姐姐。妳是不是就要在这里做?(现在女孩真不要脸。)

    Sister. Want to do it here? (Nowaday females are so shameless.)

  227. 姐姐。想变妓女?(很多女对道行高熊猫长生欲念失去道行。)

    Sister. Want to turn into prostitues? (Many females have evil sexual desires on High Dan Panda losing cultivations.)

  228. 姐姐。大家都是顶一高手。不要玩了。(不然今晚老婆会被搞得很惨。)

    Sister. We are all Solid Chess Players. Let stop playing. (Or else tonite my Wife suffers a lots in bed.)

  229. 姐姐。找到就不要放手对吗?(熊猫指她跟她男朋友。)

    Sister. When You find Him don't let go of hand. (The me means Her with Her Boyfriend.)

  230. 姐姐。妳长大要嫁给熊猫?(这样妳长大后的婚姻在熊猫手上。到时要妳嫁谁就谁。)

    Sister. When You grow up want to marry Panda? (Then Your future Marriage is in my hand. When time comes, ask You to marry who You must marry who.)

  231. 姐姐。老公呢?(现在连老太婆都有老公。妳不会比老太婆还烂吧?)

    Sister. Where is your Husband? (Now even Old Aunties have Husbands. You worse than Them?)

  232. 姐姐。为什么现在能减肥了?(是不是给熊猫气饱了?)

    Sister. Why now can lose weight? (Confirmed very pissed by Panda.)

  233. 姐姐。妳不是熊猫的菜。(熊猫喜欢老婆奶菜。熊猫老婆喜欢他香肠蛋菜。)

    Sister. You are not my dish. (The me prefers own Wife breasts Dish. The my Wife prefers my sausage & 2 eggs Dish.)

  234. 姐姐。妳这样可爱不该有问题。(如果妳是熊猫的皇后。他每天高兴都会跳。)

    Sister. You so nice in body & character should not have any problem. (If You are my Queen, Panda keeps jumping happy everyday.)

  235. 姐姐。妳告诉大哥哥怎么做?帮妳不帮妳都死。(谁叫妳死都要当肥猪精。)

    Sister. You tell Big Brother what to do? Help You or don't help You also die. (Who ask You want to be Fat Pig Spirit?)

  236. 姐姐。妳告诉大哥哥怎么做?跟妳说话不跟妳说话都死。(好大哥哥是不会欺负小妹妹的。)

    Sister. You tell Big Brother what to do? Talk to You or don't talk to You also die. (Good Big Brother does not bully Little Sister.)

  237. 姐姐。妳这种货色还能卖五十块一炮。(是不是死都要出来卖?)

    Sister. You this kind of quality still can sell $50 per time. (Die die must sell right?)

  238. 姐姐。妳将军送妳女乐来邦交?(告诉妳将军。老招。熊猫会搞掉所有送来的女乐的心变成熊猫派的。)

    Sister. Your army general sends you for alliance? (Tell him. Old Stroke. All Females send near Panda Their Hearts are going to turn to Panda Empire.)

  239. 姐姐。妳的奶是假的吧?(因为一边大一边小。一边上一边下。)

    Sister. Your breasts are fake. (Because one side big one side small one side up one side down.)

  240. 姐姐。妳奶大?(妳奶大关熊猫屁事?)

    Sister. Your breasts very big? (Your breasts big what to do with Panda?)

  241. 姐姐。妳初夜出来卖还可以卖五千。(是不是死都要出来卖?)

    Sister. Your First Night still can sell $5000 . (Die die must sell right?)

  242. 姐姐。妳的CB汁是臭的。(当妳连臭不冲凉熊猫都要乱上。要求极极低。)

    Sister. Your v hole juices stink. (Because even smelly not bathed Panda also want to sex. Your requirements very low.)

  243. 姐姐。S.H.E Ella 男人婆没人要型。(不懂要等到什么时候。只要衣服穿紧一点就可以了。)

    Sister. S.H.E Ella Boyish No One Want Female Type. (She does not know must wait until when. Just wear tighter clothings.)

  244. 姐姐。S.H.E Hebe 冰冻美人型。(因为谈恋爱受到伤害过。只要增加奶从A杯到最少自然B杯就可以了。)

    Sister. S.H.E Hebe Beautiful Cold Female Type. (Because She hurts before. Just increase Your A cup breasts to at least natural B Cup.)

  245. 姐姐。S.H.E Selina 漂亮浪漫型。(不要等到变老丑时才想当年。)

    Sister. S.H.E Selina Pretty Romantic Female Type. (Do not wait till old ugly then think of those past years.)

  246. 姐姐。S.H.E 爱上你?爱上你?(小妹妹可不可以找小弟弟。其实所有大哥哥都是小弟弟变的。)

    Sister. S.H.E Fall for You? Fall for You? (Little Sisters can fall for Little Brothers? Actually all Big Brothers are evolved from Little Brothers.)

  247. 姐姐。S.H.E 他还不懂?还是不懂?永远不懂?(熊猫需要十七次女的谈恋爱才懂。)

    Sister. S.H.E He still does not know? Still still does not know. Forever does not know? (The me Panda needs 17 females to do not know to know.)

**Cstan98 Half-Virginity Bedroom Arts. 半处男半处女房中术:

  1. ***半处男半处女戒淫道。房中术之根本。

    Both Male & Female Half Virginity No Adultery Cultivation. Foundations of Bedroom Arts.

  2. ***做天帝工作赚夫妻道。房中术之根本。

    Do GOD Works Earning Husband & Wife Fate Cultivation. Foundations of Bedroom Arts.

  3. ***罗汉五戒。房中术之根本。

    (00) Jedi 5 Commandments. Foundations of Bedroom Arts.

  4. ***罗汉不杀戒。没吃肉不早泄。

    (01) Jedi Do Not Kill. No meat eating to dirty early ejaculations.

  5. ***罗汉不偷戒。精气神不被偷。

    (02) Jedi Do Not Steal. So energies don't get stolen.

  6. ***罗汉不淫戒。打天下老婆不被淫掉。

    (03) Jedi Do Not Adultery. So Empire Queen don't get adultery away.

  7. ***罗汉不说谎戒。得房中术正确知识报告。

    (04) Jedi Do Not Lie. To have all Bedroom Arts Knowledges Reports.

  8. ***罗汉不问题戒。自己房中术没有问题。

    (05) Jedi Do Not Kill. So no problem in Your Bedroom Arts.

  9. ***不一夫一妻婚姻房中术是不可能大鸡鸡的。不信可以试试看。

    Not One to One Male-Female Marriage Bedroom Arts can never Big P. Don't believe just try.

  10. ***一夫一妻婚姻道。房中术之根本。

    One Husband One Wife Marriage Cultivation. Foundations of Bedroom Arts.

  11. ***一夫一妻房事。天地阴阳自然之道。

    One to One Male-Female Marriage Sex Life is Normal Universe Yin Yang Tao Flow.

  12. 每一个剑法需要不一样的兵法:单飞剑法。情侣剑法。夫妻剑法。父母剑法。爷爷奶奶剑法。

    Each Swordfightings need different Arts Of War: Single/Couple/Husband+Wife/ Parents/Grandparents.

  13. 夫妻房中术是气让来气让去之术。

    Husband & Wife Bedroom Arts is anger-reconcile each other arts.

  14. 夫妻房中术是利用来利用去之术。

    Husband & Wife Bedroom Arts is benefit-exploit each other arts.

  15. 夫妻房中术是追嫁来追嫁去之术。

    Husband & Wife Bedroom Arts is courtship-marriage each other arts.

  16. 夫妻房中术是搞爽摸来搞爽摸去之术。

    Husband & Wife Bedroom Arts is doing-orgasmic-touch each other arts.

  17. 夫妻房中术是恨爱来恨爱去之术。

    Husband & Wife Bedroom Arts is hate-love each other arts.

  18. 夫妻房中术是帮害来帮害去之术。

    Husband & Wife Bedroom Arts is help-sabotage each other arts.

  19. 夫妻房中术是疼骂来疼骂去之术。

    Husband & Wife Bedroom Arts is praise-scold each other arts.

  20. 男女授授不亲比较好玩。一动就要以身相许(结婚)。熊猫就是这样赚到这样好的皇后的。

    Male & Female cannot touch more fun. Once touch. Must get married. This is how Panda cultivate earn His Good Queen.

  21. 美女功。不管老公好不好。如果他好。要宠宠他对吗?如果他不好。不学迟早他跑掉。

    Martial Arts - Beautiful Female. Regardless H/husband good or bad. If Husband good. More need to reward Him. Right? If husband bad. If don't learn. Sooner or later he leaves you.

  22. 大鸟功。不管老婆好不好。如果她好。要宠宠她对吗?如果她不好。不学迟早她跑掉。

    Martial Arts - Big P Organ. Regardless W/wife good or bad. Because if Wife good, more need to reward Her, right? If wife bad, if don't learn sooner or later she leaves you.

  23. 自己水果功。吃自己的水果(老公老婆)。不要吃别人的水果(老公老婆)。

    Martial Arts - Eat Own Fruits. Eat own fruits (own Husband/Wife). Don't eat other people fruits (other people husbands/wives.)

  24. 插电洞。转奶钮。淫声就出来了。

    Plug in the p organ. Tune the 2 breasts. Radio sounds come out.

  25. 处女没有接过吻?(弄妳两个手指湿湿吻就是了。不要想太多。)

    Virgin Females don't know what is kiss? (Just wet your 2 fingers & kiss your lips. Don't think too much.)

  26. 处男没有摸过奶?(两只手去摸两个大肉包就是了。不要想太多。)

    Virgin Males don't know what is touch breasts? (Just use 2 hands touch 2 big meat buns. Don't think too much.)

  27. 当不得罪所有天界娘娘 = 照顾老婆和天下所有的小孩子。自然有大鸡鸡。

    When do not offend all Heaven Goddesses = taking care of Wife & Everyone Children. They bless You with a Big P organ.

  28. 你们天下多大。看你们夫妻关系多稳。你们有让每一个男女一对一对家卦吗?

    Your Empire how big. See how strong is Your Husband & Wife Marriage Relationship. Do You People make Everyone One Male One Female pair up into Family Units?

  29. ***房中术最高境界。是要照顾天下所有花和创造更漂亮花。迟早你会明白的。

    Ulimate Level of Bedroom arts is to take care of Empire every flower & to create more & more beautiful flowers. You understand one day.

**Cstan98 All Religions Bedroom Arts. 万教房中术:

  1. ***佛家:因果报应的可怕。有果必有因。有因必有果。当你已经下最好的棋,过后就是命。

    Buddhism: karma punishments are very scary. Result means there is a cause. Cause means there is a result. When You tried Your best, then everythings are Fate.

  2. ***基督家:只有心象小孩子才能进晚上一直搞老婆乐土。天帝都有大鸡鸡。不信你叫他脱衣服。

    Christianity: only heart like Little Children can enter Night-time Keep On Playing Wife Kingdom Of Heaven. GOD also has a Big P Organ. Don't believe ask Him to strip.

  3. ***儒家:乐而不淫。仁政食性而矣。

    Confucianism: weird weird play do not adultery. Ren (Perfection) Government is all about foods & sex.

  4. ***回教家:诸肉莫吃。

    Islam: all meats cannot eat.

  5. ***道家:精满不思淫。气满不思食。神满不思眠。

    Taoism: semen full not think of sex. Energies full not think of foods. Focus full not think of sleep.

  6. 一夜夫妻百日恩。(注意:不是狗男女。)百世修来做夫妻。(注意:猜一世几年?)不要气到搞砸了。

    1 Night Husband & Wife = 100 Days Gratitude. (Note: here is not about adultery male & female.) 100 Generations Cultivation to become Husband & Wife. (Note: Guess 1 Generation Cultivation is how many Years?) Don't ruin it in a temper.

  7. 每晚吃饱小猫咪。白天是不偷吃鱼的。不信每晚妳拼命喂妳小猫咪。白天他看到鱼都会怕。

    A fully eaten cat does not steal fishes. Don't believe at night keep feeding feeding Your Cat. Next day He sees fishes also scare.

  8. 军队不教。将之过。

    (01) Army not taught. General faults.


    (02) Child not taught. Parents faults.


    (03) Citizen not taught. Emperor faults.


    (04) Employee not taught. CEO faults.


    (05) Student not taught. Teacher faults.


    (06) Wife not taught. Husband faults.


    (07) No one point fingers at low dans only at high dans.

  9. CC1000老公古佛/妈妈古佛其实只是个警卫,跑腿和小猫咪而已。

    CC1000 Husband Old-Buddha/Mother Old-Buddha is just a Security Guard/Transporter/Little Cat Job.

  10. 女儿是爸爸的前世情人。儿子是妈妈的前世情人。

    Daughters are Father last life Lovers. Sons are Mother last life Lovers.

  11. 他妈的一定要把老婆做到半死欲死欲仙。

    Die die also must make Wife half-dead want die want Heaven in bed.

  12. 不要吃房中术和不能吃房中术是两回事。一个是很行。一个是吃不到葡萄说酸。

    Don't want to eat sex arts & unable to eat sex arts are two different things. 1 is very capable. The other is being sour grape complaining.

  13. 每一个老公老婆都有需要。

    Every Husband & Wife have needs.

  14. 你们迟早知道女人是什么东西。男人是什么东西。

    Everyone sooner or later know what Females are what Males are.

  15. 肥妞变G-Cup容易过瘦妞。

    Fat Females become G-Cup faster than Thin Females.

  16. 肥妞瘦多公斤一次容易过瘦妞。

    Fat Females lose more weight per session than Thin Females.

  17. 女(男)大十八变。

    Females (Males) mature change everywhere.

  18. 女(男)大不中留。

    Females (Males) mature unable to keep.

  19. 女人三十如狼?五十如虎?等到你老婆无边无量永生如妖怪。丈夫要跟得上。

    Females 30 sex hungry like wolf 50 like tiger? Wait till You see Your Wife at infinite infinite eternal life like sex monster. Husband must catch up.

  20. 女人怕嫁错朗。男人怕入错行。选对。

    Females afraid marry wrong male. Males afraid enter wrong job. Choose Right.

  21. 女人难过情关。男人难过色关。过全。

    Females difficult to pass Love Tests. Males difficult to pass Sex Tests.

  22. 女人脸美男人要娶。女人身材好男人要玩。

    Females face beautiful Male want to marry. Females body sexy Male want to play.

  23. 女人给性换爱。男人给爱换性。

    Females give sex for love. Males give love for sex.

  24. 女人最大的悲哀是没有男人要看妳。男人最大的悲哀是没有女人要理妳。

    Females greatest sadness is no male wants to look at you. Males greatest sadness is no female bothers about you.

  25. 女人有两个口 = 吃饭的口和性爱的口。当有一口不满足就会跑掉。

    Females have 2 mouths = top one for foods & bottom one for sex. Either one not satisfied She runs away.

  26. 女人喜欢逛街被服伺象皇后。男人喜欢玩电脑游戏军队听他象天子。

    Females like Shopping being served by Palace Maids like a Queen. Males Like Computer Games being obeyed by Troops like a King.

  27. 女人喜欢被追。男人不喜欢追不可能的东西。互相追比较好玩。

    Females like to be chased. Males do not like to chase impossible things. Both chase Each Other more funs.

  28. 女人长发 = 还在找。女人短发 = 不在找。

    Females Long Hair = still looking. Females Short Hair = no longer looking.

  29. 女人需要讲出来解决问题。男人需要做出来解决问题。

    Females need to talk out problems to solve. Males need to do out problems to solve.

  30. 女人搞她的心。男人搞他的眼睛。

    Females play Her Heart. Males play His Eyes.

  31. 女人要用特大根根搞她的洞洞。男人要用特紧洞洞搞他的根根。

    Females play Her Hole with Your Super Big Thing. Males play His Thing With Your Super Tight Hole.

  32. 女人必须知道问说第一次是爱。问说同样第二次是啰说。问说同样第三次是打架。

    Females should know first ask = love. Second ask = nagging. Third ask = want to fight.

  33. 女人要老公只对她有兴趣。对别的女人没有兴趣。

    Females want Husband to interests only in Her, not interests other Females.

  34. 女人要老公一直疼她。不疼别的女人

    Females want Husband to keep on loving Her, not love other Females.

  35. 女人要老公一直不骂她。只骂别的女人。

    Females want Husband to keep on not scolding Her, only scold other Females.

  36. 女人要老公一直摸她。不摸别的女人。

    Females want Husband to keep on touching Her, not touch other Females.

  37. 男人爱你(女人)动你头发脸小腹。

    Male loves You (Female) touch your hairs/face/waist.

  38. 男人玩你(女人)动你奶阴蒂洞。

    Male plays You (Female) touch your breasts c-spot (clitoris) hole (vagina).

  39. 一德。二命。三风水。四术流动静。五旁门左道。其实要全部精通才能房中术。

    Old People Saying:

    (01) Virtues.

    (02) Fate.

    (03) Feng Shui Elements.

    (04) Spells Knowledges Move Dont-Move.

    (05) Side Branches.

    Actually all well versed to know Bedroom Arts.

  40. 一命。二运。三风水。四积功德。五读书。六名。七相。八敬神。九交贵人。十养生。其实要全部精通才能房中术。

    Feng Shui Saying:

    (01) Fates.

    (02) Lucks.

    (03) Feng Shui.

    (04) Merits.

    (05) Studies.

    (06) Name Characters.

    (07) Bone Face Hand Appearances.

    (08) Respect gods.

    (09) Make Helpers Friends.

    (10) Long Life Cultivations.

    Actually all well versed to know Bedroom Arts.

  41. 鲜花插在牛粪上?还是应该插在你妳这个牛粪?没有牛粪那里有鲜花?

    Flower in shit? Or should put in shit you? No shit how to have flower?

  42. 半死都要每晚做老婆最少一千下。

    Half die also must do Wife at least 1000 Strokes per night.

  43. 半死都要老婆上瘾我那特大根。(不相信晚上不能特大根。)

    Half die also must make Wife addicted to my Super Big Thing. (Do not believe cannot make mine a Super Big Thing.)

  44. 英雄难过美人关。只有有老婆的英雄才过得了脱光光的狐狸精。

    Heroes unable to pass Beautiful Tests. Only those who have Wife able to pass naked Female Fox Spirits.

  45. 夫妻本是同命鸟。树亡各自飞?有一些鸟注定要世世做夫妻。逃都逃不掉。

    Husband & Wife are like same fate birds. Tree destroyed each fly away? Some Birds are fated every Lifetime Husband & Wife. Escape also cannot escape.

  46. 夫妻离婚需要两个签名。一个是不能的。

    Husband & Wife need 2 signatures to divorce. 1 is not able.

  47. 夫妻打架需要两个人。夫妻讲和只需要一个人。

    Husband & Wife take 2 to fight. Only take 1 to reconcile.

  48. 老公要淫獸老婆到她乖乖你奴。老婆要淫獸老公到他乖乖妳奴。

    Husband must sex beast desires play Wife until She becomes Your Obedience Slave. Wife must sex beasts desires play Husband until He becomes Your Obedience Slave.

  49. 老公会一直试老婆听他吗。老婆会一直试老公疼她吗。

    Husband time to time test see Wife listen to Him or not. Wife time to time test see Husband love Her or not.

  50. 谈恋爱的女人最美。有事业的男人最帅。

    In love Females are most beautiful. In career Males are most handsome.

  51. 因果没食物没老婆老公是小事。破罗汉五戒道行是大事。

    Karma to have no food no wife no husband are small things. Break Sub-Sub-Buddha 5 Commandments Cultivation is big thing.

  52. 小鸟(小辫子)歌 2017:有一只小小小小鸟(辫子)。飞都飞不高。

    Little Bird (Ponytail) Song 2017: have a little little little little bird (ponytail). Want to fly unable high.

  53. 长痛不如短痛。刚开始就不该选痛。

    Long pains then better short pains. Should not choose pains in the first place.

  54. 爱死老婆了。爱死老公了。

    Love Wife like mad. Love Husband like mad.

  55. 十个男人九个坏?女人要付一半责任。因为他们欠做。

    Male 10 out 9 bad? Female must take 50% responsibility. Because they lack do to.

  56. 男追女隔如山。女追男隔如纱。

    Male courts Female like mountain. Female courts Male like silk.

  57. 男人不坏。女人不爱?其实最好的男人女人是又好又坏。

    Male not bad. Female not like? Actually the Best Male & Female are both good & bad.

  58. 男人的心都给狗吃掉?是妳们每晚没把妳的男人做到半死他到处偷吃。

    Males hearts all eaten by dogs. Is because every night You do not do your husbands half-dead he anyhow eats.

  59. 嫁鸡随鸡。嫁狗随狗。嫁对因为是一辈子的事。

    Marry Chicken follow Chicken. Marry dog follow dog. Marry right because it is lifetime.

  60. 药可以乱吃。话不能乱讲。所以病从口入。祸从口出。

    Medicines can anyhow eat. Things cannot anyhow say. That is why sickness enter by mouth disasters out from mouth.

  61. 没有肥的女人。只有贪吃的女人。

    (01) No fat female. Only greedy foods female.


    (02) No ugly female. Only lazy female.

  62. 天下无敌最寂寞。

    No Opponent under Heaven most lonely.

  63. 放工一条龙。做工一条虫?有工作才能当龙。

    Off work like dragon. On work like worm? Have works then can become Dragon.

  64. 台上三分钟。台下十年功?你妳们读熊猫网站10分钟熊猫必须想3小时。

    On stage 3 minutes, below stage 10 years hardworks? You People read Panda Website 10 minutes, Panda needs 3 hours to think plan.

  65. 士隔三天。刮目相看。

    Opponent not seen 3 days can see difference.

  66. 虎死留皮。人死留言。

    Opponent tiger dead leave skins. Human dead leave Scriptures.

  67. 井水不犯河水。

    Opponent well water not mix with river water.

  68. 路边的野花不要采。野花那里有家花香。

    Outside flowers don't pick. Home Flower is more better nice.

  69. 熊猫妈爸卦 = 一二三四做你妈 + 五六七八做妳爸。

    Panda Mothers Fathers Permutations = To Get Effects Turning You Into My Mothers & Fathers.

  70. 熊猫妹哥卦 = 一二三四做你妹 + 五六七八做妳哥。

    Panda Sisters Brothers Permutations = To Get Effects Turning You Into My Sisters & Brothers.

  71. 人往高处爬。水往低处流。要高也要低。

    People go higher places. Water go lower places. Must both higher & lower.

  72. 猪怕肥。人怕出名。稻米满就弯。

    Pigs afraid fat. Humans afraid famous. When wheat is full. It bows down.

  73. 圣经说:“尽量不要离开老公老婆孩子。带他她们到处去。”

    Say Holy Bible: "do not break apart what GOD join together. Bring Your Husband Wife Children (until they above 18-21 years old or married) everywhere You go."

  74. 熊猫说:“不要把可能破坏婚姻的诱惑放带进家里。”

    Say Panda: "do not put marriage destroying temptations inside your home."

  75. 牧师说:“还没结婚的情侣不能单独在同一间房间。”

    Say Pastor: "not married couple cannot be alone inside a room."

  76. 一个妻子说:“爱我就做牛做马帮你洗衣做饭。不爱我甭想。”

    Say a Wife: "love me willing to be cow horse wash clothes cook meals for You. Don't love me dont think about it."

  77. 淫兽上下其手。

    Sex beast up down hands.

  78. 隔三天如三秋。因为习惯每晚做。

    Seperate 3 days like 3 autumns. Because use to every night do.

  79. 有些女佣比媳妇还好。

    (01) Some Female Maids better than daughter-in-laws.


    (02) Some Daugher-In-Laws are better than daughters.


    (03) Some Daughters are better than sons.

  80. 会演戏的。都懂什么是演戏。

    (01) Those who know how to act. Know you are acting.


    (02) Those who know how to bait hook. Know you are bait hooking.


    (03) Those who know how to play chess. Know you are playing chess.


    (04) Those who know powers administrative. Know you are playing administrative powers.


    (05) Those who know powers army. Know you are playing army powers.

  81. 身体念严保守。

    Body & Thoughts very strict conservative.

  82. 树大招风。小心小心。

    Tree big get winds. Be careful be very careful.

  83. 尽量白天快点种田食物。整晚一直搞老婆。

    Try to daytime quickly harvest farm foods whole night doing to Wife.

  84. 尽量乱乱摸老婆到她湿湿的。

    Try to touch Wife everywhere until She wet wet.

  85. 当没有人要学变一样罗汉观音时。只担心后续无人。

    When no one wants to become like Panda or GUAN YIN. Then afraid there is no Succession Lines.

  86. 当有人淫你老婆。可能是你前世淫人老婆或这一世人淫你老婆。你根本不知道。放下放下。

    When other males adultery your wife. May be last life you adultery his wife or this life he adultery your wife. You don't really know. Put down put down.

  87. 女(男)人吗上街十个八个就来了。

    What are Females/Males? Females (Males) just go to streets 10/8 just come.

  88. 反正做狐狸精要死。当然尽量玩。

    When as Fox Spirits must die. Of course have a good times.

  89. 反正做熊猫精要死。当然尽量玩。

    When as Panda Spirits must die. Of course have a good times.

  90. 老婆老公是娶来疼的。

    Wife Husband are married to love.

  91. 还是老婆好老婆妙。还是老公好老公妙。

    Wife is still the best. Husband is still the best.

  92. 你搞初一。我搞十五?其实夫妻应该每天搞。

    You do today. I do tomorrow? Actually Husband & Wife should do everyday.

  93. ***男人没希望女人就出现。女人没希望小孩子就出现。小孩子没希望熊猫就出现。

    Males no hope Females appear. Females no hope Little Children appear. Little Children no hope Panda appear.

  94. ***熊猫是死都不偷吃鱼破斋戒的罗汉五戒怪物。

    Panda is a stupid creature who die die also don't eat steal fishes. (He is Jedi Virginity Vegetarian Virtures).

  95. ***那些美女来看熊猫是来看熊猫长什么样子。不是来和熊猫造爱的。吓死熊猫了。不难会精尽人亡的。

    Those Females come to see Panda are not here to make love. But just see what a Panda look like. Thanks GOD. Or else confirmed die of sexual exhaustions. No panda can take it.

Cstan98 Marriage Sex Research:

  1. 1/10. Chance.

    Every s/Salesman knows that out of 10 p/People approach. 1 says yes. So why some Super Salesman always 10 out 10. Because after enough experiences. They choose know which is 1 to approach. Sun Zi: "to get a Girlfriend. Apply accordingly."

  2. 3V = Vegetarian + Virginity + Virtures.

    Foundations of Sexual Research are 3V = Vegetarian (meats cause big faster erections, but also faster quick pistol ejaculations) + Virgnity (multiple partners impotence dirty p organ & v hole) + Virtures (GOD seems only give Natural Big P Organ to Worthy Males only).

  3. $10 A Day 7-11 Meals.

    (01) Jul-Oct/2017. The me Cstan98 just discovers $10 a day meal. Singapore Style. After dinner. Go 7-11 (Seven Eleven Convenience Store). Buy x10 Eggs in 1 Carton ($2.70) + x5 Instant Noodles in 1 Pack ($4.60) = Less than $10 per day. Eggs for all minerals & vitamins sex needs. Noodles to be filling all day. The rest of the day just drink cold filtered water.

    (02) Cstan98 Challenge1: 1 7-11 Groceries Trip per day. Reason: Buddhism Monk Cultivation = 1 Meals Per Day.

    (03) Cstan98 Challenge2: Finish Everythings As Fast. Reason: longer the foods are unattended. More chances they get drug swap.

    (04) Cstan98 Challenge3: if You don't like swiss (for example) then don't buy maggie, milo, nescafe, nestle, ... No matter how cheap/nice. Because you are actually funding that country to kill your Troops.

    (*) Note: if You have excess $5 for the day for example. How about 1 more cold rebull (1.90) + 1 more cold 100 Plus ($1.80). Cstan98 Repeat Strokes.

    (*) Note: You need $500 a year alkaline filtered cold/hot water rental dispenser to cook. Plus a working mircowave. Cstan98 Basic Essential Stroke.

  4. 50%.

    (01) Do 0% for Wife = not love Her.

    (02) Do 100% for Wife = Slave.

    (03) Therefore. Do 50% for Wife in Everythings.

  5. A Little Here. A Little There. Mean A Lots Overall.

    A little better clothings condition over there. A little better face conditions there. A little better hairs condition here... All these add up tremendously a lots overall.

  6. Age Old Together.

    Happily Married Couple be & sees Each Other Age Old Together. Be & sees Their Little Children grow up older each day.

  7. Alkaline Filtered Water.

    (00) AlFrex Alkaline Filtered Water Filtration System. It costs $750++ for installation with 1 year rental & every 6 months filters change (all non-refundable). Bad thing is the water still a bit dizzy. Good thing is can cold & hot water. And me Cstan98 loves cold water. *Note: need a tiny tap water piping to go under the kitchen sink to the table unit. *Note: cannot switch off must always on electricity & water supplies.

    (01) 1 Cup Per Time. The Basic Unit needs at least 5 minutes to cool the next cold 'JESUS CHRIST. Water. Amen.'

    (02) 6 Months Cycle. It is reported. That filtration unit turns automatically off filtration every 6 months. So You need a new Singapore Government Clearance for Good Filtered Water then. They call it 'change clean filter'. Actually just reset the 6 months countdown switch again. Plus minor maintenances.

    (03) 10 Days Downtime. Whenever there is a filter change. Expect first 100 cups not cold = sleepy.

    (04) Don't Drink If More Sleepy. It is reported that from 09:00pm-06:00am. Singapore tap water including outside drinks are supposed to make you sleepy to have less riots.

    (05) Drink If Less Sleepy. The water sleepiness is depended on a lots of factors. Like current riots situation. You vote who. Your flat block how many opposition parties.... Therefore. Not easy to advise.

    (06) Fill. If Pottery Cup. Use It to Push Dispense Water. If plastic bottle. 1 Hand Push Handle. Other hand hold it to fill.

    (07) Our Marriage Sex Activities increase with bigger p organ & more receptive wife moods.

    (08) Premium Unit. It is reported to cool/warm faster for more People. But more expensive rental.

    (09) Save $5 everyday by cutting 50% of my outside ice cold drinks (which works out to be $150 a month). There are lesser needs for foods as We are more energetic. My Wife drinks more water & Her constipations are cured.

    (10) We decomission Our hot water Airport to cut electricity costs.

  8. Anyhow Eat.

    To be g-cup breasts/g-size p organ. You must anyhow eat like a Kid. Because You need the relevant foods chemicals to grow. Let the Force guide You.

  9. Appreciate Whole.

    You must appreciate Female as a whole. It comes in a whole Package. If You look at the face. You miss the breasts. If You look at the breasts. You miss the face. Just remember She also comes with the naggings too.

  10. Arch-Point Pressing.

    (00) To become energetic Hulk. You need Arch-Point Pressing = Perineal Pressing = pressing the area between asshole and testis. Here How:

    (01) Marriage Sexual Intercourse.

    (02) Before Ejaculation Orgasm. Not too early/late.

    (03) Use 3 Fingers Pressing Centre of Perineal = area between asshole & 2 testis.

    (04) This Stop Prevent Too Much Semen Ejaculation. Semen Retentions.

    (05) Why 3 Fingers? Because more chance of pressing the testis semen sperms tube (one) in the area.

    (06) If Too Late Semen (Sperms) Tube Jammings. Keep Standings + Drink Lots Of Water To Urine Flush Out The Semen Sperms. Must not be too late pressing all the time.

    (07) This is an ancient secret bedroom arts spread down in Armed Forces/Emperors/ /Martial Arts Exponents/Taoists/...

  11. Are You A Singapore Girl?

    Singapore Girls = any Girl in Singapore lands/SIA (Singapore Airlines) Air Stewardess. If You are a Singapore Girl. Please wear like One.

  12. Are You A Taxi Driver?

    Taxi Driver = driving a car. Why Panda don't own a car. Does Panda looks like a taxi driver to you?

  13. Assets. Not Liabilities.

    You (Females) like Husband to be CEO Panda right? Most likely He is c-suite candidate/GCS (General Cadet School) calibre/... right? One Tip. Solid Males like Assets. Don't like liabilities. Because They are also.

  14. AV Reporting.

    If You have been looking at naked pictures/video sex scenes of g-cup breasts Japanese AV. Best is to report. Tell Your Girlfriend/Parents/Pastor/Wife. It reduces punishments of pornography = which is no foods/jobs/wife + impotent.

  15. Aware Females Chances.

    You need to aware of chances given by Females. Like stop/walk/... in front of You. Argue/quarrel/... with. Ask advice from/to/... You. Cook foods/dress nicely/makeup/sexy lingerie/... for You.

  16. Basic Drinks - Black Coffee.

    (00) 1 Cup Black Coffee. Daily. First thing wake up. 50% outsource to Wife Choy brewing for me. See below 'Basic Drinks - Singapore'.

    (01) The me thinks Wife Choy. Use 2 spoons coffee powder (must 2 = 1 bad spoon + 1 good spoon on average) + 50% filtered hot water + stirred + 50% filtered cold water.

    (02) After drinking. May need to spit out bad synthetic coffee. There are many out there. Because coffee crops are becoming extinct. Just bow down + Put 1 finger inside mouth = Spit out naturally.

    (*) No Creamer. Concentrated milk is main responsible for high cholesterol in blood.

    (*) No Sugar. Sugars bad for erections. Spoiling kidneys.

  17. Basic Drinks - 100 Plus.

    (01) 100 Plus is basically filtered body fluids. It is isotonic drinks to replace exercises body sweat losses.

    (02) Drink Every Drink Top 50% + Not Cold.

  18. Basic Drinks - Breakfast Shake.

    (01) 20% Hot Filtered Water In Cup A.

    (02) Rest 80% Cold Filtered Water In Cup A.

    (03) Say JESUS CHRIST Prayer.

    (04) Pour 50% Of Water From Cup A To Cup B.

    (05) Repeat Step 1-2.

    (06) Pour Rest 50% Of Water From Cup A To Cup B.

    (07) Put 2 Scoops Of Nestle Health Science 'Nutren Diabettes' To Cup B.

    (08) Stir.

    (09) Drink 100% Of Cup B Breakfast Shake.

  19. Basic Drinks - Coffee.

    (01) Hot Filtered Water In Cup A.

    (02) Say JESUS CHRIST Prayer.

    (03) Pour 50% Of Water From Cup A To Cup B.

    (04) Cold Filtered Water In Cup A.

    (05) Say JESUS CHRIST Prayer.

    (06) Pour 50% Of Water From Cup A To Cup B.

    (07) Put 2 Scoops Of Black Coffee Powder To Cup B.

    (08) Stir.

    (09) Drink 100% Of Cup B Black Coffee.

  20. Basic Drinks - Coke Zero.

    (01) Coke Zero is basically carbonated coffee. It is made of caffeine. Without sugar.

    (02) Drink Every Drink Top 50% + Not Cold.

  21. Basic Drinks - Milo.

    (01) Milo is a swiss chocolate milk drinks. Out of all swiss products. This milo package products are very good as breakfast/pre sex rituals.

    (02) Drink Every Drink Top 50% + Not Cold.

  22. Basic Drinks - Red Bull.

    (01) Red Bull is basically cooked cigarettes nicotine. It is standard drinks for SPF (sissy police forces) to fight singapore drug addicts.

    (02) Drink Every Drink Top 50% + Not Cold.

  23. Basic Drinks - Tea.

    (01) Tea cure weak kidneys. You need not go toilet more often. Mean do not so early ejaculation with stronger kidneys. But too much tea lower sex drive & erection to zero.

    (02) The me Cstan98 buys at Gongcha tea chainstore. Daily 1 large green tea - 0% sugar + no ice + no topping. (Other tea types also from same sister tea plant actually.)

    (03) Drink Every Drink Top 50% + Not Cold.

    (*) Better outsource to professional tea making. YouTube says it is not easy to make Kungfu Tea.

    (*) Do not overdoses/underdoses. Not too much/little. Vary tea dosages to get effects You want.

  24. Basic Drinks - Filtered Water.

    (01) Pour 50% Hot Filtered Water.

    (02) Pour Rest 50% Cold Filtered Water.

    (03) Drink Top 50%. Pour rest away.

  25. Basic Drinks - Cstan98 Tap Water.

    (*) A poorman cheap drink. If You cannot afford AlFrex Alkaline Water Filtration System/Outside Ice Drinks.

    (*) Always Re-Boil Day Tap Water On Demand Before.

    (*) Always Freeze Day Tap Water On Demand Before.

    (*) Need To Wash Ice Cubes Container/Cup With Running Tap Water.

    (*) One Cup One Cup (Solve All One Cup Bad Effects.)

    (01) Add Day Time Tap Water Ice Cubes To Full Cup.

    (02) Add Boiling Day Tap Water (Until Ice Cubes Are Covered.)

    (03) Drink.

    (04) Repeat Until No Ice Cubes.

    (05) Drink Every Drink Top 50% + Not Cold.

    (*) Need totally no tap water. Only outside drinks to have everyday erections.

  26. Basic Drinks - Singapore.

    (01) Home Coffee. Self-made. Top 50%.

    (02) Outside Coffee. No Sugar Black Coffee Half-hot. Top 50%.

    (03) Outside - 1 Drink/Visit. Only one drink per store visit.

    (04) Outside - 1 Hour/Visit. If you visit too many times per day. The they give you plastic bag = bring home to sleep

    (05) Outside - 21:50pm. Over heard they change ice after 21:50pm. You guess what kinds of ice?

    (06) Outside - Cover With Straw. The bad drugs seems harder to teleport into drinks inside cover & straw.

    (07) Outside - Plastic Bag. Plastic bag mean they no choice have to give you higher drugs dosages.

    (08) Outside - S/M. Cannot L (large) drink. Must be smallest S (small)/M (medium).

    (09) Top 50%. Every drinks.

    (10) Not Ice Cold. Not even cold. To protect your spleen.

    (11) Prayers. Must say out. And know You saying at that time. Conscious. For example. Home coffee. Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Coffee. Amen." Which mean Work Better Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please teleport all satanic things out from this coffee. Please teleport all godly things into this coffee. Amen."

  27. Basic Drinks - Singapore2.

    (00) Switching back to this old method standard:

    (01) Home/Outside. Drink top 50% of drinks/soups.

    (02) Expenses Calculations. It works out the same.

    (02-01) Last time. Daily 12 Coke Zero = keep going to toilet = 50% alert.

    (02-02) Now Old Method. Daily 12 Coke Zero Top 50% = only drink 6 Ice Coke Zero basically + but need not go toilet so often + 100% alert.

    (03) Not Ice Cold. Not even cold. Because me Cstan98 just finds out cold drinks/foods spoil your spleen. One of the 5 important internal organ

  28. Basic Drinks - UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) Milk

    (01) To store longer. Easy >> difficult. UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) >> HL (Hi-Lo) >> Fresh.

    (02) Drink Every Drink Top 50% + Not Cold.

    (*) Best is UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) White (no flavour).

  29. Basic Foods = Cstan98 Bread.

    (*) Best Bread have bags packs without anything blue colour. Cheapest.

    (*) Best Jam (other also can) have bottles without anything blue colour. Cheapest.

    (01) Put 3 Bread Pieces.

    (02) Scoop 1 Jam (other also can) Spoon. Into each Bread Piece.

    (03) Eat.

    (*) Remainder leftover breads need to pack back with least air. Long-time air inside cause fungus mould.

  30. Basic Foods = Cstan98 Double Chocolate Chips/Strawberry Cookies.

    (*) A poorman cheap schools/work foods. If You cannot afford Outside Fresh Foods. Or no time to wake up to cook prepare.

    (*) Chocolate for Males. Strawberry for Females.

    (01) Just Finish Eat (Whole Pack).

  31. Basic Foods = Half-Boiled Eggs.

    (*) Warning: for Vegetarians Only. With meat diet. You may get head stroke for overdosages of eggs.

    (*) Warning: if you get headaches = mean a stroke in head is coming. You need quickly take 2 Panadol (aspirin) to dilate your head blood vessels.

    (01) Half-Boiled Eggs = me Cstan98 calls them 'Vegetarian Chicken Tonic Soup'. You just go to any Singapore Coffeeshops. Order 2-10 half-boiled eggs. $0.60 per egg. Put dark soya sauce/pepper. Taste like vegetarian chicken tonic soups. The horny effects are same.

  32. Basic Foods - Instant Noodles.

    (*) A poorman cheap foods. If You cannot afford Outside Fresh Foods.

    (*) Best is filtered cold/hot water. If can afford. Go for AlFrex Alkaline Water Filtration System.

    (01) Put 2 Eggs + Instant Noodles & Ingredients Into Bowl Plate. Leftover instant noodle chips throw away. These rubbish bits blue-drain. The manufacturers say they give extra.

    (02) Pour In Enough Hot Water To Just Cover Reach.

    (03) Flip Turn Instant Noodles.

    (04) Put Into Microwave. Middle Heat. 3 Minutes.

    (05) Take Out. Flip Break Until Soft & Sauced.

    (06) Eat.

  33. Beautiful/Ugly Females.

    (01) From movie company weinstein scandal 2017. You notice all those sexual assaulted female movie stars all look like shits. Females to be beautiful. They need to feel loved/secured.

    (02) Someone: "Females are made of water (emotions). Males are made of fire (desires)."

    (03) Panda: "Females are made of tears (emotions). Males are made of sperms (desires)."

    (04) But GOD/JESUS CHRIST/HOLY SPIRIT collect tears. Don't collect sperms.

  34. Before Sex - Urine + Cup Cold Water.

    Before Sex. Too much water = early ejaculation. No Water = cannot erection. What You do? For me Cstan98. 30 minutes before sex. Keep urinating. Until last minute. Drink 1 Cup of cold water. This beta method = can 100 big strong strokes.

  35. Begger/Millionaire.

    If you eat instant noodles everyday to save cents to invest when you are a millionaire. The you are actually a beggar. If You give 10% Tithes. Help Everyone all the time. You are actually a Millionaire. Because beggar takes & takes. Millionaire gives & gives. Which are y/You?

  36. Big Responsible Balls (Testis).

    Male needs to have big g-size balls (testis high sex drive). And they are faithful responsbile at the same time.

  37. Big Responsible Breasts.

    Female needs to be big g-cup breasts. And they are faithful responsible at the same time.

  38. Big Responsible P Organ.

    Male needs to be big g-size p organ. And it is faithful responsible at the same time.

  39. Big Underwear.

    Japanese TV Drama. Their Males don't wear tight underwears. They wear big XL Boxer Shorts. Because too tight pressing on p organ waste energies become impotent.

  40. Birth Control - Marriage.

    How me Cstan98 do Natural Birth Control for 6 Years of Marriage (now married 7 years with first year using condom). You do sexual intercourse. About to ejaculation. Pull p organ out. Use one hand 3 fingers to do Arch-Point Pressing (see above). And one hand palm collecting the bits of semen. All bits of semen out must be outside body vagina. Then Your Wife need to wash Her Vagina in bathroom after that very fast. Especially if too late accidental inside body vagina even a little bit ejaculation. It is all about self-discipline & timings controls.

    Warning: after a bits semen ejaculation. Even with p organ washing. Second sessions may mean sperms in p organ semen tubes. For me. Always stop at 1 session. Recommended: very careful for first 3-12 months of Marriage. Least say without any experience in sex at all.

  41. Birth Control - Single.

    It is female duty to always to have 1-5 reliable condom in your bag. When your boyfriend (especially virgin think too much no self control) is so horny. The he listens to any condition to have sex. Insist that he puts on the rubber. Confirmed a very fast sex session. So fast you won't feel anything. But that so eager to find a egg sperm confirmed make you pregnant.

  42. Boiling/Icing Water.

    Seem to turn impotence/sleepiness chemicals into potent/non-sleepy chemicals. Both kinds of chemcials are polymer chemicals. (Mean can turn one kind to another.) Boiling/icing 0 degree & 100 degrees are both same extreme temperature changes.

  43. Break Marriage.

    When break other people marriage. To marry her/him. GOD breaks that modified marriage also.

  44. Breakoffs.

    (01) Do Cstan98 with Choy Marriage breakoffs before? Of course. Which Marriage does not quarrel?

    (02) After me Cstan98 quit masturbation & pornography for 3+5 months. Don't know why GOD sends Choy to want to marry me. So why not. But She has 1 Condition = 1 year later. Not 5 months. (Because She wants to lose weight at London Weight Management to fit into that Wedding Gown. But She does not tell me this reason). So me waits. And waits. And waits. Finally at month 3rd. The me is so horny for marriage sex. Fight with Her & chase Her out of the house (She is sleeping in my singapore mother bedroom. As Our Pastor says singles cannot stay inside same bedroom). Then me is warded in Anglican Mental Home. She traces my whereabouts. Send me egg sandwiches everyday. Finally We are married as newly scheduled 5 later.

    (03) Because We are both mental illed. (Cursed because of too heavy sexual sins. For me Cstan98. 33 years of masturbation & pornography.) For the first 3 years. We always quarrel. The me always have to leave home for outside Middle Road - GUAN YIN Temple to spend the night. She is always the One to give in.

    (04) It is just like positive sodium & negative chlorine. To form the bonding of sodium chlorine salt. At first. There are repulsion of negative-negative electron clouds. And positive-positive central protons. But if You People love each others so much. Finally bondings are stronger than repulsions.

  45. Breasts Game App.

    New breasts come up every 1 year. Once You get a breasts. It become old breasts next year. After that. If you don't want the old breasts. Want another new breasts. All the new/old breasts don't want you also. Do you get it?

  46. C/3000.

    Let say You have a big c & 1 Wife. Then c/1. Let say you wants 3000 wives. Then c/3000. But you say you have a secret formula. To cx3000/3000. Once Panda knows. The me is going to teach Everyone cx3000/1. Are you sure you still want to divide your firepowers? That is whole Initative of Panda capturing sex from satan the devil all about.

  47. Cannot Expect.

    Most good Females expect good Males. To show public interests in Them. Let say opposite perspective. Do you expect good Females to be loose anyhow offer advances to good Males? Therefore. Don't expect good Males to be loose anyhow stare at good Females.

  48. Cannot Hide Things From.

    Understand you cannot hide things from Females. (They are created to know what unable to talk Babies want.) Understand you cannot hide things from Archangels. (They know your thoughts sooner or later & find out what are going on.)

  49. Careful Of WHO (World Health Organization) Tap Water.

    (00) Because now tap water all WHO (world health organization) standard. That means they contain alcoholic impotent/sleepy chemicals. So be careful of tap water below:

    (01) Brushing Teeth. Don't toothpaste. Use toothbrush. And rinse mouth. But need minimum drink/eaten. No tap water should enter mouth unnecessary.

    (02) Washing Cooking Utsenils/Drinking Cup. No tap water should be drink/eaten.

  50. Cheapskate Dating.

    Fight Cheapskate! Here How For Dating:

    (01) Dutch. Each pay for what He/She eats & drinks. If not enough money. Work part-time.

    (02) Home - With Outside Drinks. Like packed juices. Let Your Parents see Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

    (03) Home - With Outside Foods. Like packed cookies. Let Your Parents see Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

    (04) Home - Study Together. At least 1 Parent needs to be inside room at all time. Stay in Living Room best.

    (05) Library. Study together.

    (06) Outside Packed Dinner & Lunch. Packed juices & cookies for example.

    (07) Park. Exercise together.

    (08) Weekly Weekday Movie. Dutch. Watch togther.

  51. Cheapskate Marriage.

    Fight Cheapskate! Here How For Marriage:

    (01) Outside Family Meals. If sick of instant noodles + eggs. Also of other home cooked/outside meals also. Fixed Routines/Varieties each own good points.

    (02) Individual Accounting. To know who is doing the money leakages.

    (03) Individual Laundry. You wash your more changed clothings.

    (04) Internet. Each Person. iPhone & MacBook equipment. Each Person. Recommend using 1 Personal Hotspot.

    (05) Soap. One for bathroom shits/toilet. One for kitchen.

    (06) Weekly Weekday Movies. Watch together.

  52. Chicken/Duck.

    A chicken (female prostitue)/duck (male prostitue) is not nagging. But when She/He becomes Your Wife. Always nagging. Because She/He is no longer working.

  53. Children Funs/Prison.

    Children should increase funs. Not decrease funs. Children should not prison You.

  54. Choose King/Queen Must Choose Heart.

    Choose compatible hearts. Best is borned same year/month/day/time. If cannot. Same Aquarius astrology sign for example. If still cannot. Same compatible astrology signs like Gemini/Libra for Aquarius for example. Know that the 12 astrology signs are divided compatible in a house of 3 each.

  55. Choose Not Because Big Breasts/P Organ.

    Choose husband/wife not because of p organ/big breasts. But because You love Her/Him. They grow bigger when loved anyway.

  56. Cleanings.

    (*) Remove impotence & sleepiness chemicals excreted from Our Bodies.

    (01) Clean Itself. If not clean. GOD creates human bodies to cleanse themselves over times. Simple processes like clean nutritions like airs/drinks/foods/... Detoxing like bathings/exercises/fasting/shitting/urining/working/...

    (03) Extra Clean = Dig Ears + Cut Nails + Cut Hairs (hair saloon) + Change Laundry Bedsheets. Clean Bedsheets seem to remove dirty chemicals in order to have better Marriage Erections.

    (04) No Adultery Clean P Organ/V Hole. Dirty adultery contaminated p organ/v hole make you unable to erections. And last long. Be careful of satanic demons females/males who play you to clean their p organ/v hole. This explain why you (husband/wife) after playing a solid dirty outsider. 1-3 months cannot erections with normal marriage sex. Holy Bible: "keep body clean/holy."

    (05) Vegetarian. Vegetarian clean p organ/v hole lasts longer in sexual intercourses.

  57. Cleanings - Bowl/Cup/Fork/Spoon.

    (00) Understand unboiled/unfiltered tap water is so poisonous for impotence/sleepiness:

    (01) Cup. Coffee = rinise hot filtered water. Water = use remainder filtered water.

    (02) Plate = wash with soap/tap water + rinse hot filtered water.

  58. Cleanings - Cold/Hot Shower.

    (01) Cold. Morning. No soap. To wake up. To also train not to avoid problems (cold water). And face head-on. After bath. Wear back old clothings. (Because no soap. Need handsoap to wash hands after washing hairs/face/ears. Each step. Or else oils give chest rashes.)

    (02) Hot. Night. With soap. For marriage sex. Hot temperature for Marriage Sex Cultivation. Wear new clothings

    (*) Try best follow Monk No Soap Cultivation. On class="style5"ly handsoap after toilet. For shaving.

    (*) But sometime no choice. Double Half Strokes. Per day. One time cold. One time hot.

  59. Cleanings - Step 1 Face.

    (01) Cleanings are best break into 2 Routines = Face + Body.

    (02) Daily Face = Head Hair + Brush Teeth + Face + Shave + Cut Nose Hairs.

  60. Cleanings - Step 2 Body.

    (01) Objectives - 3 Process = Initial Splash + Massage + Soap Wash.

    (02) Zones - 2 Dirty = Asshole + 2 Foot Bases = give body rashes if after that hands not clean soap properly.

    (03) Zones - 3 Body = Head (Heaven) + Chest (Earth) + Lower (Hell).

    (04) Zones - 4 Hair = Head + 2 Armpits + Reproductive = hairs are dirty.

    (05) Daily Body = Systematic Top To Bottom 3 Body Zones (after each zone wash hands with soap) + tweezer pluck chest hairs. Outside Bathroom = dig ears + cut nails.

    (*) One person clean back. Use 2 fists = 1 up 1 down then 1 down 1 up.

  61. Clothings - Dress For Success.

    (01) Buy As Few As Possible. Do you know all clothings have expiry dates? Colour fade. Fungi. Size unfit. Wear & tear. Prepare to buy a new set every one year. At New Year. Give all old clothings to poor People.

    (02) Buy Before Sales. Do not buy during crowds sales like new year/weekends. You buy on impulse. The crowds prevent you buying what you want. Your sizes may not be available. If You cannot afford off sales. Don't buy. You only buy rubbish during sales.

    (03) Buy To Fit Current Body. When you grow fatter/thinner. You need to rebuy sharper clothings. If you have the budgets.

    (04) Cheap/Expensive May Not Be Good. Buy smart.

    (05) Comfortable Inside & Look-Good Outside. Best is both.

    (06) Dress To Kill. Cstan98 No False Stroke No Waste Movement. Dress to kill completely. Leave no survivors.

    (07) Inner & Outer. Wear 2 pieces. May be 3 pieces in winter. To stop blue drainings.

    (08) New Year. Chinese: "buy new clothes every new year." Buy all 5 New Sets is too expensive. How? Cstan98 Take Front One Step Take Back One Step Stroke: at New Year. Buy 1 New Set. Discommission worst 1 Old Set.

    (09) Replace Before Totally Worn Out. When the first line of defence is passed through. Like a hole/missing button/... It is time to plan to navy decommission that item. JESUS CHRIST: "do not repair old clothes." The me Cstan98: "buy New. Give broken old clothings to poor people."

    (10) Sharp. Focus & Sharp.

    (11) Something Is Wrong. If it dirty itchy smelly wrinkle easily. GOD is telling You that item something is wrong. Good Things are good in appearances & smells.

    (12) Uniforms. For Panda. It is always B&W (Black & White). It represent Our Lives Codes.

    (13) Wear Best Clothes. Everyday. Choose Your best clothes to wear that day. Repeat next day. Jedi always send in the Best Clothes Unit.

    (14) Wear Newest Clothes. Always. If not. The they become old clothes also by then you wear them anyway. Storing new clothes turn them to old ones. Then you are actually everytime wearing old clothes. Then why buy new ones?

    (15) White. Try to wear all white at home. Socks/Underpants/Undershirts all white. Why Panda wear 50% Black Uniform = We don't declare to outside world We are Worthy White. But at home. We need to prove We are worthy enough to wear White. *Note: all unworthy white clothings people suffer attacks from Angels/demons. *Note: when items are white. You need to know why they are dirty. Need to find out why at sources to solve once & for all.

  62. Clothings - Shoe & Sock.

    (00) The me Cstan98 uses Black Converse Shoes. White Uniqlo socks.

    (01) Just Nice Tight. To fight any 1000 dan martial arts opponent.

    (02) Pull Cloth. Need To Pull flat cloth holder.

    (03) Socks. If painful. Find sources of pains. Change new if no choice.

    (04) Shoelaces. Need loose back/front. Tight middle.

    (05) Should Not Walk Pains. Solve all sources of painings. May be that middle top cloth lip. Pull.

    (06) Sometimes Need To Bow Retie Shoelaces. Because past lives Parent/Teacher is nearby.

    (07) Use Sock To Dry Wet Feet (If). Use problem solve problem. Before wearing.

    (08) Wear Both Socks First. No pains comfortable. Then both shoes.

  63. Clothings - Wash Clothes.

    (00) Fully delegated to Wife Choy.

    (01) Don't Mistake Wash Mode. 90 degree temperature drum clean for example. The heat destroys quality of the clothings.

    (02) Everyone. Every person in family should do self-laundry. To relieve Mother/Wife housechores workloads. So You can secure your household without outside inhouse maid.

    (03) Flip Iron-Free. If you don't want to iron. When drying laundry. 2 Hands take top of piece. Just flip completely 10 times. Like outside shirts & trousers. For trousers. Before flipping. Need to button zip up or else zip may spoil.

    (04) Indoor Drying. Japanese Detergent TOP. For indoor drying. Type White for all mixed colours loads. Also mean you need not worry about outside rainings on your laundry.

    (05) Think Group System. For example. When drying. Same outer trousers at pole section together. When dry. Pack laundry basket section together. When cupboard. Hang section together. Cstan98 One Group One Group Stroke.

    (06) Laundry Types. Mattress = need to roll within or else roll-up with others. Others = need to face outside outside to wash external whiter. Socks = need to wash 1 pair per day to not smell the whole laundry.

    (07) Tricky Washing Machine. If You have time. Must see monitor all the washing spins complete finish. The satan the devil sabotages smelly clothings.

    (08) Washing Machine. My Wife uses latest Germany BOSCH Washing Machine. Super Mode + 2 Spins. Just remember to drain before each wash. Clean drum every month.

  64. Coaching Baby - Echoing.

    Echo Her/His words back to Baby. So that Baby knows your adult words can be echoed. If Baby get hack of echoing Adult Languages. He/She smiles.

  65. Coaching Baby - Hide Behind.

    Hide behind sofa. Reappear. Hide behind sofa. Reappear at another end. Teach Baby that objects do not just gone behind a big object. And can reappear anywhere later. If Baby has good times. He/She smiles.

  66. Coaching Baby - If.

    (01) If Hit Your Head. Hit back head just enough. Let Baby knows it is pains. Not funs

    (02) If Pull Your Hair. Pull back hairs just enough. Let Baby knows it is pains not funs.

  67. Coaching Baby - Sign Language.

    Sign Tell Baby. Talk & run with actions. Talk & fall down. Cry cry. If Baby understands. He/She smiles.

  68. Coaching Children.

    (01) Eat/Drink Little First. If Children run around don't want to. Ask Them to eat/drink a little first. Once start energetic tasty. They more.

    (02) Haircut. Beforehand. Stroke head to tell how painful to expect. Promise arcade funs.

    (03) Police Car. Tell Your Children if They run too fast away from Adults. They are prisoned in Police Car (Children Trolley) again.

  69. Coaching Children - Shopping.

    (01) Glass. Warn Children of transparent glass. Pain like hell for them. Because may run into full strength. Especially first run. May involve whole glass panel break. Whole body blood.

    (02) Ice Cream Cone. Buy Them MacDonald $1 ice cream cone. You also hungry/thirsty after 10km. (Adult 2 km = Children 10 km.)

    (03) If Children cry/want this want that/lie on floor. Keep sending Them out on more combat missions. They think They are still at home. First time recruits all like that.

    (04) Meal/Rest/Toilet Time. Tell Them time how long more before coming. If You don't eat/drink/rest/urine now. When is next.

    (05) You need to train Children legs as young as possible. Panda is planning for Everyone to run away from zombies or worse. You soon know why.

  70. Coaching Children/Wife - Room For Growth.

    (01) Bird Stories. GUAN YIN: "Sage-King coaching another Person. Should be like coaching Himself. Same Level." No one like scolding down. Everyone like birds flying up. For example. The me Cstan98 to Wife: "why Little Bird don't want to bathe. Big Bird cannot stand the smell." For example. Minister to Emperor: "why Big Bird 3 years does not fly?"

    (02) Don't Pull/Push. Mencius: "each Plant Children/Wife grows at Their own natural rate speed."

    (03) Room To Fail Completely. Faster They fail completely. Faster They become humble.

    (04) Room To Growth. When They are not obeying. They are actually trying out New Things on Their own.

    (04) Room To Play Chess. Without practical playing. They forever cannot be good Chess Players.

    (05) Room To Test Out Thinking Logic. Don't predict for Them. Let Them find out the endings Themselves.

    (07) Whatever Support. If You want Them to learn on Their Own. Just tell Them: "whatever You do. The me supports You. (Actually me knows what is better for You. But me wants You to learn on Your Own.)"

  71. Coffee.

    Coffee gives eyes bags. It solve one problem creating more problems. Solve your sleepliness tiredness at their sources. Don't make matters worse. It is reported. Coffee increase intelligence & lifespans. Coffee decrease blood vessels clogs & headaches. Zen Master: "balance! Balance!"

  72. Coffee/Tea/Me (Outside Ice Drinks).

    (*) Know the Effects.

    (01) Coffee = burn all foods chemicals reserves for quick bursts of energies + if used too much, get eyebags & tired easily.

    (02) Tea = strengthen kidneys, stop going toilets so often + but lower sex drives if overdoses.

    (03) Me (Outside Ice Drinks) = detoxifying & thirst quenching.

  73. Cold/Hot.

    (00) Know the Effects.

    (01) Cold Air Con/Fans. (Cannot erections. But no dirty impotence sweat.) Warm Clothings. (Can erections. But dirty impotence sweat.)

    (02) Do not cold showers = you get blocked nose a few days later. (But sometimes need emergency to lower sex drives.) Warm showers. (Increase sex drives. Wash away dirty impotence sweat).

  74. Communications.

    (01) Bed Language. Wife turn towards you = want to see You. Turn other way = don't want to see You. Hand in Your bed position = want to hug/touch You.

    (02) Body Language. Know courtship/defensive/lying/open/...

    (03) Dear Language. Say dear/please/thank you/... more often.

    (04) Dressing Clothing. You are what You wear.

    (05) Facial. Use your angry/happy/sad/... face expressions to communicate.

    (06) Listening. Other Person: "I am very angry." Active Listening: "You are upset with Your Husband." Listen with understanding deeply.

    (07) Nodding. Nod your head to push forward the conversations.

    (08) Smell. Time to time smell own armpit/mouth/socks/underwear/... If smelly. Do somethings about them.

    (09) Talk Lovingly. Even married. Still talk like loving courtship.

    (10) Talking. 50% Let The Other Party Talk To Kill. 50% You Talk To Kill. Get The Good (Delicious) Conversations Effects.

    (11) Tone. Your voice tone must not be hard harsh that push people away.

  75. Conditionings.

    (00) Psychology. You can actually conditioned Your Husband/Wife to be orgasmic.

    (01) Petting. Always the same foreplay moves.

    (02) Poem. Same poem before sex orgams.

    (03) See. On the light when You orgasms Her. To register You.

    (04) Song. Same song before sex orgasms.

    (05) Time. Always the same time for daily marriage sex.

  76. Conditioning - Erections.

    What are you conditioning to have erections on? The pornography materials or your real wife? Think careful. Know Conditioning - Psychology.

  77. Conditioning - Orgasms.

    What are you conditioning to have orgasms on. Big breasts pornography or your real wife? Think careful. Know Conditioning - Psychology.

  78. Count Strokes.

    Counting Strokes when doing to Wife seem to lengthen Marriage Sexual Intercourse. Number of times sucking Wife tongue/breast. Then f strokes.

  79. Counter Blue Drainings.

    (01) Claim Ownerships. First thing after you buy something = engrave/sew/write your Name on it to if possible.

    (02) Finish All Daily Tasks. Finish every tasks as fast as possible. Like money/unpaid bills/unread emails/...

    (03) Free Things Accountings. According to satanic taxes laws = need to account. According to GOD Laws = no need.

    (04) Housekeepings. Half-Stroke = at night put all half-filled rubbish bags at designated area? Also Personal Trim unwanted long hairs/nails/...

    (05) Less Money. Cstan98 Current = Bank Transfer + Cashier Order + EZ MRT Card + No Over-Night Cash + OCBC ATM NETS cum Debit Card + ... only.

    (06) No Blue Colour. Blue colours are the flags of energies drainings demons.

    (07) No Pirated Stolen Materials. Do not have pirated stolen copyrights materials. Like av movies/pornographic pictures/...

    (08) No Rubbish. Throw away all unwanted files/house rubbish. In Backpack/House/iPhone/Kitchen/Mac Laptop/Toilet/...

  80. Courtship.

    (01) Dress Your Best. Always Buy Wearing Your Best Clothings. Nice & Sharp. Slowly Upgrade Equipments.

    (02) Eyes Contact. Dare to look People in the eyes at least once.

    (03) Gentleman/Samurai Code. Do Not Make Females Cry. Help/Protect the Weak. Treat Lady First.

    (04) Most Recent/Official Photo. You should always give 2 Photos = Your most recent/official Photo.

    (05) Smile. Chinese Sayings. It is very difficult to hit smiling tiger. One smile & the Country falls. (Because the emperor is dazzled). You notice all Japanese Females smile in photos. And They look very nice. Heaven Tao: 30% smiling.

    (06) Stand Straight Tall. With energies. Show that you do not have any sins to hide. Notice all those beautiful Females how they tall straight. Same when You sit. Be conscious of Your every second body postures presentations.

    (07) Top Gun. 50% Iceman (ice cool confidence no mistake) + 50% Maverick (unpredictable when needed).

    (08) Walk The Talk. Do what You say. Do not hide things. Each mouth word out is an Imperial Edict.

  81. Courtship - Feelings/Foods/Flatteries.

    Show Her your feelings. Buy Her good foods. Say She is beautiful.

  82. Courtship - Little Gifts.

    Give Her little gifts like 4.90 Hello Kitty Pencil Case. Bless in JESUS CHRIST Name.. It is not the value of the gifts. It is the heart. For Good Female if She loves You. Small gesture means lots to Her. She feels appreciated loved.

  83. Courtship - Love Letters.

    Write weird weird letters to Her.

  84. Courtship - Strategies.

    (00) Listen to Big Brother Panda. The me analyzes all m/Males right/wrong moves. At least 90% everyone 90% everythings.

    (01) Branding. It is everythings. Just that wrong beer adultery. The 20 years of faithful image go down the drains.

    (02) Dan To Dan. Last dan should be to last dan. Second dan to second dan. Or must like you say last dan to that first dan.

    (03) Don't Pornography. After 1-3 very beautiful training programs. To know what is marriage sex. Should leave behind bridge. After crossing river.

    (04) Don't Rubbing. Unless cleaning. Rubbing p organ. Make it smaller. Not bigger.

    (06) Waste Dan. If You are 10 Dan (happily married). Should you get injuried with a 2 dan (one night stand). Then retrain 3 years back to 10 dan.

  85. Current Planet Earth Production Entitlements.

    Based on Our current planet earth production entitlements. Everyone is only entitled to Basic Clothings/Daily Foods & Drinks/1 House/1 iPhone/1 Mac Laptop. If You want more pies. Everyone must increase the Overall Pie.

  86. Daily Marriage Sex.

    In this age of internet pornography. And females fox spirits temptations. It is recommended You have Daily Marriage Sex at same fixed time everyday. If unable. Like menstruation or pregnancy. Just kiss/pet/touch everywhere panda play/...

  87. Daily SMS.

    (01-01) Lord Prayer. iPhone 7 (General - Keyboards - Text Replacement). For Example: 'LordPrayer = JESUS CHRIST LORD Prayer'.

    (01-02) Wife, I Love You. iPhone 7 (General - Keyboards - Text Replacement). For Example: 'LoveDear = (Wife Nickname). I love You. I love You. I love You. I love You. I love You.' For me. In chinese for that closeness touch because We speak munchy munchy things in chinese.

    (01-03) Happy Birth Day. iPhone 7 (General - Keyboards - Text Replacement). For Example: 'HBD = You Everyday Birhtday Right? Happy Birthday To You. Happy Birthday To You. Happy Birthday To Choy. Happy Birthday To You'

    (01-04) Bath Time. iPhone 7 (General - Keyboards - Text Replacement). For Example: 'BathTime = Choy. Prove your innocence. Bath less than 15 minutes. That your body not so dirty. (In Chinese.)'

    (01-05) Sex Time. iPhone 7 (General - Keyboards - Text Replacement). For Example: 'SexTime = Choy. It is Mon-Fri. Let have some funs (sex).'

    (01-06) Training Time. iPhone 7 (General - Keyboards - Text Replacement). For Example: 'TrainTime = JESUS CHRIST. Please train Everyone Choy me. 100/1000 times harder. Amen.'

    (02-01) Monthly Feedback - Superman. Send Superman photo. Then Your photo. With text 'I am 22% Superman'. Accurate Self-Certifications. To push to next levels.

    (02-02) Monthly Feedback - Wonder Woman. Send Wonder Woman photo. Then Her photo. With text 'You are 12% Wonder Woman'. Accurate Self-Certifications. To push to next levels.

  88. Daytime/Nighttime.

    Understand if you need to see Porn Training Videos. Doing at night lessen sins a bit more. Doing daytime. GOD automatically make You impotent. Please expect daytime We must quickly concentrate on Foods/Money Productions & GOD Works. Nighttime is for Marriage Couples to have Marriage Sex. Panda Imperial Order: if You are on night duties. Quickly finish Your Marriage Sex Routines & start patrolling.

  89. Delicious.

    Everythings must be delicious so that You want more. Delicious Air/Books/Exercises/Foods/Movies/Sex/Sleep/Water/Zen/... So that You look forward to the Next One.

  90. Detoxify.

    Breathe/shits/sleep/urine out dirty airs/foods/memory/waters.

  91. Destroy.

    (01) Adultery a faithful marriage can form new faithful marriage? The new faithful marriage keep on adultery.

    (02) Destroying an intact marriage can form new intact marriage? The new intact marriage keep on destroying.

    (03) Simply no logic in some female fox spirits thinking strategies.

  92. Discipline - Determined Not Accept Back Vomits.

    (01) Before You vomits divorce. Tell beforehand to Husband/Wife what are acceptance/unacceptance. Then when it happens. Always move forward. Do not move backward.

    (02) JESUS CHRIST: "if you accept vomits. The you keep vomiting."

    (03) But if before 3 years separation reconciliation. Then it is about to vomits. JESUS CHRIST to Apostle Peter: "before sunrise rooster. You are going to reject Me 3 times. Then You are going to be Rock of the Church."

  93. Discipline - Determined Same Things.

    Faithful Husband/Wife is just Male/Female who keeps doing same old things again & again. Daily 2 Times Bathings. Daily Kiss Kiss. Daily Vegetarian Diet. Daily Whatsapp I Love You/LORD Prayer. (Some people same favourite holed Jean to show Her/His faithfulness.) In Zen. These small things are called first lines of defence. If husband/wife starts changing. The he/she is changing unfaithfulness.

  94. Discipline - Determined Punishments/Rewards.

    Before You vomit divorce. Tell beforehand to Husband/Wife what are going to leave house spend overnite at GUAN YIN Temple Punishments/not dinner Punishments/... Rather Small Punishments & mean what you say. Then do not mean what you say. Finally cannot endure & end in divorce.

  95. Discipline - Determined Virginity To Wife.

    A t-shirt: "I am a virgin. (That's very long time ago.)" The me Cstan98 T-Shirt: "me is Half-Virgin. The me gives It to My Wife. Is still giving to Her every night." Virginity faithfulness continues even after Marriage. If me Cstan98 is You. The me tries my best not to let my Wife dies off. If not. Next wife, next wife, ... Same thing die also. Problems tend to repeat themselves.

  96. Discipline - More & More Sex Loads.

    Add more & more strokes counts. Increase more & more sex loads every each day. Husband more & more hulk body. Wife body improves better & better.

  97. Discipline - Practice Make Perfect.

    Doctor Strange: "how to master Arts?" Ancient One: "study & practice." For Japanese AV Sex Movies Trainings. Zen Master: "after crossing rivers. Should leave behind boats/bridges. Right? Why You still addicted to them?"

  98. Do Old Virgin Wife.

    The you know the taste of doing to beautiful female fox spirits. Do You know the taste of doing to the same old virgin Wife? Night after night. Make Her cry scream out of ecstasy orgamic noises. Make Her keep on dying die die whole night every night. Make Her lose conscious when wake lose conscious again & again. Make Her want to die want to Heaven. Make Her wave Her body hands head legs according to what You want. Make Her weird weird sexually loose Female expressions. That is whole objectives of Marriage.

  99. Do The Maths.

    Do The Maths. Eternal Life of doing the Same Wife have more sex sessions. Or short life of doing many wives.

  100. Don't Despise.

    Buddhism Cause & Effect Scripture. Why old age become widow/er? Because despise Husband/Wife. He/She does not feel wanted to live anymore. Therefore. Love Him/Her enough. So that He/She wants to live one more day to see You tomorrow.

  101. Don't Get Pregnant When Not Ready.

    If you 2 are unable to get BBA (business administration degree). Then all 3 of you (with a Baby) are more unable to. Because 2 problems have become 3 problems. 2 people resources now divide among 3 people. You only have 2/3 resources left to complete your objectives. More difficult to achieve your life objectives. The male most likely on heat for sex. The you female most likely love him enough to give in. It is the Female Responsbility to say no. With no marriage. The male can always say bye bye & leave you female with the baby. Even with marriage. There is such a thing called divorce. The me says try not to get pregnant. Never say cannot sex. But best if want to touch here touch there. First both complete BBA (business administration degree). Then get married first. To have godly Children.

  102. Don't Use Condom.

    (01) ***Warning: it is impossible not to use condom when sex with female prostitutes. Because female prostitutes CB (vagina) fluids are very dirty. Also come with many diseases like HIV, VD (sex diseases), ...

    (02) Absorb Yin Fluids. You need to absorb yin fluids when you secrete yang fluids. Or else your p organ become smaller & smaller.

    (03) Pure Girl Scripture (素女经): exchange of yang/yin fluids the correct ways = cure all sicknesses.

    (04) Wife Body Is Cleaner. Have unprotected sex with your clean Wife. By right. If You 2 Marriage Couple People are very faithful to each other. Your Yang/Yin fluids are only clean enough. But also very sex potent for exchange.

  103. Don't Temple Monk.

    If you unable to quit pornography. Show signs you are not ready for Temple Monkhood. Physical adultery sins of monks under vows = 500 years Hell Fires Punishments. Years of pornography adultery sins of monks under vows = 1-50 years Hell Fires Punishments. So be very careful.

  104. Don't Watch TV.

    (01) Don't watch Bloomberg/CNBC Business. They are cyclic. Read BBC/Flipboard App News Headlines. Google search = for example Apple Share Price Chart/Forecast.

    (02) Don't watch CNN. They are cyclic. Read BBC/Flipboard App News Headings.

    (03) Don't watch TV. They are cyclic. Watch Weekly Best Movie.

    (*) Allocate the times saved to be with Your Family.

  105. Don't Use Blue Drainings.

    When only you use blue drainings of farmlands. Of course you are most capable in bed. But soon all farmlands start to die die. The all (including you) become weaker & weaker. Because no one has energies to farm. To make things more complicated. There may be mass people using blue drainings. Therefore. Panda Imperial Order: "those who use blue drainings is death sentence." LKY Panda: "you not scare. The you just try."

  106. Don't Use Free Sex Materials.

    These materials most likely blue drained you.

  107. Drinks.

    Get the coldest iced. Stable down. Don't use straw. Drink from top to bottom. One slip at a time. When dizzy. Throw away the rest bottomest.

  108. Drinks - Singapore.

    (00) Because of social order (riots control) & urban planning (making most of all 5 millions population go home HDB to sleep) concerns. All outside Singapore drinks are drugged.

    (01) Inside HDB cold filtered waters are not drugged. Government not touch You when You are inside your homes HDB.

    (02) Outside - Day. Day drinks have Full-Good drinks = not sleepy. And Half-Good drinks = a bit sleepy.

    (03) Outside - Night. Night drinks have Half-Good drinks = a bit sleepy. And Full-Bad drinks = very sleepy.

    (04) Don't Fight System. Work Round System. For example. At night. Waiting for Wife in 1 hour time. Just tell drinks crews honestly. Then keep your words. Go home in 1 hour time with Wife. Build Rapport with outside drinks crews. Only buy drinks from familiar drinks crews who know you by face personally.

    (05) It Is Not The Ice. Water can only freeze when it is 100% pure water.

  109. Earn Children.

    Holy Bible: "little Children are inheritances from GOD."

  110. Earn Husband/Wife.

    Strategist Jiang Tai Gong: "when Trainings Periods complete. Gift (Husband/Wife) appears." The me Cstan98: "earn Him/Her." Perfect Husband/Wife gets Perfect Wife/Husband. The imperfect husband/wife gets imperfect wife/husband. Don't regret it.

  111. Eat All You Want.

    (01) In theory. If you have high sex loads. You can eat all you want. And still maintain a good figure. With g-cup/size breasts/p organ somemore. Want to eat a lots. And stay slim at the same time. Increase your sex activities.

    (*) Warning: if your sex activities abrupt stop, you are expected to halt your eatings.

  112. Emperor Robes.

    If You want to declare You are King. Wear like King. If You want to declare You are just Citizen. Wear like Citizen. JESUS CHRIST leads by Example.

  113. Empire Decided In Emperor Marriage Bed.

    Your today Empire performance is already decided in your last night marriage bed. If me is You. Only 1 marriage bed (1 Queen) to concentrate firepowers.

  114. Enjoy Non-Wife Eyes.

    Look at all non-wife females in the eyes.

  115. Enjoy Wife Whole.

    Enjoy your Wife as a whole. She comes with everthings. You look at Her as a whole. Hairs to breasts to legs to heart to naggings to ...

  116. Erection - Extra Energy.

    The my Cstan98 Understanding. Erections mean You have excess energies. Your body conditions are right for mating reproductions. Once these optimal situations run out. You become limp again.

  117. Erection - Morning.

    For all males. Every morning. You have spontaneous erection is essential. It is proof all your 5 internal organs all working. You have excessive energies after you sleep. The harder/longer time the erections the better.

  118. Eternal Life - Health Signs.

    (01) Body. Is your body dying?

    (02) Energy. Do you have vitality to live another 1000 years? Then another ...

    (03) Hair. Is Your hairs dying?

  119. Every 10 Minutes Kiss Kiss.

    (01) Work don't bother Wife = She does not feel love.

    (02) Keep playing with Her = don't get things done.

    (03) Best Solution = every 10 minutes kiss kiss. Then go back to work. Repeat.

  120. Every Night.

    (01) Bath First Thing After Home. If You delay. Confirm unable to. Demand Everyone also.

    (02) Massage Wife. You are unable to ask Her to massage You. But You can always massage Her.

  121. Expect.

    Expect if Before Marriage. You must everythings give in to Female/Male. After Marriage. All Parties expect the same Conditions. Unless You can bring the Relationship to the next Level.

  122. Extremes.

    (01) Extreme Adultery Is Killing.

    (02) Extreme Gambling Is Stealing.

    (03) Extreme Sex Is Adultery.

    (04) Extreme Over-Confidence Is Lying.

    (05) Extreme Addiction Is Problem.

    (06) Extreme Love Is Hate.

  123. Everyday.

    (01) Courtship. You should court each Other everyday.

    (02) Dating. You should date each Other everyday.

    (03) Dear. Call each Other dear everyday.

    (04) Honeymoon. Who say it cannot be everyday?

    (05) Hugging. One Wife: "why my Husband long time never hug me?" If shy. Hug from behind.

    (06) I Love You. Females especially like to hear that.

    (07) Kiss. Kiss Each Other everyday.

    (08) Make Love. Not wars.

    (09) Sunday. In GOD Kingdom. Everyday is a Sunday.

  124. Family Currency.

    (00) Money currency = simply value to make you work for. So:

    (01) If Child Daughter wants iPhone SE2. To earn iPhone currency. Work in return = She must score average B for all school subjects.

    (02) If Child Son wants Timezone (singapore arcade centre) value top-up. To earn timezone currency. Work in return = He must be good for 1 day.

    (03) If Wife wants kiss kiss. To earn kiss kiss currency. Work in return = She must wash clothes for me.

  125. Fantasy & Freedom.

    'I Know Him So Well, Song by Melanie C & Emma Button.' We Angels seem to be created as CC1000. Males or Females. We need Our fantasy & freedom to solve Our current Marriage problems. For males. It is not easy to male get that p organ to work. For females. It is not easy to female understand that Husband You love so deeply.

  126. Faster Filtration Systems.

    Husband/Wife each is a filtration system to clean dirty things for big p organ. The polygamy marriage system faster? Or Panda Faithful Monogamy Marriage System faster? Panda sticks to default 1-male-husband-to-1-female-wife GOD System. Don't believe. Let see what happens. Each day. Who has the biggest natural p organ? If you sabo (sabotage) mine to win. Do you think other people don't sabo (sabotage) yours. If you cheat in exam like artifical p organ. To me Cstan98. It is committing samurai suicide (eunuch). Let fight (play p organ chess)!

  127. Fasting.

    Islam/JESUS CHRIST/Jewish Teachings. Fasting seem to burn up & purge dirty chemicals inside body. Giving body organs like kidneys to rest. The me Cstan98 tries to fast as long period before next meal as possible.

  128. Female - C-Spot (Clitoris).

    (*) Source: from 87 years old Fu Sex Teacher. Male with 3 Wives 10 Children. After conversation. Further understand what singapore playboy uncle talking about.

    (01) You keep on massaging your Wife c-spot. Until She becomes horny. Go on top of You. Still keep on massaging Wife c-spot. While She does sex to You.

    (02) Fu Sex Teacher recommends touch Wife once a week. Ejaculate once a week.

    (03) For my Wife Choy. May not be applicable. She has forced surgery to remove Her C-Spot.

    (04) Fu Sex Teacher recommends always smile to Females. You may get lucky.

    (05) For me Cstan98. May not be applicable. The me not interested in another second Wife.

    (06) Fu Sex Teacher says every Female has needs. The older She is. The greater the needs.

    (07) For me Cstan98. Totally agree. The me does not believe my Wife Choy. When She says She is not interested in sex. The me believe it is me who is too incapable in bed. That give Her cold withdrawal.

  129. Finds.

    (01) Find Love Weird. It is not easy to understand.

    (02) Find Marriage Not Easy. It needs to be defended every second.

    (03) Find Sex Scary. Because more & more tired.

  130. Fingerings.

    (01) Can p organ wiggle 10-30 strokes. Fingerings 100. Repeat. For p organ to absorb v hole juices.

    (02) Do You know can finger Your Wife v hole while She is on missionary/top?

    (03) Must cut finger nails. Can mouth on one nipple. 1 hand fingerings v hole. 1 hand other nipple.

    (04) Touch new area/spot. Ask Wife: "here. Pain/orgasmic?" Because pains are anti-petting.

    (05) Do Your own sexual research. More fingerings mean:

    (05-01) Wife wants less/more sex sessions per week?

    (05-02) P organ degenerations as less intercourses activities?

    (05-03) Should more changing/consistent motions?

    (05-04) Should more deeper/shallower?

    (05-05) Should more shorter/longer bursts?

    (05-06) Should more softer/strength?

    (06) Actually. You look at Wife body/dilated wet v hole/face/hands/legs/sweats/... You know.

  131. Firearms & Wife Underwears.

    'Hitman, Movie'. Nika: "Husband should be good at both stripping firearms & Wife underwears."

  132. First Things.

    (00) Get Your priority right in sequences.

    (01) First Water. (Or Coffee. When initial stage building Willpower.)

    (02) First Bath.

    (03) First Uniform.

    (04) First Foods.

    (05) First Martial Arts.

    (06) (First) MacBook. After working. Back at home.

  133. Fixed Time.

    (00) Fixed times to remember 6 Hours Blocks:

    (01) 06:00am.

    (02) 12:00pm.

    (03) 06:00pm.

    (04) 12:00am.

  134. Fixed Daily Time Rhythm.

    Fixed Daily Routine so that both bodies get use to rhythm. Before Daily Marriage Sex. Should Bath togther say 12mn for example everyday. If You work night shift. Fix a together day time everyday.

  135. Flip Hairs.

    Sometimes when Solid Female flip of hairs. Burn away male sex pervert his half of morning breakfast.

  136. Fluids Absorptions - Saliva Breasts P Organ/V Hole.

    (01) Clean Sex. Faithful Female-Male Monogamy Marriage. Absorb Each Others Sex Fluids Sexually.

    (02) No Adultery. So dirty sexual fluids. Don't believe me you try.

    (03) No Polygamy. When partners not satisfied = go adultery = dirty sexual fluids. Don't believe me you try. Be like Bee hardworkingly collecting Your one Husband/Wife flower Honey.

  137. Foods - Carbo Loading.

    After some carbo (carbohydrates starch foods) loading. It seems you need instead fats/minerals/proteins/vitamins. To have stronger erections. But when you ejaculate too much sperms. It seems that more fats/minerals/proteins/vitamins formula. Do not work anymore. Actually You are supposed. To go back starting phase. To redo carbo loading all over again. Then again back more fats/minerals/proteins/vitamins loading. Don't know why. Many MacDonald french fries (alone) seem to be very effective carbo loading.

  138. For Her - Sex.

    If You give marriage sex for Her. Go all out for Her in bed. It is all about Her. Then everythings out of bed fall into place. Everythings outside She does for You. Because all day long. She is so multi-orgasmic thinking of You.

  139. Foreplay.

    (01) Female Focus. Sex Coach. Very internal. About Her heart. Your Wife cannot lose concentrations. Once lose. Have to start all over again.

    (02) Female Love. Cstan98. They need love for You to want to mate.

    (03) Female Slow. Sex Coach. Unlike Male which builds up very fast. Female takes more time.

    (04) Fire & Water. Pure Girl Scripture: "Male is fire. Female is water. Fire burn up & extinguish very fast. Water boil slowly but remain warm very long time. Most fires are extinguish by water. Unless it is very huge fire which vaporize all the water. Fire & water are fighting all the time."

    (05) Male Audio. Cstan98. Ears things like audio (Wife orgasmic sounds/...)

    (06) Male Smell. Cstan98. Nose things like smell (perfumes/...)

    (07) Male Visual. Cstan98. Eyes things like visual (breasts/Wife orgasmic looks/...)

    (08) Petting With Clothes On. So that the dirty impotence sweats are absorbed by the clothings. This also prevents Husband early ejaculation because He is not too excited. This also makes ensure enough male body heat temperature to have erections.

    (09) Wet V Hole. Each other jucies are naturally secreted. Go slow first. Because less wet.

    (07) What Wife Want. Pure Girl Scripture: "if Wife touch Herself breasts. She wants breasts to be touched. If Wife moves v hole down. She wants You to move p organ up. (Wife on top position)."

    (08) Whole Day Everyday. Sex Coach: "foreplay starts already at morning breakfast kisses." The me Cstan98: "Foreplay is Whole Day Every Day 365 Days a Year actually."

  140. Fresh Air.

    (01) After Rains. Christian Naturalist. Always open the windows after rainings. Because this the time. Outside airs are most fresh.

    (02) Deep Breathing. Use diaphragm (stomach) for strong breathings. Seem to decrease my needs to sleep. But if You fight very fast like me Cstan98. You have difficulty one long breath for one stroke. Because You many strokes at a time. Therefore solutions = sometimes 1 heavy + sometimes many light.

    (03) Non-Stuffed Room. Christian Naturalist. The rooms (bedroom/kitchen/living/toilet/...) should not be too over-stuffed. To encourage airs to circulations to renew/refresh/re-energize.

    (04) Ventilation. Open the windows. Turn on the fans. Careful of clogged aircon vents. (They need cleanings all the time).

  141. Get Husband Respect Wife Like Goddess.

    Always there for Him. Support His Empire Operations. Satisfy all His Needs. And He takes care of Yours.

  142. Get Wife Respect Husband Like God.

    Just like warning 3 Years Old Child: "You are going to fall if You walk so fast." Then let it happens. So that the Child scare like mad. Believing every word You say. Husband. Be Prophet to Your Wife.

  143. Give Cup Of Water To Relatives Ghosts.

    Zen Monk Cultivation. If You want to put cup of water to help cockroaches ghosts. It is best. After 5 rounds. Stop. Force them not to become cockroaches. GUAN YIN: "Your dead singapore blue father needs Your help." Panda: "(5 water cups. The me stops.) Cannot even help myself (become sick). How to help ghosts?"

  144. GOD Biggest Mistake.

    GOD Best & Biggest Mistake is creating Female. She is so beautiful & perfect. She messes up whole Heavens Systems. All Angels start to fall. But it gives hope that one day. That all of Us Angels are able to have little Angels Children. The my Cstan98 Angel Ranking is classified. *Note: elder jehovah is not GOD.

  145. Her Tell.

    If You switch off wifi for Her. Tell Her. If You take out/throw Her dropped hairs. Tell Her. Sometimes You cannot expect Her to know everythings You done for Her.

  146. Hope.

    It is hope that keep Us going. Better improved Version of Wife tomorrow. Next Version of Cstan98 Website. Next combat duties book out to see Girlfriend/Wife. Give Your People hope. It improves Our Race survivability.

  147. Hormone Regulation - Cortisol.

    (00) Regulate Hormone Cortisol to regulate Hormone Testosterone. Because if hormone cortisol in body are too high/low. Hormone Testosterone are not produced.

    (01) Signs Of Too High/Low Hormone Cortisol:

    (01-01) Irritable Stressful.

    (01-02) No Appetite.

    (01-03) Sleepy Tired.

    (01-04) Thirsty Urine Often.

    (01-05) Too High/Low Blood Pressure.

    (01-06) Too High/Low Weight.

    (02) All About 5 Internal Organs:

    (02-05) Spleen (脾). Avoid cold drinks.

    (02-05) Lung (肺). Breathings methods can strengthen.

    (02-05) Heart (心). Exercises can strengthen.

    (02-05) Kidney (肾). No sugars can strengthen.

    (02-05) Liver (肝). Avoid alcohols/meat.

  148. Hot Bathing.

    Hot bath seems to create better/bigger erections. Chinese High Library Book: "hot water at testis. Increase testosterone."

  149. How To Hole.

    Your Wife needs to be within 3 hours to save You from doing adultery. Actually. You need not erection to insert. You can always insert small. P organ becomes bigger as You go along. If Wife is not receptive. Like busy/headache/menstruation/not around/sick/... Just endure past.

  150. How To Last.

    Female On Top. Just guide p organ in. Then stay completely still. You last longer.

  151. How To Natural Beautiful/Handsome Face.

    Islam. It is said if You read Koran many times. You get blessed with a Handsome Koran Face. The my Cstan98 Understanding: strict controlled thoughts give strict beautiful/handsome female/male Face. Chinese Saying: Outer Appearances from Inner Heart. Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give me/my Wife Good Face. Amen."

  152. How To Natural Big G-Cup Breasts.

    (01) Breasts/Nipple/Clitoris Self Rub. Base on Cstan98 current p organ head self rub. My Understanding is that if you rub sensitive areas like breasts/clitoris/nipples everyday. You become multi-orgasmic whole day. Female hormones are secreted to give bigger breasts.

    (01-01) Cannot press hard. Or else like p organ head pressings = mass exhaustions.

    (01-02) Too much masturbation may self penetration lose virginity hymen.

    (01-03) Too much masturbation may give pervert want face.

    (02) Breasts Touch By Male She Love. Japanese rumour. It is said if touched by the Male She loves. They become bigger.

    (03) Child Bearing. Babies need milk. So bigger breasts.

    (04) Eat Delicious. Then work productions slim down enough. Repeat.

    (05) 'F-Cup Cookies, Japanese Foods'. The me Cstan98 thinks. This product is responsible for recent trends of increasing breasts sizes in Japan.

    (06) Fat Does Not Mean Bigger Cup. A fat female may only c-up. Because her body fats lumped with her breasts. A thin female may have d-cup. because her body fats are away from her breasts.

    (07) G-Cup Is Enough. P-cup is too big. B-cup is too small. The me Cstan98 thinks G-cup is ideal.

    (08) No Female Sex Fires. Sexual fires burn breasts sizes.

    (09) Semen Absorption. When semen is absorbed inside vagina. Breasts grow in size to get ready for babies. Give 1 juice drop per marriage sex session. Or else Husband too exhaustions of ejaculations.

    (10) Strawberry. Need for more female hormones productions.

    (11) Tummy Issues. Getting g-cup is easy. But same time to reduce that fat tummy is very difficult. You need to do 10 Sit-Up everyday daily.

    (12) *Female Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give my Wife g-cup breasts. Amen."

  153. How To Natural Big G-Size P Organ.

    (01) Eat More. When marriage sexloads increase.

    (02) Rub Away Urine. After each urination. 10 times.

    (03) V Hole CB Juice Absoprtion. GUAN YIN calls it: pick Wife honey juices.

    (04) Wisdom Organ. Only a Wise Male can get a Big One.

    (05) Male Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give me g-size p organ. Amen."

  154. How To Natural Drug Viagra.

    Viagra is drug for males to have erections. 1 viagra pill = 9 Glasses Of Water Melon + Lemon. Drinking actual fruit juices. You pee out everythings. So do prayer. Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please let me/my Wife natural viagra High. Amen."

  155. How To Natural Drug ZPT50.

    ZPT50 is a drug to speed up womb baby IQ. Natural ZPT50 High = read High IQ Zen Knowledges Materials like this Cstan98 Website. Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please let me/my Wife natural ZPT50 High. Amen."

  156. How To Natural Female Sexy Curves.

    Eastern Medicine stress on internal organs well-beings. It all depends on good enzymes/hormones secretions from these body organs. To have good functional organs you need good balance of cultivation/exercise/foods/sex/sleep rest/wisdom/zen/... Therefore Beautiful Sexy Female is Smart Wise Female. What apply to Females. Apply to Males. Female Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give my Wife sexy curves. Amen."

  157. How To Natural Great Sex.

    (00) Get the effects.

    (01) Empathy = think for your partner orgasms + not just self orgasms.

    (02) Courage = dare to ask initiate.

    (03) Wisdom = Doctor Strange Ancient One: "study & practice."

    (04) Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give me/my Wife sex each other whole night. Amen."

  158. How To Natural Hormone Female Oestrogen.

    (*) Females need hormones oestrogen to have g-cup breasts/sexy body.

    (01) Exercises.

    (02) Green Vegetables.

    (03) Mushrooms.

    (04) Pomegranates.

    (05) Red Grapes.

    (06) Seeds.

    (07) Sex.

    (08) Strawberries.

    (09) Tea.

    (10) Whole Grains.

    (*) Oestrogen & testosterone are inter-convertible polymer hormones chemicals.

    (*) Female Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please let my Wife natural female hormones High. Amen."

  159. How To Natural Hormone Male Testosterone.

    (*) Males need hormones testosterone to have big p organ/hulk body.

    (01) Beans.

    (02) Breakfasts.

    (03) Chocolate.

    (04) Eggs.

    (05) Exercises.

    (06) Honey.

    (07) Milk.

    (08) Seaweed.

    (09) Sex.

    (10) Sunlight.

    (*) Oestrogen & testosterone are inter-convertible polymer hormones chemicals.

    (*) Male Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please let me natural male hormones High. Amen."

  160. How To Natural Male Hulk Body.

    Multi-orgasmic all the times with many Foods inputs with less juices outputs. Male Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give me Hulk Body. Amen."

  161. How To No Tummy.

    Constipations cause my wife big tummy. According to GUAN YIN. Because she greeds for Merits Money not earn. The she also greeds for dinosaur meats. The they are very difficult to digest by humans. The my Cstan98 Flat Stomach Secrets: 10 sit-ups a day + delicious vegetarian diet eggs/tea + high GOD workloads + many drinks fluids.

  162. How To Natural Pregnant.

    Monitor Your Ovulation Period. Know the fertile 3 Days Period. Missionary position. Still arch-point pressing. Except don't withdraw your p organ & those little semen. Quickly let Your Wife lies down flat on the bed for 1-3 hours for Your Strongest Sperm to swim for that egg. This method creates strongest healthy baby.

  163. How To Natural Regeneration Hairs/P Organ/Teeth/Virginity Hymen.

    Need Advance Bedroom Arts. It is said. China female Taoists are able to regenerate Their Virginity Hymen. 60 years old look like 18 years old. Sexual Cultivation Scriptures: 1000 strokes a night able to regenerate hairs/p organ/teeth from bald/eunuch/toothless. Old Man becomes a kid. 'Doctor Strange, Movie'. Ancient One: "all You have to do is reprogramming your cells." Aim/belief/controlled-thinkings/commandments/convictions/faith/focus/goals/life-meanings/purpose/rules.

  164. How To Natural Sex Whole Every Night.

    Good kidneys mean You do not early ejaculations/pees so often. Just discover tea strengthen Your kidneys. Making you go toilets lesser. Use Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give me/my Wife sex each other whole night. Amen."

  165. How To Natural Thick Eyebrows.

    (01) Japanese Style. Shave males babies eyebrows when young.

    (*) Careful don't shave females babies. Eyebrows become thick ugly.

    (*) Don't shave too many times. Eyebrows become very messy.

  166. How To Natural Very Tight V Hole (Even After Many Children Birth)/Very Hard Erection.

    (00) It is said.

    (01) Female prostitutes able to use their v hole to push roll stone egg in-out along their v hole.

    (02) Male Taoists with herbs able to have very hard erections for days/months.

    (03) Some China rural village trains their females. From young to have tight v hole for monogamy sex.

    (04) Tennis Player has very tight v hole.

    (*) Female Used Up Many Annointings Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please give my Wife tight v hole. Amen."

  167. How To Sleep In 2 Minutes.

    (00) YouTube: 'Bright Side - How To Sleep In 2 Minutes'.

    (01) Don't Masturbation/Pornography. The they mess up your sleep system. Do marriage sex.

    (02) Don't Take Caffeine. The coffee/coke zero mess up your sleep system. Drink tea.

    (03) Don't Go Bed. Unless Tired.

    (04) Lie Flat In Bed. Face up.

    (05) Relax Face. Close eyes. Relax eyes in sockets. Relax frown muscles. Relax all muscles in face.

    (06) Relax Hands. R/L. Relax lower arm to upper arm.

    (07) Relax Chest. Take a deep breath. Slowly out.

    (08) Relax Legs. R/L. Relax upper leg to lower leg.

    (09) Imagine you are in a dark room sleeping. Where you cannot see anything.

    (10) Recite: "don't think. Don't think. Don't think."

    (11) Navy Pilots. Use technique even sitting in tight pilot seat. Should be no problems in lying sleeping.

    (*) After sleeping faster. Have better morning erections. Have also bigger rest state p organ size.

    (*) My Cstan98 Understanding: optimal breasts/p organ size = mean peak right state for reproduction.

  168. How You Want Your Husband/Wife?

    (01) Automatic/Manual Car Gear? Or both. Like me Cstan98.

    (02) Man Or Mice? Confident or submissive? Or both. Like me Cstan98.

    (03) Naughty Or Nice? Playful or serious? Or both. Like me Cstan98.

    (04) Virtue Or Vice. Righteous or off-track? Or both. Like me Cstan98.

  169. Husband/Wife Same.

    (01) Same Looks. Chinese Saying. Old Couple look alike. Those who look alike. Stay together.

    (02) Same Things. Should eat same things. Buy same iPhone/MacBook Air/Marriage Rings/... Eat same drinks/foods/... So to understand what is on each other mind.

  170. ID Artificial/Real Breasts.

    (01) False Cannot Touch. If don't like her breasts being touched. The they are fake. Because pains like hell.

    (02) False No Sport. If she doesn't like sports. The breasts are fake. Because sports with foreign implants are painful.

    (03) True touch. If touch Her breasts. She becomes very orgasmic. They are real.

    (*) Males. Sex with artifical or real? You decide.

  171. ID Artificial/Real P Organ.

    (01) False Tie Up. If before sex. The he wants to tie you up. The it is fake p organ. Because painful hell.

    (02) False No Sport. If he doesn't like sports. The p organ is fake. Because sports with foreign implants are painful.

    (03) False Oral Sex. If p organ is big. And still needs oral sex. The it is fake p organ. Small is not ready. Big is ready.

    (04) True Can Big Can Small. True p organ can from small become big.

    (*) Females. Sex with artifical or real? You decide.

  172. Impotence Can Be Cured.

    Wonderland Alice: "nothing is impossible. If You make it possible." All permanent impotence. (Cause by 20+ years of masturbation & pornography. Artifical p organ implants removal with half-p organ left. Long term drugs abuses causing 3 years downtime...) Can be cured. Just like HIV. When Everyone says it is hopless. Now 2018. It is curable. Just like permanent impotence. When Everyone says it is hopeless. The cures are not found yet by our current levels of knowledges.

  173. Impotence Cure For Pornography Addict.

    (00) ***Warning!!! You may die early.

    (01) Extreme Situations Call For Extreme Measures. The me Cstan98 is fed up giving into av movies every 3 weeks. Saying sorry unable to give to my Wife.

    (02) Whole day. Don't see sexy photos/av movies.

    (03) Wife Around In Bedroom. Wife does not bath. The you do not bath.

    (04) Wife Around In Bedroom. Wife with clothes on. The you with clothes on.

    (05) Start Seeing Sexy Photos. The me look at iPhone (Flipboard) Flipboard App playboy sexy photos stream. Don't touch yourself or p organ.

    (06) Start Seeing Japanese Big Breasts G-Cup AV Movies. Don't touch yourself or p organ.

    (07) When Cannot Take It. Sex Wife. The me literally rape Her for 20 minutes.

    (08) The me Cstan98 has the best sexual performance since 7 years of marriage. But me stops 1 month later. Because Jedi Cultivation drops like mad. Before start. Daily sleep 3 hours. After using this method for 3 weeks. Daily sleep for 15 hours. Now reboot back to Perfect Gospel for 5 days = totally no PMO (pornography masturbation orgasm). Daily sleep go back to 6 hours.

    (09) The me Cstan98 recommends pornography addict at least use this method for 1 month. To gain back confidence that you are not impotent. Then after that. Do a full stop after 1 month. Because it is too exhausting. The me Cstan98 predicts serious sickness (even death). If prolongs to 6-12 months. After my 3 weeks. The me can totally quit pornography. Because me knows there is nothing wrong with my p organ. Is just me needs pornography to get an erection. Also. The me has a taste of very great sex. That is enough for me. Satisfied. Even me dies today. The me has no regrets in life.

    (***) Warning!!! JESUS CHRIST considers seeing pornography with heart adultery as sexual sins.

    (***) Warning!!! Zen Masters consider seeing pornography with ejaculation of semen as sexual sins.

    (***) Warning!!! If dying sexual exhaustion. Restrain from sexy photos/av movies for few days/weeks/months/years.

  174. Inform Day Spontaneous Erections.

    For shared problems solving. Tell your side of the problems. Daytime spontaneous erections total time = good indicator how capable tonite. Inform Your Wife of today timings (morning + rest of day). Let Her decide want tonite or not? Because today has 1 min. If do. May mean tomorrow another 0/1/20 min. If not do. May mean tomorrow 0/1/20 mins. Current my Cstan98 research on next day erection is still very primitive beta.

  175. iPhone In Pocket.

    If You have iPhone 7 in Your pocket. Do You feel more confident? So if You have Girlfriend/Wife. Do You feel more confident?

  176. Issues.

    (01) Female. Greatest issue = divorce. Most females become satanic because most loved/sacrifice for husband divorce her. Cannot take it. Turning to dark side. Do not divorce.

    (02) Male. Greatest issue = empire. Most males become satanic because too many polygamy wives. Lose main Queen. So then Empire. Anyhow sins. Turning to dark side. Do not polygamy.

  177. Japanese Beauty Secrets.

    (01) Delicious Monogamy Marriage Sex. Panda is now trying to lower back to balance from over-excessive av sex culture.

    (02) Delicious Vegetarian Foods. They boil rice/vegetables. They eat seaweed...

    (03) Face Oil Spa. Solid marriage sex give natural oily facial secretions.

    (04) Few Makeup. They try to use as few makeups as possible. Best is very nice natural.

    (05) Go For Best. Once it is accepted as Japanese culture. Become Their codes standard.

    (06) Hat/Umbellra. They do not use sunscreen additional makeup loads to hide from sun.

    (07) Internal To External. They believe. In internal organs nutritions/well-beings to glow out external skin.

    (08) Many Good Samurai. To be beautiful for. Their life goal is to marry a good Male.

    (09) Massage. There are many DIY body/face Japanese Guru teaching new things.

    (10) Tap Face. They do not rub makeup. They tap.

  178. Japanese Miracle Chemicals Secrets.

    (01) Green Tea. Strengthen kidneys.

    (02) Pitera. From Japanese Rice Sake. In 'SK-II Essence, Facial Lotion'. SK-II is original Japanese Patents. Then bought by United States Procter & Gamble. *Note: don't know about other SK-II products actual effects. You can actually use cheap Japanese Rice Sake (best effects ones). Or just outsource. Buy SK-II Essence. It is reported that Cosmetic Company investigates why Sake Factory Workers faces are so brilliant. To find this chemical.

    (03) Pueraria Mirifica (Miracle). Powerful Estrogen Plants Source. In 'F-Cup Cookies, Breasts Enhancement Cookies'. If You eat these Cookies everyday. You get d-cup. If You eat plant (which is a root) everyday. You get p-cup. The me suspected these Cookies are responsible for recent increase in breasts cups sizes of Japanese Females.

    (04) Seaweed. Japanese Longevity Vegetable. It has all the minerals/vitamins you need.

    (05) Soya & Tofu. Tofu is actually semi-solid soya. Buddhist Monks call it vegetarian meat. Because it is as nutritious as meat. The me suspected Japanese Females may use huge soya drinks intakes to whiten Their Skins.

  179. Japanese Slim Down Diet Secrets.

    (01) Delicious Vegetarian Foods. Japanese have nice boiled vegetables. Fermented foods/fruits. Salt soy-sauce vingear tofu/rice. Seaweed. Soya...

    (02) Exercises. Japanese takes electric trains all the time. From stations to destinations there are many steps.

    (03) Green Tea Without Sugars. Green tea flush out all fats from body.

    (04) JIT (Just-In-Time). Another name is my Cstan98 Base On Workload Slim Down Program.

    (05) Meals 80% Full Only. Japanese only eat up to 80% full. Then stop.

    (06) Meals Main Only. Strictly no snacks times.

    (07) No Supper. Supper overwork intestines at night sleeping time.

    (08) Season Summer. Summer are so hot. They do not have appetite to eat.

    (09) Season Winter. Winter are so cold. They hibernate burning their body fats.

    (10) Society Codes. It is Their Samurai Codes that Japanese stay not too fat. Being fat is taken as lazy.

  180. Japanese Youth Secrets.

    (01) Delicious Monogmay Marriage Sex. After Panda intervenes. Sex is better contained controlled/managed.

    (02) Delicious Vegetarian Foods. Their vegetarian foods are either boiled/eaten raw. Few oily foods.

    (03) Exercises. Japanese do martial arts. Many shopping because their apartments are too small to stay. Walk between electric trains...

    (04) Green Tea Without Sugars. Green Tea without sugars strengthen the kidneys. And flush out toxins.

    (05) Greenery Fresh Air. Especially Japan countryside. Many trees are delights to sights.

    (06) Marriage Sex. Japanese Sexual Research are very advance.

    (07) Respect Elders. Holy Bible: "when You honour Your Parents. GOD bless You with a Good Long Life."

    (08) Seaweed. Also known as longevity vegetables.

    (09) Work Till Death. Notice once a Japanese stop working. They slowly decay to die.

    (10) Yearly Countryside Outings. Whole family visits countryside every year to know Their ancient Zen roots.

    (11) Zen Ways Of Life. Many Ancient Taoists Founders/Zen Masters have left behind Their footprints.

  181. Just In Case.

    (01) You Die Tonite. Just in case. If You don't ask Her phone number to date Her out. You are going to regret it.

    (02) You Live Forever. Just in case. Choose Your Husband/Wife carefully.

  182. Keep On Improving Solutions.

    (01) Marriage Kaizen = continous improvements in your Marriage Solution to bring to Next Level.

    (02) Single Kaizen = continuous improvements in your Single Solution so that You can get marry.

  183. Keep Sending Them Into Combat Missions.

    Panda Imperial Order: keeping sending Male/Female 1-to-1 teams into combat missions. To create Marriage Bondings. To pair Them up. So Everyone can be happily married.

  184. Know Female.

    (01) Carry Children. She wants a Baby.

    (02) In Front Slow Down. She wants You to catch up.

    (03) Look Wedding Gown. She wants to get married.

    (04) Touching Body/Lip/Hair/... She wants to be touched.

    (05) Wear Sexy. She wants sex.

  185. Know Life.

    (01) Know Everythings (the Truth).

    (02) Know GOD Purpose.

    (03) Know What You Want.

    (04) Become What You Can Be.

  186. Later Creations.

    Understand Males are created earlier. Females are later creations. Females are very difficult to understand at current moment. Because They are so strange/weird to research. Understand Little Children are even later creations. They are prototypes created much later. So more difficult to understand. But like all GOD Creations. They are there for Purposes. If They are used properly. Heaven becomes much better Place. If use improperly. heaven becomes hell.

  187. Life Short Do Not Sleep.

    (01) Do not sleep so much. 1 hour of sleep = you forget 3 hours of past cultivations.

    (*) "JESUS CHRIST. Please cast out all evil spirits from me/myWife body. (The evil spirits are draining eating your energies. Making You sleepy.) Amen."

  188. Lifetime To Know Him/Her.

    It takes an eternal lifetime to know Your Husband/Wife. Because both of Us are aliens monsters to each other.

  189. Line Eyebrows.

    Someone: eyebrows decide whether one is beautiful/handsome. Lining Eyebrows Time To Time = dry/wet both fingers to line each eyebrow from start point outward. Check mirror to confirm.

  190. Line Hairs.

    Shower 2 times daily. When finished. Wipe waters off body/hairs with hands. Dry best with towel. Then. Remember to line a-bit-wet hairs to keep in place. Check mirror to confirm.

  191. Lingeries.

    (01) Wife should wear sexy lingerie to sleep. Understand Husband is very Male (eyes sex pervert). After a few days. Confirm ask for marriage sex if sleep together. Bait needs to be shown. And fish capable enough to eat.

    (02) 0.5/1/2 pieces are actually personal preference taste in arts of war. But desperate times called for desperate measures = totally naked.

    (*) Wife must be very careful to wear T-Shirt covering the Lingerie. When going to kitchen/living room temporarily leaving Bedroom. Lingeries should be shown only to Your Husband to make them special.

  192. Listen Become Rich.

    Chinese Saying: "listen to Wife. Husband become rich." Following this Logic. Listen to Grandparents/Husband/Parents/Teachers/Wife become rich. The trick here is. Correct follow. Not correct don't follow.

  193. Long Time Slowly Do Wife On Top.

    If You long time slowly touch Your Wife with Her on top of You. She become so orgasmic. That even later with semi-erected p organ. She orgasmic noises. She is making love to Husband. Not a rod. It is for Her orgasmic sounds. Not for your male big in-out.

  194. Maid Operations.

    (00) In-house Maid Operations is very problematic.

    (01) She has sexual needs.

    (02) You trust her with your horny teenager son?

    (03) Problem 1: need maid operations. Problem 2: Your Children need extra money. Cstan98 Use Problem to solve Problem Stroke = pay Your Children for additional household operations. Cstan98 Additional Benefits Stroke = Your Children is less lazy more jobs worthy.

    (*) Additional Bi-Weekly Outsourcing. The my Wife Choy employs Maid Couple (Husband & Wife) to do 1.5 hours cleanings of 2 toilets + kitchen + living room + master bedroom for $50 . No need other 2 tenants bedrooms. Solve many heavy house chores headaches.

  195. Male Shave Before Sex.

    Your Wife is no moods turned off for ugly unshaved husband.

  196. Marriage.

    Quickly find One Marriage Solution. Stick to it. And improve it. Marriage is just a GOD Game App. Know her Laws.

  197. Marriage As Much Similarities As Possible.

    Because Females/Males are so much different. Try to marry on as much similarities as possible like compatible/same astrology sign birth date/time (so same age). Like compatible/same education/mental problems/... So that Marriage has more chances to succeed.

  198. Marriage Life Not Easy.

    During Marriage. You are living with a foreign alien object (a totally new lifeform). It takes cooperations/team works/understandings/... To make things more complex. There are computer coachings/house operations/kids productions/ money managements/sex cultivations/...

  199. Marriage Like Years Wine.

    Marriage is like wine. Longer the years. Better the taste/value. Are sure you want to restart a new bottle?

  200. Marriage Vs Prostituting.

    Marriage sex without love is prostituting a stranger.

  201. Massage - 2 Testis (Except P Organ)

    Know that Your 2 Testis are full of Arch-Points. Must not touch p organ. Stimulate sperms/testosterone productions. How:

    (01) Both Hand To Each Testis Ball. Massage Ball Each. 10 times.

    (02) Left/Right Hand To Left/Right Testis. Massage Balls Same Time. 10 times.

    (03) Each Hand To Each Testis Tubes. Both same time at centre of tests. Horizontal/vertical. 10 times up-down left-right.

    (04) Left/Right Hand Tap Left/Right Testis. Tap Same Time. 10 times.

    (05) Right Hand Tap Bottom 2 Testis. 10 times.

    (06) Right Hand To 2 Testis. Massage Balls. 10 times.

  202. Massage - Body (Except P Organ).

    As hard as possible. Know that Your body (except p organ) is full of arch-points. Head to foot (except p organ) + 10 Times Hard Each With Hand/s.

  203. Massage - Ears.

    As hard as possible. Know that Your ears are full of arch-points. Each hand To each ear + 4 fingers one side 1 thumb the other side + 10 times everywhere top to bottom to top.

  204. Massage - Eyes Area

    As soft as possible. Know that Your eyes area are full of arch-points. Massage areas eyes area to remove dark shadows/eye bags/... 10 times each. Wipe left/right eye with 5 fingers including eyes bags. Get the effects.

  205. Massage - Feet.

    As hard as possible. Know that Your feet are full of arch-points. One leg to top of right feet. Then left. 10 times. Both hands to each feet + 4 fingers one side 1 thumb the other side + 10 Times front to back to front.

  206. Massage - Hands.

    As hard as possible. Know that Your hands are full of arch-points. Clap front-side hand to front-side hand. Then back-side hand to back-side hand.

  207. Massage - Whole Face

    As hard as possible. Know that Your Whole Face are full of Arch-Points. Remove wrinkles. 10 times each. Systematically from top to bottom of face. Get the effects.

  208. Meat/Vegetarian.

    Should you eat meat/vegetarian sex foods to have g-size p organ? Look at lions. The male lion 1 session can do 9 times. Each time lasts not more than 1-3 minutes. Most of time sleeping. Look at Rabbits. Male can do whole day everyday. Populations multiply like mad. Your c/Choice. The big fast/medium slow pistol?

  209. Mention Husband/Wife.

    If an opposite sex is too close for comfort. Just mention Your Husband/Wife. For example: "My Wife is in the toilet. I am waiting for Her."

  210. Mistake - Brother/Father Love.

    Living with Brother/Father. Is different living with a Husband. Because this kind of taking care of You is added with marriage sex. Studies have shown marriage of older males with very young females do not last long. The me Cstan98 does not know how to explain further. The me only notice many females have approached me because they lack/need a good Brother/Father. Not a husband. Let simplify operations. Don't make things too complex. Past 22 years of building Panda Empire hardworks may go down the drains.

  211. Money.

    (01) Full Spend Money Value. Let say 1 pack rubbish bags (x20 pieces) costs $2.90 . Try to buy 3. Don't buy 1. Or else they say you accept their changed money $7.10 from $10. Do stupid things to bought things.

    (02) No Loose Change Overnight. Some loose change they blue drain. Say you accept their Merits Money.

    (03) Money System ATM. For day. Withdraw $10 cash on demand. Best use electronic. Like NETS (direct bank debit).

  212. Movement - #MatchAge0.

    Cstan98. Let matchmaking from babies age 0 to adult age 500. 1 male to 1 female. Base on their birth date/time. Closest available +/- 4 months. Then We see pair pair going to starting K1 to BBA (schools). Going NS (army national service) together. Then as Parents We need not worry they use live ammo in love/sex porn. Let Founder & CEO startup App that match Babies once their birthdate/time are known.

  213. Movement - #MeToo.

    United States. Why sex predators males die die must sexual assaults? Because they have artifical implant p organ which they cannot ejaculations. Also unable to have natural erections. Why Females Jedi die die must fight sexual assaults? Because They know with sexual assaults. Mean vaginal bleedings. Mean unable to have children babies. It all starts because scientist invents artifical p organ implants. To make things more complicated. Soon more artifical sex technologies coming out: AR (augmented reality) sex/pleasure domes (wired orgasms)/sex robots/ VR (virtual reality) sex/VW (virtual wife)/...

  214. Movement - #RemoveWeapons.

    Cstan98. That plastic (p organ implant) is a weapon. It cause people pains like hell. Blood everywhere. Create trafficking of females as prostitues. Cause intention to harm like terminal stage transfer of HIV virues. Cause problems unable to have babies. Cause corruptions that manipulate the political entities. Cause obstructions of justice. Those who have them. Have heavy intentions also to adultery/harm/lie/polygamy/terrorize. Let compulsory remove all illegal weapons.

  215. Movement - Cows Safer.

    India. It is said even cows are safer than Females in country.

  216. Movement - Female No Sex For Males.

    United States. No sex for males until all males bow down to all Females.

  217. Movement - Fitness Dating.

    United States. Some Fitness Centres offer combined dating plus fitness services. Males/females singles doing yoga together for example. Some positions require stacking up. For me Cstan98: keep sending Them into combat missions to pair Them up.

  218. Movement - Honeymoon Bat.

    India. There are many wives abuses during honeymoon. So many cases. That Bride is given wooden bat as life saver. My Cstan98 Report: indian secret p organ medicines applications are causing them too big & hard like wooden rod. Extreme hard = might as well Female masturbation herself with a vibrator. Than get abused by a wooden rod. Zero limp = Female not feel anything. Optimum erection = can big + can small + naturally. Why cannot all Males accept the default GOD programmings.

  219. Movement - Mindfulness.

    Japan Zen. Internal Thoughts = External Worlds. External Environments = Internal Heart. Both same.

  220. Movement - Night Toilet Poles.

    India. In some parts. Females are raped/killed when they go night pee. Because toilet is distance from house. Rapists stalk wait near the toilet. To counter. Fixed a time like 3:00am. All Males armed with wooden poles go with all Females. Toilet together one-by-one.

  221. Movement - Produce Life.

    United States. Female: "I can produce a life while working as hard as you." Panda: "actually males just show a c & talk many c later."

  222. Movement - Purpose.

    Japan Zen. It is not about goals/happiness. It is about purpose (of Your life existence).

  223. Movement - Shaolin Females.

    Afghanistan. If You (Females) want to live (in a bad country where all females are raped/killed disappearing dying). You must fight for it. Learn to fight back.

  224. Movement - Yoga Funny Face.

    India. Making all sorts of funny faces. The my Cstan98 Understanding = daily full of different types of face emotions expressions help prevent face old age.

  225. Movement - Yoga Goat.

    India. Yoga with goat. Why not pilates with baby? Why not stretching with dog?

  226. Natural Circumcision.

    (01) Sorry sex-pervert old-buddha archangel reads all religions Scriptures as sex Scriptures. At first. When me Cstan98 tries to read combine all religions Scriptures. The me does not understand why Islam/Jew have circumcision when Taoism say Natural Ways. Then. The me discovers Natural Circumcision = when a Male reaches adult stage his p organ foreskin naturally goes behind groove. So if You male pulls your p organ foreskin always after the groove exposing your p organ head. Your p organ frictions become bigger. Frictions make you very horny.

    (02) Discover Natural Circumcision. Have made me Cstan98 go toilet every 5 minutes. Because of irritation of p organ head. After putting foreskin back. Less toilet frequency. Confirm all jewish/muslim who done circumcision. Cannot work. Always go toilet. The me wonders why GOD creates the circumcision practices.

  227. Never Surrender Pledge.

    Do You know ordained Marriage Pledge is simply never surrender promise? In beautiful/ugly. In death/sickness. In fat/thin. In poor/rich. Christianity = Only till death do Us part. But Perfect Christianity + Panda Zen = even next lives + Forever & Ever.

  228. Nipples.

    (01) Even for males. Breasts nipples should come out. Because like p organ/testis. Excess blood are needed to make them big. So when breasts nipples come out. It shows your body have excess blood to make your p organ big.

    (02) Notice. When you on sex fire seeing g cup AV photo. Your nipples collapse in. The sexual fires are burning away your body blood.

  229. No Artifical P Organ Implant.

    This human invention has made beautiful GOD marriage sex becomes very painful (literally) for Females. It suppose to be beautifully orgasmic. Don't confuse thinking her pains sounds are pleasures music.

  230. No Condom.

    This human invention condom mean smaller p organ. Because no natural absorption of p organ/v hole marriage sex juices through p organ/v hole.

  231. No Live Ammo.

    (01) Although Everyone sees porn. Whether it is love/sex porn. Because We need higher & higher training videos to push Us higher & higher more perfect. When Your Husband sees sex porn. Do You hate Him for using live ammo? So when You Wife sees love porn (like Panda heart porn live tv). You are expected not to use live ammo also (me defines this as your heart belongs flies to Panda). But me Cstan98 assures You. Love porn is harder than sex porn. Because me has no difficulty not using live ammo in sex porn. But currenly has difficulties in not using live ammo in love porn (not even my YouTube Music Video). It is very easy not to sex. Not easy not to fall in love.

    (02) JESUS CHRIST: "resist. Resist."

    (03) Apostle Paul: "treat other Females as Mothers/Sisters. The other Males as Fathers/Brothers."

    (04) Panda: "fixing. Fixing. Live ammo should be special for that only special one only."

  232. No P Organ Massage.

    Strictly no p organ massage. They make p organ smaller. Not bigger. After massage for 7 days. Go for internal organs well-beings. Not external massage. But absorb external Wife CB (vagina) juices.

  233. No Surgery.

    The p organ nerve/prostate gland is there for a reason. Don't play gods.

  234. No Liabilities.

    (01) After me Cstan98 settles my 10% tithes/incomes taxes properly. Become more energetic erections-ic.

    (02) When You have liabilites. You are more hacked with more sexual desires.

    (*) It seems satan the devil drains you as foods for money liabilities to feed his demons in dark worlds. The he says money is his creations things.

    (*) Settle all 10% Tithes since birth 1969 to current 2017. GOD/GUAN YIN forgive all my 10% Tithes debts.

    (*) Settle all IRAS (taxes) since birth 1969 to current 2017. IRAS (taxes) say declare properly according to their laws. (They don't want postdated debts.)

  235. No Spectacle.

    (00) Even if you are long-sighted/short-sighted. Do not spectacle. (Unless you are schooling & need to see distant writing board.) Because:

    (01) If You don't read lying down in bed/dim light. By right. Eyes cure themselves.

    (02) Short-sighted. You look at Females/Males at close distance. Which turn Them on.

    (03) Taoism First Rule: Tao is natural.

    (04) You look more beautiful/handsome without spectacles. With big dilated & doggy eyes.

    (05) You need not waste money to replace worn out spectacle.

  236. No Sweet Soda.

    Scientist Finding. Too much sweet soda cause proteins in urines. That means total kidneys failure. The my Cstan98 understanding: a bit soda boosts energies. But after that too much. Total organs mass chaos. Jedi/Zen Masters: "balance! Balance!"

  237. No Toothpaste.

    (01) After no toothpaste. (Only Brushing with tiny bristles Cologate/Systema Toothbrush = 2 times day/night + if possible after meals.) Erections become more/stronger.

    (02) The my Cstan98 Understanding: toothpaste intakes dampen erections. No just this brand. But all brands. Because take in flouride toothpaste/WHO (world health organization) tap water.

  238. No Ugly Dowry.

    Scientist Finding. The india dowry is created. Because the daughters are too ugly to marry off. The me Cstan98: save the money to invest in getting more beautiful instead. Or else each generation. The females more and more ugly. The dowry needs bigger and bigger.

  239. Not.

    (01) Not Too Cannot/Sick/Tired. You are dying. Still want to sex.

    (02) Not Too Drunk. Do not sex when drunk. Harder & harder to erections.

    (03) Not Too Fat. Or else like making love to pig. Fat means you must sex more to lose weight.

    (04) Not Too Full. Do not sex when full. Damages internal organs.

    (05) Not Too Thin. Or else like making love to bones. Thin mean you must eat more.

  240. Old Females.

    It is said old Females can reduce sex fires. If have sexual addictions. Look & talk to old Ladies more often.

  241. Orgasmic Multi Without Ejaculation.

    It is possible to have orgasms after orgasms. Still don't ejaculations. The my Cstan98 understanding: those females/males who multi-orgasmic without ejaculations have bigger breasts/p organ.

  242. Orgasmic Wife Signs.

    Pure Girl Scripture: "if Your Wife does not eyes shut/hands wavings/shake/stir/sweat/utter nonsenses/... You have not make Her orgasmic enough. Try harder."

  243. Other People - Fed Cat.

    Do you feed/grow your own Children? Or graps home other People Children? The well fed Males out there. Are mostly other People Boyfriends/Husbands. Homeless cats look better? Or home fed cats?

  244. Other People - Grass/Moon.

    Do you feed/grow your own Children? Or graps home other People Children? Other side of people grass tend to look greener. Other country moon tend to look better. Actually it is other people things bias effects.

  245. Other People - Mother Breasts.

    Do you feed/grow your own Children? Or graps home other People Children? The c-g cup breasts are actually other People Mothers/Wives. Females need pregnancy of babies to have big breasts.

  246. P Organ - Most Difficult Organ To Understand/Work.

    (01) P Organ Is Internal Based. A better path is stronger internal organs like kidneys. Instead of external sex drugs/medicines. That is why Panda uses only cheapstake Gongcha (Singapore tea brewing store) tea. To strengthen kidneys. Not even eat meat.

    (02) P Organ Is Liquid Based. P Organ is supposed to fill with liquid blood. Not with solid plastic. Please all evil scientists. Use natural default programming. Tao = clean blood flow in + flow out. Not dead stingy liquid making p organ rots.

    (03) P Organ Is Not A Muscle. Understand male p organ is not a muscle. Unlike rest of male body organs. The less/more you use does not make it more powerful. It seems need just nice frequency Wife clean v hole fluids absorptions. It is wisdom organ. The most wise male can get His p organ to work best. The bad males cheat: big but cannot shoot artifical p organ implants making painful female 3 days downtime to name a few. Just another not so intelligent male.

  247. Panda Awesomeness/Cuteness.

    Are You as cute/awesome as a Panda?

  248. Panda Daily Same Foods & Sex.

    Panda everyday same vegetarian foods/Wife sex. Not all males can take it. Are You a Panda?

  249. Panda Daily Martial Arts.

    (00) You need to do physical exercises to keep fit. You need to practice self-defence. So why not martial arts daily?

    (01) For extra workloads like morning martial arts routine. You may need to take double portions of coffee/instant noodles+eggs. Or else become too sleepy tired.

  250. Panda Daily Physical Works.

    We are created to do physical exercises works. Tough physical routines seem to increase sexual powers. Go outside daily for at least one drink. Study shown exercises in Males increase sperms counts (male hormones & sex potency).

  251. Pick Honey - Husband/Wife.

    (00) From GUAN YIN. Daily p organ/v hole absorption of v hole/p organ juices. Increase Husband p organ g-size. Make Wife breasts g-cup.

    (01) Daily 5 Minutes Honey. Tell Your Wife just 5 minutes only. Most Wives say yes to just 5 minutes marriage sex. Building intimacy. Not that tiring. Also science testing Cstan98 Weird Theories.

    (02) Wife Top Position. Need to give some juices for Her to absorb = to increase Her breasts size. It is very difficult to pregnant Wife on top position. Unless a Baby is very desperate to be born.

    (*) Dangers of getting pregnant. If use this Method.

    (*) Husband & Wife 5 internal organs must be well-functional.

    (*) Need faithful no adultery Marriage clean p organ/v hole juices/fluids.

    (*) The my Cstan98 Understanding. Absorbing bigger cup/size the breasts/p organ Your Wife/Husband. The bigger/size Your p organ/breasts become. Careful of artifical fake breasts/p organ.

  252. Pick No Shits - Husband/Wife.

    (00) From reverse GUAN YIN Stroke. Daily P Organ/V Hole absorption of urine at p organ/v hole. Decrease breasts/p organ size. For Male not to reabsorp back urine:

    (01) Urine Finish.

    (02) Rub. 10 times 2 fingers. Both Sides. On p organ head to wipe away urine.

    (*) Don't Press P Organ. Don't know why. When rubbing if you press. You become very exhausted.

    (*) Tea. If you are addicted to too much masturbation/rubbings. You may need to drink ice tea to reduce sexual urges.

  253. Pokemon Buddy.

    After me Cstan98 always take little soft toy (yellow owl gift given by Wife Choy attached to keychain) with me. Seem to be more blessed. If You believe there are Animals Spirits (Pokemons) out there. If You believe there are HOLY SPIRIT - Little Children Angels out there. If You believe there are HOLY SPIRIT - Female Angels out there. When You faithfully bring Your cute-cute Pokemon Buddy with You all the time. You guess how much They bless/help You.

  254. Poker Hand.

    (00) Poker Show Hand = Ask Her Out.

    (01) You Ask. Answer No. At least now You know You have thinking about her all these times for nothing.

    (02) You Ask. Answer Yes. Congratulations. Should have asked earlier. Right?

    (03) You Don't Ask. You never really know it is a yes/no? You continue wasting time waiting. When You should be spending time on better marriage target.

    (04) Face Problem Head-On. Know hand faster. And go to next hand. Soon You get the hang how to play Marriage Poker.

    (05) When Panda plays Poker Hand every 1 minute. You take 10 years for 1. You scold Panda left right upside down for getting all the Girls. Are You sure me want Them? Can You show hand faster & faster.

  255. Psychology - Couple.

    (01) Cockcoach. You really want to step on that cockcoach. Turn until all her stingy juices come out. Then put all leftover pieces together. Redo at least 5 times. (*is me Cstan98 another stupid idiot? Want another One? Some more stupid males want 3000.)

    (02) Monster iPhone. Most People have It (Female Wife). You go to Apple Store. It looks solid (like an Angel). But the Contract is Forever & Ever (Marriage Vow). So You work like mad to buy (earn) It. After 1 year of honeymoon trying to know how to operate. Everytime to get next day Japanese AV Sex Movie (Marriage Sex). It fight with You. Piss You off. When You try to update the next Version iOS (natural breasts size Operating System). It wants to kill You. If You switch It off (ignore Her) for more than 6 hours. It keeps knocking Your head giving You headaches. It now looks very scary (like a Monster). But You need It everyday. The problems is Apple (GOD) has not warned Us Consumers (Angels). What are real problems after getting One.

    (03) Pull/Push. You either pull Her/Him towards You. Or push Her/Him away.

  256. Psychology - Female.

    (01) Displacement. When Your Wife feels loved from You. She displace by talking to another male. Not to You.

    (02) Jealousy. She is jealous fighting you because she loves you.

    (03) Lifetime. It takes full life time to fully study One.

    (04) Take Own Sweet Time. She is taking time enjoying her orgasmic love high. It is a woman thing. You just down there waiting for christmas on a busy schedule like stupid idiot.

    (05) Too Shy. Your Wife is always too low dan to tell You She wants sex tonite. You need to fix daily time like Mon-Fri 00:00 midnight is sex times. Then keep sending SMS to Her to remind both of You. Or else You two keep waiting for Each Other.

    (06) Ugly Love Sicked. She is very beautiful. But when with You. Become very ugly = She thinks too much love sicked.

  257. Psychology Of Actions/Habits.

    (01) Big/small. All by conditioning.

    (02) Use Appreciations/Compliments. To get the effects You want.

  258. Right One.

    (01) For Female. Better than Your Father. 50% treat You nice enough + 50% aspirations something big. Willing to die for Him.

    (02) For Male. Better than Your Mother. Love Her enough. Want to protect Her. Willing to die for Her.

  259. Queen.

    Your Queen is Your closest ally. Your 2IC Wingman. The Person who is always within Your 5 steps. She either kill/make Your Empire. Choose Your Queen wisely (but faster chosen. Faster can concentrate on Empire Building.)

  260. Ready Perfect Children.

    When You Husband & Wife are perfect (in body/breasts/face/p organ/...) Then You are ready for perfect Children. Perfect Little Children DNA are just replicate of that current Perfect Parents DNA. If you acts/look/think like shits. Don't expect too much of your little children.

  261. Ready Sex Maturity.

    If your breasts/p organ not big enough. You are not ready for marriage sex. Least say premartial sex. Become big enough.

  262. Reason For - Prom Night.

    Whenever there is Prom Night. There comes Your Chance. Just remember it may be last chance to get Her/Him as Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

  263. Reason For - Taiwan Apple.

    From many Taiwan Music Video. Giving apple = proposing Love. Accepting apple = accepting Love. Be ready for apple issues at last month of class/school graduations. Because You may not have the chance again. S/He gets married to someone else after that. 'Love Hina, Japanese Anime': it is rumoured that Couple who goes same University together have eternal happiness.

  264. Reasons.

    China Females: "We Females want to become more beautiful are for You Males." The me Cstan98: "Males study practice so hard to be a Gentleman/Jedi/Knight/Samurai is to someday able to marry a beautiful Japenese av female Wife with g-cup breasts."

  265. Reverse Chemical Castration.

    (*) You just drank 1 million cups of green tea concentrate.

    (01) Bathings. Clean as much to flush out.

    (02) Fasting. May want to consider to burn out faster all impotent polymer chemicals.

    (03) No Adultery. To get big p organ Rewards from GOD back.

    (04) No Tap Water. Most tap waters are further drugged.

    (05) Outside ice drinks/tea.

    (06) Sleep. To detoxify the body.

  266. Reverse IMH (Injections Medications Hospitalizations).

    (*) IMH = you are mental medicines drugged. These medications are basically japanese wines spirits alcohols. How to recover?:

    (01) 2018. Current sleeping medications. Can be administered by:

    (01-01) Orals - Medicine. Don't accept. Force doctors/nurses to inject.

    (01-02) Orals - Foods/Drinks. Apostle Paul: "don't curse them. Give them money to buy foods/drinks. GOD puts burning coals on their head." Panda just let them rob GOD merits money to buy foods/drinks.

    (01-03) Injections. JESUS CHRIST: "everyone receive the standards they set for others." Panda: "provided You don't set back new standards Yourself. For example. When Wife Choy last life is my ex-hamster. The me Cstan98 forces Her to drink japanese alcohols spirits. Not to shout & scream. So when this life me curses her back for injecting me with japanese alcohols spirits. GOD does not help me. It is only when Panda not setting standards back. Not to have curses revenges. It is only when me does not do anything. (Don't set new standards back.) Finish receive past lives punishments. Don't restart new sins back. (Setting new standards back.) After receiving back due punishments. GOD bounces back their injections." Moreover. A person who kills a Jedi (罗汉) is Hell Punishments. A person who draws Buddha (佛) bloods is Hell Punishments. But problems are a life for a life. Bloods for bloods. Are you sure you are not due for past lives punishments first?

    (01-03) Teleportic. In 2018. Sleepy medications can be administered teleportically. See same above Orals/Injections methods of this heading section to reverse.

    (02) Cures:

    (02-01) JESUS CHRIST Vows. Say "JESUS CHRIST. I vow to abstain from meat/alcohols. Amen." Then try best to keep promise. The demons more afraid of long term no alcohols/meat Christians. The more longer term. The more scary.

    (02-02) JESUS CHRIST Prayers. Say "thank you JESUS CHRIST for every foods(best are without meat)/water. Amen."

    (02-03) If Need To Spit/Vomit. Quickly spit/vomit.

    (02-04) If Need To Shit/Urine. Quickly shit/urine.

    (02-05) Thank Them. For free discounts/gifts/money.

    (02-06) Earn As Much GOD Assets. Let them steal get. To return your debts.

    (03) Bathings/Change Clothes. Outputs them as dirty sweats.

    (04) Controlled Thoughts. You are fighting against forced alcohols dosages.

    (05) Discipline Thoughts. United States JESUS CHRIST Marines Corp Trainings have shown they can be overcome.

    (06) Fastings. Burn them as energies.

    (07) Immune Fighting. Resist!!! Resist!!! Resist!!!

    (08) JESUS CHRIST Prayers. Say "thank you JESUS CHRIST for this water. Amen."

    (09) Less Drinks/Foods. Their inputs become fewer.

    (10) Stand. Force them downward inside body.

    (11) Urine/Shit. Outputs them as dirty urines & shits.

    (12) Vow Bald Head. 成佛愿。 Vow to become Buddha again.

    (13) Vow Brush Teeth. 清口愿。 Vow to Half-Vegetarian again.

    (14) Vow Shave Beard. 不多妻愿。 Vow to Half-Virginity (faithful monogamy marriage) again.

    (15) Vow Wash Face. 清罪愿。 Vow to keep body free from sins again.

    (16) Vow Wash Head. 灌溉愿。 Vow to keep mind free from sins again.

    (16) Wake Up Discipline. You need to wake up/stand up again on your feet. That is an Order, Soldier.

    (17) What You Think Are Binding. Your thoughts may invite them.

  267. Routine - Afternoon/Monthly.

    (01) Every 10 Days Haircut (Bald).

    (02) Every Monthly - (Visit) Mother.

    (03) Mon - IMH (Singapore mental hospital).

    (04) Sun - NCC (New Creation Church).

    (05) Sun - GUAN YIN Temple.

  268. Routine - Morning.

    (01) Put iPhone Daily Sleep Morning Wakeup Alarm To 06:00am. (It is very good quiet natural alarm.) Then naturally wake up.

    (02) Fixed Routines. Determine person life success.

    (03) Your Starting Morning Decides Your Day.

    (04) Routine - Wake = Coffee + Breakfast Milkshake.

    (05) Routine - Wake = Cold Shower + New Uniform.

    (06) Routine - Wake = Recite Cstan98 Website - Main Gospels.

    (07) Routine - Wake = Study Whole Cstan98 Website Collection. Just headings and key points.

    (08) Routine - Wake = Study Whole Books Collection. Just headings and key points.

    (09) Routine - Morning = Website - Basic 3

    (10) Routine - Morning = Website - Sitemap Alexa.

    (11) Routine - Morning = Website - Extra (Work).

    (12) On Hold - Wake = Daily Full Stretching Routine.

    (13) On Hold - Wake = Daily Full Martial Arts Routine.

  269. Routine - Pre-Sleep.

    (01) Before Finish. Done all daily next day plannings/day workloads like gamings/readings/... before alarm time.

    (02) No Coffee/Exercises. 6 hours before Alarm.

    (03) Put Daily Pre-Sleep Alarm To 3:00am.

    (04) Start To Off Internet/iPhone/MacBook. Know tradeoff between 1 more hour of phone time. Cost is next day 24 hours mass tired chaos.

    (05) Start To Off Lights. Blue lights make body unable to sleep

    (06) Bath To Sex/Sleep.

    (07) Routine - Night = Problems Solving.Research To Solve 1 Main Problem.

    (08) Routine - Night = Plan. Next day plan to weekly plan to monthly plan to whole life plan.

    (09) Routine - Night = Cold Shower + Put Back Old Uniforms Of Day.

    (10) Routine - Night = Holy Communion + Family Prayers. Kneeling down together.

    (11) Routine - Night = Read Book.

    (12) On Hold - Night = Daily Marriage Sex.

  270. Routine - Reboot Energies.

    (01) Controlled Thoughts. Determined every second. Do help.

    (02) Cure 5 Internal Organs = Heart + Kidneys + Liver + Lungs + Spleen.

    (03) Don't Worry. When too busy. Life is too short to get worry.

    (04) Eat 5 Colours Snacks (Foods).

    (05) Life Goals To Have Life Meanings.

    (06) No Energies Drainers. Quit pornography + quit lottery calculations help.

    (07) No Sugars. Cure kidneys.

    (08) Top 50% + Not Cold. To get rid sleeping drugs. Also no cold to cure spleen.

    (09) Energies Reboot Cycle. Best is done 1 hourly.

    (10) Routine - 1 Hourly. 10 Times Breathings. Breathe in into even hairs/nails fingers/toes.

    (11) Routine - 1 Hourly. 10 Times Massage Face. Clap Hands 10 times. Massage face 10 times.

    (12) Routine - 1 Hourly. 10 Times Massage Head. Clap Hands 10 times. Massage top of head 10 times.

    (13) Routine - 1 Hourly. 10 Times Saliva. Swallow.

    (14) Routine - 1 Hourly. Accounting. Tracking usages of sins offerings money.

    (15) Routine - 1 Hourly. Drink + Snack.

    (16) Routine - 1 Hourly. Game. Play your iPhone game.

    (17) Routine - 1 Hourly. Kiss Wife.

    (18) Routine - 1 Hourly. News Emails Sms.

    (19) Routine - 1 Hourly. Life Goal. Life goals report reminding.

    (20) Routine - 1 Hourly. Study. Books/google/textbooks/youtube/...

    (21) Routine - 1 Hourly. Website (Work). For me Cstan98. Is writing this website Versions.

    (22) On Hold - 3 Hourly. Cold Shower + Put Back Old Full Uniform.

    (**) If have needs. Can keep on doing extending that routine time.

    (**) If have needs. Can skip that routine.

  271. Routine - Plan.

    (01) (Need) 1 Minute (To Get) Effect. Listen to YouTube Music.

    (02) (Need) 6 Weeks (To Get) Effect. Mediation. Like controlled thoughts.

    (03) (Need) 6 Weeks (To Get) Effect. Physical Activities. Like martial arts.

    (04) Signs - High Energies = Bright Eyes.

    (05) Signs - High Energies = Good Fingernails.

    (06) Signs - High Energies = Good Hairs.

    (07) Signs - High Energies = Protrude Out Big Balls.

    (08) Signs - High Energies = Protrude Out Big Nipples.

    (09) Signs - High Energies = Protrude Out Big Penis.

    (10) Routine - Week1-2 = Quit Pornography Adultery + Quit Lottery Stealing.

    (11) On Hold - Week3-4 = Daily Full Stretching.

    (12) On Hold - Week5-6 = Daily Martial Arts.

    (13) On Hold - Week7-8 = Daily Marriage Sex.

  272. Routine - Reduce Fatigue.

    (01) Daily Exercises. Morning routine like fixed short martial arts trainings to reduce day fatigue.

    (02) Daily Sunlights. 1 hour of sunlights = 3 meals of natural doses Vitamin D.

    (03) Drink Many Drinks. Water remove body toxins.

    (04) No Coffee. Coffee mess up your nerve receptors. Thinking you need not sleep tired. Like putting wooden block under brake. It speeds whole car body with no stopping. Overheat work car to breakdown.

    (05) No Cold Drinks. Understand that cold/ice drinks spoil your spleen. One of 5 body internal organs for well-being.

    (06) Respect Sleep Cycles. See 'YouTube: Frank Thomas' for more details.

  273. Routine - Sleep.

    (01) Fixed Biological Clock. Body uses to same sleeping times.

    (02) Wind-Down Routine. Body need some times to sleep cool-off.

    (03) Sleep Cycles. Multiple of whole 90 minutes = Light Sleep to REM (Rapid Eyes Movements) to Fresh.

    (04) Natural Wake-Up. Best is no wake-up alarm. iPhone sleep/wake alarm soft enough. Do not disturb sleep. (Male spontaneous erections mean energize enough???)

    (05) No Blue Light. At Night. All Bedroom light/iPhone/MacBook have blue lights making You unable to sleep. iPhone sleep/wake alarm turn off iPhone blue light accordingly.

    (06) No Coffee/Exercises. 6 hours before Alarm. Coffee mess up your regenerations sleep cycles.

  274. Routine - Work.

    (00) Task Management is basically Remind >> Do >> Remind >> Do...

    (01) Blocks - 3 Hours Work.

    (02) Blocks - Concurrent.

    (03) Blocks - Multiple.

    (04) Blocks - Repeat.

    (05) Blocks - Routines.

    (06) Blocks - Single.

    (07) Slacks. To build potential energy buildup for work blocks.

  275. Say Level.

    (01) Anger Level. Say out Your current status from 0-10. For me Cstan98. 2 is me best cuteness. 7 is semi-Marvel hulk rages.

    (02) Orgasm/Pain Level. After sex. Ask Wife for session. Level 0-10 each.

  276. Say Time.

    The me arranges sex time at 00:00am everyday. Wife Choy says sat/sun cannot. Because mornings need to wake up early. And if that day wake up early. Also cannot. So send SMS everyday that 'Mon-Fri 00:00am funs (sex) time.' Plus additional SMS whether today is cannot days like sat/sun/early morning days. Everyday SMS to remember to daily marriage sex. Like brushing teeth (reminders sex) to keep teeth (Marriage).

  277. Scare Of.

    Understand that female Virgins are scare of males with lots of muscles. They are shy. Understand that male Virgins are scare of more beautiful females. They feel inferior dans.

  278. Secrets Of Beautiful Females.

    Why some Females have beautiful face. Because They are highly loved by male She loves. Once love activities stop. The they think too much and become ugly. So You need to concentrate firepowers on 1 Wife to make Her smart/super-beautiful/...

  279. Secrets Of Sexy Females.

    Why some Females have sexy bodies. Because They are highly sexual by male She loves. Once sex activities stop. The they eat too much to grow very fat. So You need to concentrate firepowers on 1 Wife to make Her Sexy/Slim/...

  280. Secrets Of Successful Courtship.

    (01) Don't waste Your efforts. Don't spend 3 weeks time dating male with pushup bra. After stripping. The he does not appear anymore. Don't spend 3 weeks whatsapping hiding your huge weight. After the first date. Never see him/her again. Tell Truth from start. Let GOD matches faster.

    (02) Hold Hand Reassurance. When another solid Female/Male is nearby. Rehold hand to build Him/Her confidences that You are still there for Him/Her.

    (03) No Misunderstanding. Get rid of all suspected even small ones. When You receive a call. If it is your mom. Say it is her. If it is your ex you want to breakup. Tell Her.

  281. Secrets Of Wanting You.

    Always cut short peaks periods of date/meals/meetings/talkings/sex/... So that the Other Party wants more. So that He/She wants looks forward to the next session. Timings are everythings.

  282. See Through Problems.

    (*) It is only when You understand the problems of that Opposite Sex. Then You can get right Marriage Partner You really want.

    (01) Bad Encounters/Lucks. She/He has too many bad lucks encounters/relationships before.

    (02) Breasts/Impotence. He/She finds His/Her p organ/breasts size too small.

    (03) Children/Debts. He/She has Children/Debts to take care.

    (04) Don't Know You Are Interested. He/She not aware of Your intentions.

    (05) Feel Not Pure/Ugly. He/She finds Herself/Himself not pure enough. Or too ugly.

    (06) Low Self-Esteem. He/She thinks not worthy enough for You.

    (07) No Experience In Courtship. He/She is Virgin.

    (08) No Foods/Home/Job/Money/Virginity. He/She feels lacks.

    (09) Not Sure You Are The One. Marriage Partner is big Decision.

    (10) Out Of Energy. She/He is too exhausted.

    (11) Problems Family/Health. He/She has some internal family/health problems.

    (12) Sins. He/She is too cursed.

    (13) Studies. He/She wants to concentrate first.

    (14) Too Much Problems. He/She has too much problems enough.

  283. See Through Tricks.

    (*) It is only when You see through. And sick of all games tricks people played. Then You can get right Marriage Partner You really want.

    (01) Don't Declare Married. Already in marriage.

    (02) Don't Want To Get Married. Not interested to marry You.

    (03) Impotence Giver. Give you many sexual problems after sex.

    (04) Keep Changing. Experimenting. Undecided.

    (05) Keep Upgrading. Use you as stepping stones to get someone better.

    (06) Marriage Destroyer. Go around on revenge destroying other people relationships.

    (07) Money Spender. Come for your money.

    (08) Multiple Partners. You are just one of her/his toys. A playboy/playgirl.

    (09) Power Grabber. Get close to you just to consolidate powers.

    (10) Targets Practice. You are just another target.

    (11) Things Seller. Just trying to sell you things.

    (12) Virginity Destroyer. Go around taking virginity.

  284. Self Mirror.

    During iPhone/Mac Laptop. Always photo selfie & wife. At least one time a day. To know the effects what You done right/wrong. The photos need to be sometimes very near/night dark light to see all eyes bags/pores/wrinkles. Then export to Photo App. Either examine/play fast forward. To see whether You are improving or not. Over days/weeks/months/years time. That is how hitler does it = keep taking self-portrait photos. That is how Females Fox Spirits do it = keep looking at mirrors (face/full body length). Until effects correct.

  285. Self Mirror - iPhone 7 Photography.

    (01) Aperture. If darker need more light. Mean backgrounds/subjects less sharp.

    (02) Avoid Harsh Lights. Best is cloudy/under shades.

    (03) Backgrounds/Foregrounds. Aware what is behind/in front of subjects.

    (04) Colours/Patterns. Have interesting colours/patterns.

    (05) Flash. Have both bad & good points.

    (06) Guiding Lines. Seers need to be guided to the subjects.

    (07) Lens. Move iPhone closer to zoom. Move away to wide angle.

    (08) Parellel. The surface of camera lens needs to be same pane as the face. Or else distorted ugly features.

    (09) Rule 1/3. Know this horizontal/vertical law.

    (10) Shutter Speed. Hold steady longer for dark surroundings.

    (11) Smile. Smilings improve pictures by 200-500%.

  286. Semen Retention.

    In Taoism. Semen are the Essence of Life. Even if You don't ejaculate. You don't die. The semen just reabsorb back to produce semen again. Freeing more essence for blood/bone/brain/... fluids productions. You feel like superhuman.

  287. Sex Foods.

    (00) Sex foods should be cheap in budget & good at same time.

    (01) 3 GOD Sex Gifts Foods. Honey = from female bee mouth saliva. Milk = from female cows breasts milks. Egg = from female chickens v hole eggs.

    (02) American. Fries/ice cream/milkshakes/salads/vegetarian burgers/pizza.

    (03) Astronaut. Chorella. Superfoods with many micronutrients.

    (04) Buddhism. Chive/garlic/leek/onion/shallot.

    (05) Cheap. 'YouTube: Tracy Talks'. Black sesame seeds/wolfberry.

    (06) Children. Snacks/sweets.

    (07) China - Si Chuan (中国四川). Spicy (Mula) Hot Pot (麻辣火锅).

    (08) Chinese. Rice + Vegetables with cooking oil/ginger/soya sauce/salt.

    (09) Fruit Happy. Banana.

    (10) Fruit Morning Glory. Rock Melon. It is heaty.

    (11) Fruit Sex. Durians.

    (12) Fungi. Mushrooms.

    (13) Hong Kong. Night snacks/soups.

    (14) Indian. Curry/ghee.

    (15) Indian. Roti Prata = Bread + Curry.

    (16) Italian. Cheese/spaghetti/pizza.

    (17) Japanese. Green Tea/seaweed/vegetarian japanese ramen/vegetarian sushi.

    (18) Jelly Drinks. Jelly cubes absorb in all impotence drugs after period of time.

    (19) Juices. Apple/carrot/guava/orange/water melon/...

    (20) Korean. Kimchi/vegetarian Korean Ramen.

    (21) Malay. Chili/vegetarian Mee Goreng/Mee Rebus/Mee Siam/Lotong. Fried Banana/Durian.

    (22) Panda. For Male. Chocolate builds testosterone. For Female. Strawberry builds estrogen.

    (23) Prawn Vegetarian Juice. Hokkien Prawn Noodle. Don't eat solid prawn & seafood. Take mees with prawn & seafood real juices.

    (24) Qing. Fried Bread Stick (油条) + Soya Drink (豆浆).

    (25) Seeds. Nutella/nuts/peanut butter/peanuts/seeds/walnuts.

    (26) Singapore. Coffeeshop Half-Boiled Eggs & Kaya (Coconut) Toast.

    (27) Taiwan. Fermented tofu.

    (28) Thai. Tom Yum Soup = sweet sour soups.

    (29) Taoism. Own saliva. Self too much become very tired???

  288. Sex Foods Concepts.

    (01) Eat What You Want Now. Your body is telling what it currently needs to have tonite erection. Shop around see all the foods. It may be eggs/nuts/orange juice/... Let the Force (GOD) guide You.

    (02) Moderations. It is better You eat little of everythings. Than eat lots of a thing. GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) many areas than M16 one area.

    (03) Shop Around. Search through all foods products first. When you think they are tasty delicious. Buy them.

  289. Sex Position = Missionary.

    (01) Always Finger V Hole. 1-2 fingers. Which Fingers? Touch everywhere strongly inside. When she orgasmic expressions/sounds. That is Her sensitive g-spots. In fact. Many.

    (02) Always Kiss. Some Wives like tonguings.

    (03) Always Squeeze/Suck Breasts Nipples.

    (04) Body Not On Her. Use Your hands/legs to support your body away from Her. Wife Is Very Painful. Because Husband weight is on Her. Use hands to support half weight.

    (05) Legs Positions. Her 1 or 2 leg/s position mean different penetration g-spots.

    (06) Put Pillow Under Wife Buttock. If Your erection p organ is too short for this position.

    (07) Shallow In-Out Slowly Strokes. Fast/hard do not mean more orgasmic. All sensitve g-spots are near v hole opening actually.

  290. Sex Position = Wife On Top.

    (01) Advance Sex Position. If Wife is very wild on top. Husband becomes very orgasmic. And need very advance ejaculation control.

    (02) Be Gentleman. Pet Your Wife with Her on top. Wife does not have Husband weight on Her. Husband knows what Wife wants from the way She does to You.

    (03) Double 2 Ways Sexual Orgasmic. Wife Meet Down + Husband Meet Up + Must Both. Missionary Position is only single 1 way sexual orgasmic.

    (04) Male Don't Do Anything. You last longer if You stay completely still. Letting Female does Her Jobs.

    (05) P Organ Small. Also can insert. It becomes bigger when marriage sex goes along.

    (06) P Organ Hold. Husband position it before wife v hole in.

    (07) Pet Orgasmic. If You petting Wife long enough. Before p organ intercourse. She too orgasmic anyway. She is making love to Husband She loves. Not to a rod.

    (08) While Wife Is Doing. You can touch her back/breasts/buttock/face/hairs/mouth/...

    (09) Wife Body Position. Body can be back/front/straight. Legs postions also matter. To get effects of p organ to which v hole g-spots. There are many. In fact everywhere inside v hole.

    (10) Wife Decide Gang Rape Husband. To make Him how much ejaculation tired tomorrow. To make Him how much sexual drives left to resist tomorrow females fox spirits. To satisfy Herself how much sexual drives left to resist tomorrow bad males attacks.

    (11) Wife Total Control. Females get the effects You want.

  291. Sex Use Huge Energies.

    Understand sex use huge amounts of energies. Even without ejaculations. The body actually uses up many glucoses/fats/minerals/proteins/vitamins/... to maintain erections. Therefore. 10 minutes of sex = burn 7 days thin body excess foods.

  292. Sexual Being.

    (01) Sexual Beings. Understand We Humans are created to be.

    (02) Naked skins. Only animal on this planet to have. In fact. Our largest Sex organ is the Skin.

    (02) Most Sexual Intercourse Positions. The animal to be have most positions. But Male needs very advance natural big hard long p organ to do all possible permutations. And cannot be artifical implant so that the Female does not feel too much pains.

  293. Sexual Expression.

    Buddhism Scripture: "We are born from sex. We feel sex. We die because of sex. In fact. We live for sex." The me Cstan98: "because sex knowledge is so advance in Buddhism Knowledge. These Galactic Wars are because no one is able to contain & control sex. Everyone think either of 0 or infinite many. But never think of default one-to-one. These wars end sooner when Everyone is able to contain & trap all sex knowledges in happily married one-to-one eternal monongany Marriages. But when there are sins. Confirm have sicknesses namely fat/uncontented ugly males/females. And number one big source of sins are sexual. In fact. As me CC1000 doing Tao Program Syntax Errors Solving. Do this die. Do that also die. Too little sex cannot. Too much sex cannot. This one like that one. That one like another one. Or that one doesn't know. The good ones are too weak. The bad ones are too powerful... Those who study Buddhism sex problems as deep as me understand what me means."

  294. Sexual Potential.

    Like gravitational potential. Sexual potential can keep increasing increasing ... until huge releases. You just daytime keep on keep on ... resisting temptations. Then at night. Release all on your half-virgin old pissed-you-off ugly Wife. Make Her dies & dies whole night.

  295. Shoes/Slippers/Socks.

    You should at least wear shoes/slippers/socks at home/other people premises. Because of blue-draining floors. Need to wipe feet before wearing shoes/socks. Need to wipe socks before wearing shoes. Because of blue-draining stick to feet/socks dusts particles.

  296. Single Cultivation.

    Single Cultivations are not easy. Like divorced/single/Virginity/Widowhood. 1 Widow: "first 3 years is hardest."

  297. Sleep - Do Not Press P Organ.

    When You sleep. Your p organ should not be pressed. Pressing cause waste of energies. Causing impotence.

  298. Sleep - Upright Boring Posture.

    After you many pornography/sex sessions. Your sleeping postures tend to go wrong. You tend to sleep to massage your p organ. Don't. Maintain upright boring posture without pressing p organ. To sleep to recharge without no p organ energies leakages.

  299. Small Husband/Wife.

    (00) Objective. Of Coupling is to survive storms. Unmarried boyfriend/girlfriend Couple = Small Husband/Wife.

    (01) Big Quarrel. Let Him/Her cool off for 3-7 days. Which Couple never quarrel?

    (02) No One Fight A Wall.

    (03) No One Scold A Stone.

    (04) Satan The Devil. Attacks all Perfect Christians Marriages.

    (05) Take 2 To Fight. Just either 1 give in. Relationship is saved.

  300. Softtoys.

    Cute-cute softtoys seem to calm Everyone down. Alternative are animals pets. But these need to clear shits. And need many attentions/cares/foods.

  301. Some Females Simply Don't Get It.

    You don't go for best Male. You go for best available Male.

  302. Some Males Simply Don't Get It.

    You can control female body. But cannot control her heart thoughts. Unless you want to marry no freewill robot.

  303. Sources Of Problems.

    (*) To understand Her/Him better. Go to sources of problems.

    (01) Why He wants You to improve sexiness = because all people are laughing at Him saying He chooses a low dans Wife.

    (02) Why She does not want You to throw away old things = because She afraid You throw away Her also.

  304. Special To Her/Him Only.

    Girlfriend/Wife needs to be special to Boyfriend/Husband only. Vice versa. It is only when special. Then Marriage intimacy is builded.

  305. Start Small. Think Big.

    'Sexual Solutions, Book'. If You always cannot last long in bed. Doctors call it early ejaculation. Then start small think big Method. See Females with clothes. See Wife Naked Bathings. Pet Wife with clothes long time. Pet Wife without clothes long time. Do Wife long time. And so on.

  306. Stem Cells - Eggs.

    Do You know eggs are simply chicken stem cells. They are good for rejuvenating vitality/youth. Cannot take too raw (viruses). Cannot take too cooked (lose nutritional values). Best = 3 minutes + microwave medium heat + spicy korean gourment instant noodles to get rid of stinky smells.

  307. Stoking Back.

    If Your human Wife is Your ex-cat/hamster. Stoking Her back makes Her go to sleep faster.

  308. Studies - Common Happier.

    (01) Psychologist Studies. Common Citizens Marriage are happier at the end.

    (02) Proof. Studies in 1989. 2017 = don't know.

    (03) Reasoning. Many want to destroy First Couple = King/Queen. To be new king/queen.

    (04) Therefore. Higher the Couple Dan = need more Dans in everythings.

  309. Studies - Less Clothes Less Weight.

    (01) Panda Studies. Those Females who less clothings. Lose more weight. Because they have more sexloads.

    (02) Proof. 2 Females. One wearing dress exposing legs flesh. One wearing jean covering legs. All males eyes lead to that dress female.

    (03) Reasoning. Males are very eyes beings. More & more flesh exposed. Males minds turn them more & more naked.

    (04) Therefore. Heavy = wear less. Underweight = wear more.

  310. Studies - More Makeups Faster Marriage.

    (01) Panda Studies. Those Females having better makeup abilities. Marry faster.

    (02) Proof. 2 Females. One wearing makeup. One not wearing. All males eyes lead to that with makeup.

    (03) Reasoning. Males are very eyes beings. More & more colourful. Males minds turn them more & more beautiful.

    (04) Therefore. Married = wear makeup at home. Unmarried = wear makeup outside.

  311. Syntax Error - Good Male.

    Every Female within 50km is looking for a good Male. When One is discover faithfully attach in Marriage. All these Females fall for Him. Want Him as Husband. He has so much temptations. Then no longer good male. Syntax error repeat. Finally. There is not even one good male exists in the whole OS (Operating Sytem). Panda: "any Sister who come near me to destroy my Good Males Program. Going give Her 1 tight slap to wake up Her ideas. Younger Sisters. Please do not destroy big brother Panda good Males training program. Program Codename: Good Males Program."

  312. Tao Natural - Childbirth V Hole Loose.

    (01) GOD gives You Couple naturally childbirth v hole loose. You are expected to increase Your Dans.

    (02) After Each Childbirth. You are expected to increase your p organ size. To make Her pregnant again. Increasing difficulty level.

  313. Tao Natural - Exhaustion.

    (00) GOD gives You Couple naturally no marriage sex. When there are things to attend to. For example:

    (01) Time Occupations. Your Children keep wanting to stay at Your bedroom for attentions. That means the Program telling that it is not suitable for another new baby. Coaching of current Children workloads are too overwhelming.

    (02) Budget Deficits. Your household expenses are way too high. You are too tired after works. That means the Program telling You need to setup more business/employement incomes to earn more for that next baby.

  314. Tendency To.

    (01) To Avoid Things We Scare.

    (02) To Near Things We Love.

  315. Test - 3 Years Matching.

    If you are a mis-matched dating/marriage couple. You have 3 years to meet half-way. Same black-white/fat-thin/high-low-educated/poor-rich/short-tall/... Or else you people coupling breaks off.

  316. Test - 7 Years Itch.

    Psychologists. Marriage Happiness end at the 6th year at first day of 7th year. To break curse. Husband & Wife need to increase Their relationship to next level before that.

  317. Test - Female Before Marriage.

    When Females settle down in Marriage. Before that. They come to see You (the other one) last time. To confirm finalize Their right decision. You guess how much Panda has to go through. When They come. Disturb them. Don't disturb Them. Also die. You good Male as most 5-10. The me has at least 1 billion.

  318. Test - My Husband/Wife Worse/Uglier.

    The you improve. To attract better opposite sex. But your spouse is not able to catch up. High dan Zen Masters improve Solutions. They do not abandon solutions.

  319. Test - Polygamy.

    You become more successful because You have a good Wife. Thinking if you marry more wives. The you become more successful. Wrong. Spreading firepowers from One Wife to many wives. Turn your Queen to be fat & nagging. When you leave Her. All Females don't look at you anymore. Which Female wants to marry to playboy? Once you polygamy male loses all your army power/health/money/sex potency/... All these wives leave you look for next male target.

  320. Thanks The Cook.

    Because 15 minutes of eating. Need at least 3 hours of buying preparing/cooking/washing.

  321. Theory - Angry Fat.

    The my Cstan98 Theory. Fat females last time use to be thin sexy. Because badly sex by bad males. Then those males abandon them. Unable to find back sex level. Just eat & eat. Turn very fat. They have very great displaced/suppressed sexual needs.

  322. Theory - Same Mass.

    On average. Smart Females afraid of bigger/smaller mass weight Males. Because normal instinct. Tell Them Female either dies in bed. Or Male dies in bed. Therefore. Smart Males also afraid of bigger/smaller mass weight Females. Because They also afraid either They Male either dies in bed. Or Female dies in bed. Therefore. If You are fat/thin dan. Go for fat/thin dan. Stop wasting your times.

  323. They Are Singing Our Songs.

    Each Couple has Their favourite songs. That bring back memories.

  324. Tight Inner Clothing. Not-Tight Outer Clothing.

    Not-tight clothings do not attract Good Males. Tight clothings may attract bad males. Solution: Wear not-tight outer clothing + when near good Male, take off reveal tight inner clothing.

  325. Time For.

    (*) There is time for everythings.

    (01) When You 2 are eating together. Eat together. Don't eat with facebook.

    (02) When You 2 are talking together. Talk into each other eyes. Not into iPhones.

  326. Tonic Drink - 100 Plus.

    It is basically isotonic body fluids for athletes.

  327. Tonic Drink - Redbull.

    It is basically cooked vegetables cigarettes juices.

  328. Too Little/Much Sex Die.

    (01) Chess Fork = Too Little Sex, Die (no purpose in Life) + Too Much Sex, Die (of exhaustions).

    (02) Best Chess Move = Solid Marriage Sex Every Night + Let Everyone Happily Married To Have Eternal Lives.

  329. Top Gun Man Bet.

    Instead of fight 10 dans kick here & there. Why not have Top Gun man bet = $10 to get that Girl phone number. Hopefully if You are Top Gun PhD Female. You help that Cadet: "Your Partner is magnificent."

  330. Ugly Duckling.

    If me Cstan98 is You. The me does not look down on that ugly duckling female Classmate. You sure She not become beautiful swan years later.

  331. Ugly Queen Calm.

    Beautiful Queen may be exciting. But Ugly Queen calms You down in Marriage Bed. You last longer in bed. You can also see Her become more & more beautiful each day. This gives You male satisfactions.

  332. Ultimate Female Orgasms.

    In theory. Ultimate female orgasms = She blacks out (loses unconscious). And You have not even touch Her. There are many types of female orgasms = high seeing Male She loves + anticipations + build higher & higher + too excitements + ... It is reported in ancient china. During honeymoon nights. Some females brides lose conscious before honeymoon sex.

  333. Ultimate Male Orgasms.

    In theory. Ultimate male orgasms = He feels high when He is in Uniforms. Or following His Codes. Because They represent somethings big/important in His Life. This explains why JESUS CHRIST United States Marines/Navy Seals/SAS (Special Airborne Service). When They do right things following Their Codes. They have kind of airs. Also. For Jedi/Knights/PAF (Panda Armed Forces)/Samurai. So push meanings of Codes/Uniforms higher & higher.

  334. Understand Lose Husband/Wife Fates.

    You earn Your Husband/Wife after many hard trainings periods. But seem to lose him/her. Why? You need to know adultery/masturbation/polygamy/pornography/premartial sex/... Are all negative de-trainings. Making you lose husband/wife blessings fates.

  335. Understand After Handover.

    After Handover (Marriage). Is Your Husband/Wife getting better or worse? In Body BQ/Business BBA/Clothing CQ/Emotion EQ/Intelligence IQ/Look LQ/Medicine MQ/Physical PQ/Sex SQ/Virtue VQ/Weight WQ/...) Him/Her actually reflects how good are You.

  336. Understand Sex Make You Weak. But Without Sex Weaken Monogamy Marriage.

    Too much sex = you die in action wars with satan the devil. Too little sex = you lose weaken your monogamy marriage to satan the devil. Solution = not too much + not too little.

  337. Understand Sex Strategic Importance.

    'Dune, Movie': "whoever control spice. Control Universe." The me Cstan98: "whoever contain control sex. Control Universe." Universe has become great mess when sex is created. Females are created too beautiful. Males are unable to get his p organ to work. Lightness Angels go for absolute abstain. The darkness angels go for absolute looseness. These galactic wars end soon. Only when We able to trap sex into every monogamy Marriage.

  338. Use Sex To Sleep.

    When God creates sex. It is for Angels to have ejaculations to sleep. Sex is a gift to sleep to forget everythings to reboot.

  339. Virginity Longer.

    (01) To meet target of 500 years Virginity requirements of White Period Buddha Scripture. We need to require Our Children Virginity to be better than Us Parents. For example. The me Cstan98 loses virginity at age 41. See pornography at age 8. The me expects my Son to only lose Virginity after age 41. To only see pornography only after age 8. Daughters better Mothers. Sons better Fathers. But 500 Years Virginity is a Perfect Timing. More than 500 Years are meaningless.

    (02) But even when 500 years old Virgin. Still need to look very beautiful/handsome. The me recommends pairings up of female/male Virgins to be in love for period. Because when You People are in 500 years love courtship. You are very beautiful in love.

  340. Vitamin B Complex.

    (00) If You drink coffee. You need to take-in extra Vitamin B Complex supplements. Because coffee caffeine use up Vitamin B Complex in body.

    (01) Can of Coke Zero = 40mg of caffeine. Cup of coffee = 150mg of caffeine. And 150mg of caffeine. Need one tablet of 'Kordel Vitamin B Complex + C'.

    (02) Overdose of Vitamin B Complex = you get sore throat. Underdose of Vitamin B Complex = you become sleepy. So you maintain balance accodingly.

  341. Warning - Careful of Canned Foods.

    Fresh foods are much better sex foods. Because of time flow flux syntax. Canned foods expiry on 31/12/2017. Which 2017? Current 373593932702017 or next second 864562864102017. You still dare to eat? Especially home delivery canned foods. If satan the devil can id you christians taking home delivery. What do you think he does to you? With current gps/ip Address/Mobile id/... It is very easy to id any individual. Even if that app company is very christian. How integrity is her logistics delivery/suppliers/warehouse/... personnels. Just 1 intercept bribery to key person is all it needs.

  342. Warning - Careful Of Massage P Organ.

    Massage/rubbings p organ is very Advance Bedroom Arts. In fact. Touch more may mean smaller not bigger. Be very careful.

  343. Warning - Careful of Tantric Sex.

    Tantric Sex is very Advance Bedroom Arts. Many tantric sex cultivators commit adultery/polygamy/slavery. Giving bad lucks & over exhaustions. Too soft to farm foods. No money to buy foods. The males getting smaller p organ. The females/males unable to get/have big p organ sex. From their adultery partners anymore. Be very careful.

  344. We Have Problems.

    (01) 2016. The oldest living Virgin is 108 years old british female old Lady. And Her body/face are getting old dying. She dies before 500 years old. We cannot fulfill 500 years virginity Cultivation before Marriage Requirements. In White Period Buddha Scripture. Extreme Situation calls for Extreme Measures. Let R&D (Research & Development) to create Old-Buddha Time Flow!!!

    (02) Clergy/ISIS (is shits is shits)/Monks No Sex. Their objectives of no sex is to go god/allah/buddha heaven to have sex with many beautiful females angels.

    (03) Gays. There are no such things as gays. They become. Is to be with that beautiful lesbian 1.

    (04) Lesbians. There are no such things as lesbians. They become. Is because all males left them because of their b-cup breasts.

    (05) Top Japanese Temple Wishes. Females: "I want a strong Husband who can satisfy me in bed every night."

  345. Weapons.

    The fox spirits & japanese female ninjas all understand their bodies are weapons. Females. Do You know how to make use of this GOD given weapon.

  346. Wedding Annoucements.

    (01) Other People Weddings. Dress Your Best. Husband & Wife need to know how good Their dressing. Their since Handover (Marriage) Time. Just don't wear Fully White. It is reserved for Bride.

    (02) Own Wedding. Your Wife who wants to fit into that beautiful white wedding gown. Work very hard to lose 15kg in 1 year. That is my Wife Choy record.

  347. Wedding Photo.

    Male = out of sight, out of mind. Put Your Marriage wedding photo like wallpapers in iPhone/MacBook/... Photoframes on tables of bedroom/kitchen/living/working/...

  348. Wedding Ring.

    Always wear Your Marriage ring. You earn it. You go through so much difficulties to get it. Don't mess it up.

  349. What Are AV (Pornography)?

    AV (pornography) are basically fastfoods sex. You need not date a Girl out with sweating palm. Need not court her for months to wear your marriage ring. Say 'I love You' everyday whole day. What the funs of that? Strictly no pornography. The current porn epidermic has already wiped out 90% of potent males.

  350. What Are Prostitues?

    (01) Fake Orgasms. You can fake your own male orgasms faces/sounds at MacBook Photo Booth. What the differences?

    (02) Make Up. Why you still remain at K1-2 (kindergarten) colouring infatuations.

    (03) Obedient. The prostitues are obedient. Because they are scared of her master. So. If You make your Wife scare of You. You get an obedient Wife.

    (04) Permutations. Do you like to change jobs bosses all the time for excitements? Then why you keep changing queens.

    (05) Younger. Why must play other people daughters? Can You just maintain Your Wife at 18 years old every year?

  351. What Is Hurting Loved Ones?

    Hurting Loved Ones. Like unfaithfulness adultery. Is like stabbing a Person. Then plaster Her. Say you are sorry. Then repeat stabbing plastering sorrying. Soon relationships are broken. The first stab should not happen in first place.

  352. Wife Management - Conan The Barbarian Style.

    (01) 20 Years At Mill. Are you willing to work 20 years as slave at the mill. And be the last Person to have that hulk body.

    (02) 50% Tender + 50% Tough.

    (03) Know Book Of Songs. Tender Wife sex playing arts.

    (04) Purpose Of Life = slay enemies + play slave girls.

    (05) Scary Female Orgasmic Noises. Play Female (demonic) so well. The orgasmic sounds are very scary.

    (06) Sex Positions. Top to bottom to top to bottom to ...

  353. Wife Management - Pimp Style.

    (01) Play Wife So Well. She is willing to work anythings for You.

    (02) She Everytime So Orgasmic. She is willing to do anythings for You.

    (03) Understand Female. Understand female body + psychology so well. Can play Wife like a toy.

    (04) Understand Female Multi-Orgasmic. During sex. Female Wife is more rewarded with more orgasms. That is why most Female Wife willing to 9 months pregnancy to carry your Baby.

  354. Why Sleep?

    (01) Blocked Nose. Mean not enough oxygen. Carbon dioxide in blood means sleepiness.

    (02) Blue Drainings. The blue shaman needs line of sight to drain you. The he/she is within your 5 steps.

    (03) Clone Houses/Parallel Universes. Because satan the devil like to use clone houses. When it is not your old home. You get blue-drained. So prayer sanctify every your house you step in. And all belongings inside it.

    (04) Cold Drinks. Coldness especially iced damage spleen. Therefore body energies rebooting processes destroy.

    (05) Dirty Body/Clothings. Dirty bed sheets? No bathings? Reabsorbing dirty sweats? Sweatings?

    (06) Drugged With Sleepy Alcohols. Either medications injection/oral/teleportic or through drinks/foods. My Church: "pray & read Holy Bible more for God Protections."

    (07) Evil Spirits. Are inside your body. Draining your energies. Cast them out in JESUS CHRIST Name..

    (08) Have Sins. Mean you do not enough anointing blessings. Sleepings mean you are dying/sinning little death.

    (09) Have Problems. Somethings wrong with your energies management. Either inputs/outputs too less/great? Drained/drugged? Internal organs not optimal?

    (10) Lack Foods & Drinks. Lack eating enough foods? Not enough outside ice drinks? Not enough fresh airs?

    (11) Over Exertion. Computer games? Over exercises? Over works? Pornography fires? Too much sex?

    (12) Over Works. It seems with outstanding works. You become blue drained sick.

    (13) Rubbish. Rubbish like over growth nails. Mean can be blue-drained.

    (14) Tap Water. You notice if you don't take tap water Whether iced/boiled/fooded/unboiled. You not so sleepy.

  355. Why You Choose Her/Him?

    There are trillions of souls IDs in Universe. Of all People. You choose Her/Him. What explanations behind it? There is only 1. You 2 are destined to be together. You 2 are made for each other. It is called Marriage fate.

  356. Wife Hamster Warning.

    Tell ex-hamster Wife: "not scare. Let You go outside few years without me. The me does not find other female fox spirits. After few years. Take You back. Let You learn some outside life lessons."

  357. Zen Is Natural.

    Zen Master: "when horny, do Wife. When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep."

  358. Zen: Bee/Houseflies.

    The f/Flowers = f/Females. Bee = good hardworking Males. The houseflies = bad pervert males. Some females many honey (no flowers) expose too much (wear little). Trying to attract bee. Get houseflies instead. Some Females little honey (just Flowers) expose little (wear much). Getting Bee. What You want? Bee/houseflies? You decide.

  359. Zen: Dampen Lustful Thoughts.

    Buddhism Classic. Palace Servant while out of palace sleeping behind bushes. See whole sex session of magician wizard. Returning back at same time. The magician wizard showoffs to King. The he takes out magic box out beautiful female. The Palace Servant stops him. Ask female to take out her magic box out her strong male lover. Is your wife really your? You decide.

  360. Zen: Eat And Be Strong.

    American Indian Zen Master: eat (enough more) to grow strong (to play sex Wife). If you don't eat. You don't sex. Apostle Paul: if you don't work + you don't eat. Holy Bible: GOD wants Us to work during daylight + to earn a Wife to play at night.

  361. Zen: Other Mountain.

    'YouTube: China'. Female: "I want to change better husband." Zen Master asks Her to climb to Mountain Top. Together They climb many difficult steps to go up. At the summit. Answer: "other mountains look more beautiful, right? That is because You are on top of a Mountain. Just remember how much difficulties You have encountered to reach here. Are You sure You want to waste Your efforts by going down. And redo climbing up another mountain? Problems tend to repeat. On another mountain. The you find another mountain better." Reclimb/stay? You decide.

**Taoism Natural Ways. Accept GOD Default Programmings.

  1. ***Introduction:

    Many artificial things have created many problems.

  2. Abuse - Physical/Scold/Sexual Children/Husband/Wife.

    One day leave you.

  3. Artifical - Brain Computing/Cybernetic.

    Brain live forever without body emptiness.

  4. Artifical - Hairs Dye.

    Hairs quality get worse.

  5. Artifical - Hairs Implants.

    Dying all the time. Finally no further places to plant. Itchy like hell.

  6. Artifical - Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    Artifical cancer cells.

  7. Artifical - Makeup.

    Face skins get worse.

  8. Artifical - Memory Implants.

    Confused memories.

  9. Artifical - Pushup Bra.

    All males cannot find the breasts sizes they want.

  10. Artifical - Teeth Whitening.

    Lose protective coatings with sensitive teeth to cold drinks.

  11. Birth - Artifical Fertilization.

    Less & less able to big p organ each generation.

  12. Birth - Artifical Genes Editings/Manipulations.

    Genes codes all mess up.

  13. Birth - Babies 1, 3, ... Parents.

    Mess up genes codes.

  14. Birth - Babies Same-Sex Parents.

    Mess up genes codes.

  15. Birth - Babies Swapping.

    Huge incest genes ess up in population.

  16. Birth - Cloning.

    Diversity gene pools gone.

  17. Birth - Condoms.

    Need v hole fluids absorption to have erections.

  18. Birth - Control Male/Female Pills.

    Disrupt female/male hormones.

  19. Birth - Control Ovaries/Semen Tube Removal.

    Disrupt female/male hormones.

  20. Birth - Gender Choice Babies.

    Wrong sex ratio population.

  21. Birth - Surrogate Mothers.

    Mother bonding talking to womb babies gone.

  22. Eat - Alcohols.

    Hangover next mornings.

  23. Eat - Animals Meats.

    (01) Bigger faster reloading erections. But shorter quick pistol dirty ejaculations sessions.

    (02) Do you know how many meals a cow need to eat to turn into a meal of beef?

    (03) 1 Vegetarian Meal = 1 Year Plants Harvesting.

    (04) 1 Cow = 3 Years Of Daily Vegetarian Meals = 3 x 365 Years Plants Harvesting.

  24. Eat - Cigarettes.

    Need more & more.

  25. Eat - Drugs Obedience/Sex High/Sleeping Rape.

    Don't know how to make females fall for you.

  26. Eat - Drugs Impotent.

    Male populations rages when unable to ejaculations/erections.

  27. Eat - Forced Chemical Castrations/Mental Injections.

    Solve problems create bigger more problems.

  28. Eat - Free Of Fats/Salts/Sugars/Trans Fats.

    We need natural vegetarian fats/salts/sugars/trans fats to produce enzymes & hormones.

  29. Eat - Growth Induced foods.

    Mess up your hormones.

  30. Eat - Humans Cannibals/Vampires/Zombies.

    Populations drop like mad. Get cursed.

  31. Eat - Medicines.

    Solve problems giving more other problems.

  32. Eat - Supplements Hormones/Minerals/Vitamins.

    Artifical overdosages are artifical polymer chemcials/toxic & mess up the body balance.

  33. Excessive - Sex.

    Always want to sleep. Poorer & poorer.

  34. Excessive - Sleep.

    Problems become bigger & bigger.

  35. Lifeforms - Artifical.

    Worlds are artifical enough already.

  36. Lifeforms - Complex.

    Worlds are complex enough already.

  37. Sex - Adultery.

    Diseases spread and come with bad lucks.

  38. Sex - Animals.

    New diseases introduce into human populations.

  39. Sex - Breasts/Hand/Oral/Vagina.

    Harder & harder to get erections.

  40. Sex - Asshole.

    Victim pains like hell.

  41. Sex - Child pornography.

    More & more recruitments causing children death missing.

  42. Sex - Child marriage.

    Not reach body/emotional/intelligence maturity enough.

  43. Sex - Drugs.

    Blood strokes. Heart attacks. Pervert sperms produce pervert males.

  44. Sex - Female Slaves.

    Females unable to go freedom shoppings.

  45. Sex - Gay.

    You just ask a female for phone number. Who need to fight all the way up to be alpha male one to get a female.

  46. Sex - Incest Brother-Sister/Child-Parent/Close-Relatives.

    Dual sex organs. Retarded offsprings.

  47. Sex - Internet/Messaging/Phone/Virtual.

    Still not the real things.

  48. Sex - Many Partners.

    Dirty impotent p organ & v hole.

  49. Sex - Masturbation.

    Acne/mental illness/out of energies depression.

  50. Sex - Menstruation.

    Dirty blood absorption diseases.

  51. Sex - Orgy.

    The children don't know who are their fathers.

  52. Sex - Plastic-Dolls/Robots/Sex-Toys.

    More shy to meet real ones.

  53. Sex - Play With Shits/Urines.

    Get dirty diseases.

  54. Sex - Polygamy.

    Exhaustions die in action. The wives become fat/ugly unable to concentrate firepowers.

  55. Sex - Pornography.

    Mass pervert impotent males.

  56. Sex - Premartial.

    Every male is looking for virginity hymen.

  57. Sex - Prison Palaces.

    Uglier uglier flowers.

  58. Sex - Prostitutes.

    You don't own your wife. Don't know how to long date court. Just ask females to strip.

  59. Sex - Prostitutes No Foods.

    Females thinner & thinner. Finally all die.

  60. Sex - Rape.

    All fathers & husbands hate you like mad.

  61. Sex - Rape & Kill.

    Females populations decrease like mad.

  62. Sex - Slaves.

    Females need to be replaced all the time, because no hope in life.

  63. Sex - SM.

    Petting breasts are faster orgasmic.

  64. Spells - Blue Energies Draining.

    All males impotent out of energies.

  65. Spells - Blue Molesting.

    Sabotage each other losing virginity. All small p organs/no virginity hymen.

  66. Spells - Dreams Stealings.

    You don't know how to earn them.

  67. Spells - Indian Guru/Islamic/Satanic/Witchcraft.

    Spellers attack too much unable to defend.

  68. Surgery - Abortion.

    Breasts milk production disruptions causing breasts cancer.

  69. Surgery - Circumcision Clitoris/P Organ Foreskin.

    Unable to cover back to lower sex drive.

  70. Surgery - Clitoris/P Organ Cut Off Eunuch.

    Become power greedy because no sex hope.

  71. Surgery - Implant Breasts.

    Foreign object burst through out in 3-10 years times.

  72. Surgery - Implant P Organ Artifical Big/Metal Balls/Rings.

    Foreign object burst through out in 3-10 years times.

  73. Surgery - Liposuction.

    Tiny blood vessels to tissues cells gone.

  74. Surgery - P Organ Enlarged Prostate Gland Removal.

    Cannot erections anymore.

  75. Surgery - P Organ Nerve Removal.

    Male last very long. But cannot feel anything.

  76. Surgery - Plastic.

    Babies get uglier each generation.

  77. Surgery - Tests Blood/Liver Samplings.

    Lower blood/liver cells counts. Cause more damages.

  78. Surgery - Transgenders.

    3-10 years later. Not male/female don't know like what.

  79. Surgery - Transplant Big P Organ.

    Some animals/males lose his p organ.

  80. Surgery - Transplant Other Organ.

    Body treat foreign cells as cancer cells.

  81. ***Conclusion: Why Everyone?

    Why everyone cannot do it the Panda Natural Normal One-To-One Male-To-Female P Organ-V Hole Marriage In-Out Ways?

**Cstan98 5 Elements Sage Cultivation Understanding. 陳俊雄五行圣王道悟:

  1. GUAN YIN Divination:

    GUAN YIN: "planet earth cannot have eternal lives is because no 5 elements sage-king cultivation." The me Cstan98: "We need to implement understand thoroughly 5 elements knowledges to this Planet to have eternal life of Marriage Sex Cultivation. After that. These Heaven Systems need to be carefully guarded & maintained."

  2. 五福 = 寿+富+康宁+修好德+考终命。

    5 Good Fortunes = (in order) Long Lifespan + Weath + Health + Cultivate Virtues + Tests Passed To End Of Life

  3. 五常 = 仁+义+礼+智+信。

    5 Characters = (in order) Ren (Perfection) + Righteousness + Rites + Wisdom + Trustworthiness.

  4. 五戒 = 杀+盗+淫+妄+酒。

    5 Do Nots = (in order) No Kill + No Steal + No Adultery + No Lie + No Alcohol (Problem).

  5. 五官 =(目+舌+口+鼻+耳)。

    (need to confirm order working) Eyes + Tongue + Mouth + Nose + Ears.

  6. 五脏 =(肝+心+脾+肺+肾)。

    (need to confirm order working) Liver + Heart + Spleen + Lungs + Kidneys.

  7. 五情 =(怒+喜+思+忧+恐)。

    (need to confirm order working) Anger + Happy + Thought + Sad + Fear.

  8. 五色 =(青+赤+黄+白+黑)。

    (need to confirm order working) Green + Red + Yellow + White + Black.

  9. 五味 =(酸+苦+甘+辛+咸)。

    (need to confirm order working) Sour + Bitter + Sweet + Spicy + Salty.

  10. 五行 =(木+火+土+金+水)。

    (need to confirm order working) Wood + Fire + Earth + Metal (Gold) + Water.

**Cstan98 MindNode5 - How To Big P Organ:

Beta May-2018.

  1. Daily Collect Honey.

    GUAN YIN: "just pick honey to have big p organ." Every night. After marriage sexual intercourse. Leave Wife CB juice at p organ until next morning.

  2. Daily No Urine.

    Bath your p organ clean. Daily. Careful not to rub too sensitively.

  3. Habit - Deep Breathing.

    Oxygen is needed for nitric oxide for erections. Testing short/long deep breaths.

  4. Habit - Do Not Press.

    Pressing P Organ is waste of erections energies. Sleep has sleep posture.

  5. Habit - Many Cold Shower.

    Cold showers wake you up. Forced discipline to endure discomforts.

  6. Habit - Minimum Fan.

    Too cold/hot all cannot. Night Fan from 3 to 1.

  7. Habit - No Slipper.

    Buddhism Scripture: "Sub-Sub-Buddha has lotus flower under feet." Always slipper on at home.

  8. Kidney.

    A strong kidney means a big p organ. Drinking Green/Oolong Tea every day. By right. Short term no erections. But long term later. Big erections with good kidneys.

  9. Physical Training.

    Muscles are needed to good tesosterone. Daily 10 push ups + 10 sit ups + 10 squats.

  10. Research - Talk To Beautiful Females.

    By right. If You talk to other females to keep doing Wife. Wife wants You to talk more.

  11. Sex Drinks.

    (01) Ice. Those melt.

    (02) Can Coke Zero - Cold. Top 50%

    (03) Coffee - Hot. Top 50%.

    (04) Home Filtered Water - Cold/Hot. Top 50%.

  12. Vegetarin Foods.

    Vegetarian foods are cheap. And slowly build up big p organ step-by-step. With almost zero ejaculation.

**Cstan98 MindNode5 - Last Longer:

Beta May-2018.

  1. 10 Minutes After Urine.

    China Sex Expert: "marriage sex is best 10 minutes after urine."

  2. Beginner To Advance.

    Keep adding sexloads. Push Yourself better & better. Higher & higher.

  3. Breathing Into Reserves.

    Imagine oxygen entering into Dan Tian (丹田).

  4. Desensitive.

    Repeat Marriage Sex every night. To make p organ head less sensitive.

  5. Don't Abuse Self. Abuse Wife.

    Don't play practice yourself. Play practice all on Your Wife. Why waste firepowers?

  6. Excite + Control.

    You must in-out excite Wife. And ejaculation control at same time.

  7. In-Out: 9 Shallow 1 Deep.

    Pure Girl Scripture: "in 9 shallow + 1 deep." Female Sex Expert: "all female nerves endings near opening anyway."

  8. In Slowly. Out Hard.

    In to excite. Out to harden.

  9. Natural Flow.

    Just remember objective is simply to make Wife screaming orgasmic every night. Whole night.

  10. Natural Testing.

    Anti-Clockwise/Clockwise. Poke Left-Right Up-Down. Start-Stop.

  11. Practices.

    Practices every night marriage sex make perfect.

  12. Used To Moistureness/Tightness.

    Stick to one v hole. Your Wife.

**Cstan98 MindNode5 - Quit Sleep:

Beta May-2018.

  1. 00:00am Sleep.

    Go To Sleep Soldier. That is an Order.

  2. 06:00am Wake.

    Wake up Soldier. That is an Order.

  3. Delicious.

    If not delicious. Tendency computer wants to shutdown.

  4. Discipline.

    JESUS CHRIST United States Marines prove sleep can be controlled.

  5. Do Not Press.

    Sleep with no press p organ posture.

  6. Don't Over Exert.

    When battery drain. Tendency to shutdown.

  7. Drink: Coffee.

    Jedi Master: "balance. Balance."

  8. Drink: Green/Oolong Tea.

    A strong kidney. Mean a good body battery.

  9. Energetic. 精气神.

    (01) Energy - Foods Glucose.

    (02) Energy - Air Oxygen.

    (03) Energy - Focus ZPT50.

  10. Fixed - Clock Biological.

    Switch manual to automatic.

  11. Fixed - Habits.

    Switch manual to automatic.

  12. No Blue Light.

    No blue light at night. Many blue light at day.

  13. Physical Exercises.

    Daily short physical exercises help.

  14. Ritual Pre-Sleep.

    Slowly shut-down.

  15. Ritual Sleep.

    Just sleep.

  16. Ritual Wake.

    Just wake up now.

  17. Sleep Can Be Controlled.

    Sleep addiction is like pornography. Can be cured.

  18. Sleep Cycle.

    Know 90 minutes REM (Rapid Eyes Movement) full sleep cycle to complete charging.

  19. Super Fit.

    Condition/train like an olympic athlete.

  20. Vitamin D Sunlight.

    In fact all minerals/vitamins. Just that can only get vitamin D from sunlight.

**Status - Cstan98 Marriage Sex/P Organ Size Journal:

**keep a sex journal. For me Cstan98. It is this online records.

  1. Effects Of Testosterone.

    Effects of testosterone = heart beat faster + skin itchy.

  2. External Medicines.

    When you depend on external. Internal becomes weaker.

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