Cstan98 Jedi Quit Sleep

Version2 2020.04.13

*The me Cstan98 Stand On Sleep.

  1. Jedi Sleep As Little As Possible.

    (01) Time is precious. Do not sleep.

    (02) Holy Bible: "Our Heavenly Father GOD do not sleep."

    (03) JESUS CHRIST: "We are to be as perfect as Our Heavenly Father GOD."

    (04) Buddha: "Monks can only sleep 4 hours per day."

    (05) Therefore. Panda Logic: We Jedi are not supposed to sleep. Because We have to help Our Heavenly Father GOD to guard watch over Everyone.

Cstan98 How Not To Sleep So Much.

  1. Taoism Energies Management.

    (01) Taoism energies concept has 3 components: Jing Qi Shen. (精气神).

    (02-01) Jing (精). Is from foods. Can be interpret as glucose or semen sperms.

    (02-02) Qi (气). Is from breathings. Can be interpreted as oxygen or qi.

    (02-03) Shen (神). Is from sleeping. Can be interpreted as focus or rest.

  2. Cstan98 Light Foods/Breathings/Sleep.

    (01) If tired all day. Have many 10 minutes energies rest sessions. How?:

    (02-01) Light Foods. If hungry. Eat lightly until 80% full. If not hungry. Drink slips of water.

    (02-02) Light Breathing. Repeat counting of shallow light breathings.

    (02-03) Light Sleep. Close your eyes. Lie flat upright in bed. Do not press p organ. Hands in most comfortable position. Do not fall sleep just rest. Objective is to create body energies components. Not to sleep.

    (02-04) Controlled Thoughts. Know your thoughts. Stop thoughts from wandering/sleeping.

    (02-05) By Right. When you count to 100 or more. You wake up afresh.

  3. Theories Of Inputs/Outputs.

    (01) My Cstan98 Findings Of Why We Sleep? One line: sleep is dying. When your inputs (energies) less than outputs (energies).

    (02-01) Metabolism - Anabolic = building up of body cells proteins.

    (02-02) Metabolism - Catabolic = breaking up of body cells proteins.

    (02-03) Metabolism - Balanced = ideal body mass.

    (03) Calories/Proteins. Vegan diet neds lots of calories/proteins for massive daily workloads.

    (04) Milk. The cheapest way to increase calories/proteins intakes in vegan diet. Is chocolate milk for males. Strawberry milk for females. UHT (ultra heat treatment) is best. They are those that need not refrigeration. And less trips to toilets for liquid shitting.

    (05) Daily 2L (Litres). Start with daily 2L (litres) of UHT (ultra heat treatment chocolate milk). Aim for 4L (litres).

    (06) Research YouTube for 'plants proteins for muscle building'.

    (07) Sex is end results of execessive energies for reproduction. Muscles building is end results of excessive energies for mass production. If you want to increase next day workloads. The energies need to come from somewhere.

Teachings From Internet.

  1. 五盖地狱根 = 财色名食睡。

    Together with Money+Sex+Name+Foods. Sleep is 5 Roots of Hell.

  2. 精满不思淫。

    When body is optimal state. Do not think about sex.

  3. 气满不思食。

    When body is optimal state. Do not think about foods.

  4. 神满不思眠。

    When body is optimal state. Do not think about sleep

  5. 一小时睡。失三小时道行。

    1 hour of sleep. Lose forget 3 hours of cultivations.

  6. 像宝宝天真无念。时时精气神饱满。

    Be like baby innocent no thought. All time full of energies.

  7. 一动念贪嗔痴。精气神失。

    One little thought of greed/anger/ignorance. Energies are lost.

  8. 一行动杀盗淫妄酒。精气神失。

    One little action of kill/steal/adultery/lie/problem. Energies are lost.

  9. 不控制念胡思乱想。精气神失。

    Don't control thoughts anyhow think. Energies are lost.

  10. 随睡念。自然睡着。

    Follow along sleep thoughts. Confirm go to sleep.

  11. 念需只细细动。

    Thoughts must think little little flow. To conserve save energies.

  12. 大念大用精气神。

    Big complex thoughts use big energies.

  13. 小念小用精气神。

    Small simple thoughts use small energies.

  14. 从眼神能看出一个人的精气神。

    From a person eyes can tell her/his energies level.

  15. 越少魔界靠近。

    As few demons near you. Some demons tell your Guardian gods. The they are besiding you to return you back energies. But in long run. The they steal back more than they return back.

*Archive - Cstan98 Quit Sleep.

  1. 100% Of Drinks.

    Cstan98 Default Stroke. Now taking 100% of all drinks. Accepting Singapore Foods & Beverages Laws completely. Feeling more energetic.

  2. Black Coffee/Coke Zero - Ice.

    Doctors advise less than 6 caffeine drinks a day. But me Cstan98 is a caffeine addict.

  3. Black Coffee + Vitamin B Complex.

    (01) Now taking 1 per day Kordel's 'B Complex + C' together with many black coffee.

    (02) Past Research. If sore throat. (Signs of overdose of Vitamin B Complex.) Taking more coffee. If sleepy. (Signs of underdose of Vitamin B Complex.) Then taking more Kordel's 'B Complex + C'.

  4. Blue Lights.

    When sleeping. Minimum exposure to electronic devices blue lights. Use dark mode. Because these blue lights trick our minds to stay awake.

  5. Body Energies Efficiency.

    Fitness/health soon be at tip top conditions.

  6. Body Physical Exercises.

    Exercises train fitness. Fitness mean alert focus mind.

  7. Cut Down Sleeping Temptations.

    Stay working. Stay outside out of bed.

  8. Cut Down Sugars.

    Minimum sugars for stronger kidneys. By right. Stronger kidneys (main 5 organs). Mean more energies efficient body/mind.

  9. Daily Evening Wind Down Routine.

    Wind down 15 minutes before sleep. To sleep better.

  10. Daily Morning Routine.

    Morning exercises regime to wake up your body.

  11. Daily Tasks Routine.

    Follow tasks closely with tasks. Time pressure means lesser time to waste sleeping.

  12. Disciple Self-Control.

    When you sleep less. You have more self-discipline/control of your body/mind.

  13. Do Not Over-Exert.

    Budget your energies. Actions Ouptputs > (Foods Inputs + Sleep Inputs) = Sleep Shutdown.

  14. Every Minute Of Sleep Before Midnight Is Worth 2 Minutes After Midnight.

    Sleep during 10pm-12am.

  15. Energizing. Not Sleeping.

    Naps should be energizing power naps. Each second counts.

  16. Fixed Sleep Cycles.

    Consistent fixed timings. For better sleep cycles.

  17. Fixed Wake Up Times.

    Regardless of weekdays/ends. Wake up at fixed times. This give body a sleep cycle to use to.

  18. Force Body To Get Energies Faster.

    Condition your body to be very efficient. Lesser exercises/foods/sleep with same energies recovery rates.

  19. Get Most Out Of Every Second Of Sleep.

    Sleeping should be at peak recharge rates.

  20. Good Quality Sleep.

    It is said although United States Navy Seals never sleep. But Their research finds that Their Troops need at least 1.5 hours of sleep per week. Or else high tendencies to make wars combat errors.

  21. Habit - Body Fat Ratio.

    Lean BMI (Body Mass Index). For more efficient body energies generations.

  22. Habit - Cold Showers.

    Cold showers to energize

  23. Habit - Energy Levels.

    Energies utilization should be at peak performances.

  24. Habit - Fat/Proteins Diet.

    Have better fat/proteins to sugars diet ratios.

  25. Habit - Fitness.

    Peak Fitness for peak energies levels.

  26. Habit - Muscle Mass.

    More muscles produce more testosterone hormones. These hormones balancess mean body energies level well-beings.

  27. Habit - Music.

    On music all the time. If relax. Mean less energies usages.

  28. Habit - No Worry.

    JESUS CHRIST: "leave tomorrow to GOD." Worries force fight and fight reactions. You become tired burntout easily.

  29. Habit - Life.

    Get rid of energies leakages. Build up more energizing routines.

  30. Habit - Minerals/Vitamins.

    Don't look down on sunglight vitamin D. Sometimes. It is jsut a lack of a tiny bit of minerals/vitmains. Which shutdown your body.

  31. Habit - Nutrition.

    Peak Nutrition for peak energies levels.

  32. Habit - Water Fluids.

    Stay hydrated to flush out body toxins all the time.

  33. Meal - Breakfast.

    Importance of Breakfast cannot be explained. It is most important Meal of the day. Need them to kickstart all days. For me Cstan98 in Singapore. It is in coffeeshop. x2 half boiled eggs + x2 kaya toasted breads + x2 Coke Zero.

  34. Meals - Eat.

    You need all the vegetarian minerals/vitamins. To feel not tired whole day.

  35. Mini-Steps.

    Mini-eat foods = no overdoses of glucoses tired. Mini-sleep rest = controlled thoughts do not sleep.

  36. More Time For Productive Works.

    Sleep is a waste of lifespan times. When awake times more. If use productively. You can get more things done in life.

  37. Sex Before Sleep.

    If you are ex-PMO (pornography masturbation orgasm) addict. You may need to have daily marriage sex before sleep. Just do Arch-Point Pressing to minimize flows of semen ejaculations. By right. Your sleep quality becomes better. You sleep lesser.

  38. Sleep Cycle.

    Understand the human sleep cycle = 1.5 hours. Best is give extra 15 minutes allwances. You need to wake up naturally at the full sleep cycle/s.

  39. Sleep Disorders.

    Not too much sleep. Not too little sleep.

  40. Sleep Earlier.

    If you want to get up earlier. Step by step go to bed 15 minutes earlier each day. Until able to wake up at 6:00am for example.

  41. Sleep Flat.

    Sleeping pressing p organ uses up many energies. You need to lie flat on your back.

  42. Sleep Less. Why Less tired?

    Because when you sleep more. More chance you disrupt a REM (deep sleep) cycle.

  43. Sleep More. Tired More.

    For me Cstan98. When me sleeps more. Mean more tired. Not more fresh.

  44. Sleep Quality.

    When sleep. Sleep deep knockout.

  45. Sleep Routine.

    YouTube. Lie down flat in bed. With your palm side up. Close your eyes. Relax your head + face completely. Then relax your shoulder + chest completely. Then from beginning of hands to end of hands. Then go down the body. Same for legs. By right. Using this method. You are to sleep in 2 minutes.

  46. Solve Chronic Fatigue Problems Sources.

    It may that pornography addictions. Or that mental medications causing mass fatigue. Brainstorm to solve these problems sources.

  47. Use To Sleep Lesser.

    If you always sleep long. Tendency to repeat next day. If you always sleep lesser. Tendency to repeat next day.

  48. Useful Wakefulness.

    Work hard when awake. Treasure the wake time. Navy Seals: "don't burn daylights."

  49. Vitamin B Complex.

    Now taking Vitamin B Complex. Guardian Pharmacy warns me that after taking. The urine becomes yellowish. It is normal ok. And to take after foods. By right should be breakfast for whole day energetic. Best effects is with well balanced full meal. So best for me is during afternoon MacDonald Egg Burger lunch.

  50. Wake After Midnight.

    Sleep 20 minutes intervals x3 between 10pm-11pm.

  51. Wake At Sunrise.

    Start Morning Routine Physical Exercises at sunrise.

*Archive - Cstan98 Sleep Systems.

  1. For Irregular Sleep Patterns.

    For me Cstan98. The me budget sleep hours. Do not fix timings to sleep.

  2. For Regular Sleep Patterns.

    Some people use body sleep rythmn to sleep.

Cody Monson Daily 4 Hours Of Sleep.

Source: https://kantantechnology.com/how-i-added-five-more-ultra-productive-hours-to-my-day-and-how-you-can-too-cf2749b6fd1e.

  1. x2 Core Deep Sleep.

    x2 Core = REM (Rapid Eyes Movement) Cycle with roughly 1.5+/- hours of deep sleep. Additional = few minutes unable to hear alarm snooze.

  2. Alarms - iPhone.

    The me use iPhone (iOS) Alarm - Bedtime App to manually setup x2 core sleep wake alarms to naturally wake up.

  3. Find Your Body Rhythm.

    Mixture of deep + light sleep.

  4. Listen To Your Body.

    Monitor your body needs of sleep closely.

  5. Passionate About Somethings To Do Awake.

    To stay awake. You need to be motivated to stay awake.

  6. Polyphasic Sleep.

    (01) That means multiple blocks of sleep. He sleeps for example: 10pm-2am + 540am-6am + 1140am-12pm + 440pm-5pm.

    (02) The me Cstan98 sleeps for example: Pre Night 10pm-11:30pm + Morning 6am-7:30am.

  7. Wake + Coffee + Vitamin B + Exercises.

    After wake. First 5 minutes. Need to immediately take coffee + x1 vitamin B complex. Follow by breakfast/cold shower. Next 15-30 minutes. Do light physical exercises. This wake up the body.

Sadhguru Quit Sleep.

His theories we cannot manage time. But we can manage our energies. Life is not about time. Life is about energies.

  1. Bath Before Sleep.

    Bath to wash away all problems/worries. Not just away dirts particles.

  2. Interesting Stimulants.

    Like drinks/foods & knowledges.

  3. Light Meals Of Fruits/Vegetables.

    When body have heavy meals to digest. Inertia to energies are created. Then we feel sleepy.

  4. State Of Rest.

    So that consumes less energies. And body can regenerate energies.

  5. Yogi Belly Breathings.

    Belly should come up & down while we breathe. Out through 2 nostrils.

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