Cstan98 If You Want To Commit Suicide

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If You Are Not Afraid Of Death.

If you dare to commit suicide = not afraid of death. Then there is nothing on this satanic earth you need to be scare of. Because death is the most scary thing on earth.

  1. *You Are Not Alone.

    First of all, the me Cstan98 is like you before = want to commit suicide before (a 30 minutes thought to drown myself in a swimming pool). At that time (around age 19), me was just a teenage. Failure in life. Failure in study (i.e. last 5 positions in my class). Impotence & no girlfriend. No energy. No friends. No money. No purpose in Life.

  2. *Live On For A Blessed Christian Life.

    Now, at age 47, the me finds it is just a transition in life. You need to live on. You need to go on. When You accept JESUS CHRIST to become a Christian. Your Life slowly transforms into a Blessed Christian Life. There is always hope in JESUS CHRIST. Life gets better, not worse.

  3. Because Of Sins.

    It is because of too much sins that why you want to commit suicide. Many little sins like masturbation & pornography cause one to be mental illed & have thoughts of suicide. Go for Christianity Salvation Prayers ("accept JESUS CHRIST into your life & take control of your life. And make me the person you want to be. Please forgive my sins.") Go for Christianity Deliverance Prayers ("in the Name & under the Authority of JESUS CHRIST. I command the spirits of masturbation and pornography [& all other sins] to leave my body.") So these spirits no longer stay inside the body to tempt you to repeat the same sins.

  4. By Your Side To Guide You In.

    Top Gun, Movie.' Maverick: "you see that aircraft carrier down there? If you trust me, I guide you in." The me Cstan98: "you see GOD up there? If you trust me, I guide you in with this Cstan98 Website."

  5. Depression.

    If you suffer depression, most likely your energy output is greater than energy input. You mostly have been over masturbation ejaculations (both male & female). You need to eat more (increase input) and ejaculate less (decrease output). For males. There is a 3 fingers pressing Arch-Point to lessen semen ejacualtions flows. See Cstan98 Marriage Sex Cultivation in Cstan98 Sex Cultivation Section. Just remember GOD creates Us Males to marry to a Female Wife. Not to see fake pornography & do masturbation. According to Christianity, it is a sin even to do masturbation & pornography.

  6. Get Busy.

    Find something meaningful to do everyday like surfing this Cstan98 Website daily by checking out the daily updates. You need a meaning in life, either daily or monthly. Go for High IQ Books. Go for High IQ Websites like this Cstan98 Website. Go for Weekly Movies.

  7. GOD Point Of View.

    If you are bankrupt, no food, no job, & no money, life is too hard to go on. You must look at your situation from GOD Point of View. If you are bankrupt with $500,000 debts, to GOD you are just a cat bankrupt with $0.50 . To a cat, human money of 0.50 is very big (as a cat is unable to find a human job to earn $0.50 ). So if you are that cat bankrupt with $0.50 , should you commit suicide? Of course not. you laugh at that cat ignorance. Therefore, think one step further: if you are a human bankrupt with $500,000 debts, should you commit suicide? Of course not, GOD laughs at you for your ignorance. A cat can pay back $0.50, only if he thinks from a human perspective. How to earn human currency? How to get a human job? How not to become bankrupt again while repaying your debt. Therefore, to repay debts of $500,000 , you need to think from GOD Perspective. How to earn GOD Currency (i.e. Virtues or what JESUS CHRIST calls 'Treasures in Heaven'). How to get a Job. How not to become bankrupt again while repaying your debt.

  8. Purpose In Life.

    If you have no purpose in life, you need to hear inspiration words. When a beggar asks Napoleon Hill to help him. Napoleon Hill says "there is only one person who can help you." He asks the beggar to look at his own mirror reflection. & tells the beggar this is the only person who can help you = it is Yourself. Remembering that, the beggar leaves. After a few years, the beggar wears business clothing, comes & thanks Napoleon Hill for the Advice. Inspiration words are everywhere is this world. All you need is to reach to them. Inspiration Books authors like Nick Vujicic (Australia), Shiv Khera (India), me Cstan98 (Singapore), Dr Dai (Taiwan), Anthony Robbins (USA), Napoleon Hill (USA), Norman Vincent Peale (USA), ... Inspiration Scriptures Authors like Apostle Paul (Holy Bible), JESUS CHRIST (Holy Bible), Prophets (Holy Bible), ... You just go to any public library with free internet access & search in Google with the mentioned Authors Names.

  9. The Punishments For Suicide Sin.

    According to Buddhism, you in Hell for suicide sins repeating the same suicide days until your supposed earth lifespan is over. Please reconsider about committing suicide.

  10. *Conclusion.

    Earn Your Blessed Life. Earn Your Wife & Children. The GOD is created to be achievable, not impossible for You. Taoist Master: "when the Training Programs complete, the Gifts appear."

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