Cstan98 If You Don't Like To Study In School Because The Teachers Are Bad

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*Do Badly In School Because The Teachers Are Bad.

It is very difficult to go to good schools & good class. If you are stuck with bad teachers, & don't do well in schools. Below are key steps for you to follow:

  1. *Just Pass All The Subjects & Graduate The School.

    You just try your best to pass all the school subjects (for example 50 score). After you graduate, join a good Company, & step-by-step work study Yourself to Business Admin Certificate, Diploma & Degree. Because the good Companies send you to good Business Schools where the Teachers are good & interesting. And the good School Subjects are very easy to pass.

  2. Build Your Friends Network.

    Make good true Friends during your school days. Bond with Them. Who know? May be one of your Friend may join a good Company, & introduce You to their Company.

  3. Buy Textbooks.

    To pass all the boring subjects in school, you need to buy & own all the subjects textbooks. Remember to get cashier receipts when you buy the textbooks. Or your wisdom are drained. Read & understand all your Textbooks & do all your Homeworks according to Textbooks.

  4. Buy A Two Languages Dictionary.

    If you are Chinese, buy a English-Chinese Dictionary. Read the whole textbooks without your boring teachers help. If you come across a english word you don't understand, check the English-Chinese dictionary. If you are malay, just use a English-Malay Dictionary & so on. At first, you have many english words to check. After you check many english words at first, you remember them. And after many checking the english words, checkings become less and less. It is very difficult as first (especially you are weak in english). But after many checking, there is less checking as your english improves. So do not give up at first. Alternatively, you may want to use a English Learner Dictionary. It is basically a simple english dictionary to check difficult words for english learner beginners. Currently, me Cstan98 use Apple Dictionary in MacBook Air & define terms in Google for iPhone7.

  5. Do All Homeworks.

    Do all the assigned homeworks. It is ok if you get them all wrong. Just complete all the assigned homeworks. And find out the correct answers.

  6. Finish Your Teenager Education.

    When you are before 18 years old, try to study as much as possible in schools. After 18 years old, you just quit schools & start to work in good Companies. This is because there are countries laws that prevent good Companies to employ minors (below 18 years old).

  7. Go Church.

    Some churches provide free tuition for Christians. Ask free tuition help from good Senior Christians. All you have to do is ask. JESUS CHRIST: "knock & the door open."

  8. Go Public & School Library.

    Try to get study free aids & materials in libraries.

  9. Surf Internet.

    The me Cstan98 knows one GCE A Level history student who gets an A in history. All her classmates are unable to get a textbook which covers the whole history syllabus. What She does She searches all keywords in internet Google & read them.

  10. Work During School Holidays.

    Don't play or sleep during school holidays. Try to work part-time jobs. You gain working experiences & earn some incomes to buy extra study aids. You also help your parents income.

  11. *Conclusion.

    Learn as much from Good Teachers, all Their Good Teachings. See as much from bad teachers also, do not do their bad teachings. Then for e/Everyone to You is a Learning Experience.

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