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*If You Are Unlucky All The Time.

Building Lucks Skills are like all skills. They can be built. 'Doctor Strange, Movie.' Ancient One: "study & practice."

  1. 1: No Masturbation.

    Many little masturbations sins = one big adultery sin. It is said if you do adultery, you definitely have bad lucks & become jobless no money. The first step to have good lucks, is to cut down masturbation as much as possible.

  2. 2: Get A Job.

    The second step to have good lucks, is to get a job. Because with a job, you gain money salary income & self-worth. When you are proud of your job, your self-esteem & self-worth increase. With high self-esteem, you have confidence & all bad lucks go away.

  3. 3: Get Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

    You feel you have bad lucks all the time is because you do not have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend. To have One, you must not masturbation & pornography. When you masturbation & pornography, your husband/wife fate is drained by satan the devil. Making you very difficult to find a husband/wife. After you cut down masturbation & pornography as much as possible, the next thing is to do as much jobs works as possible. As it is recorded in Holy Bible: "when you do many jobs works, GOD give you a Wife" as a reward. It is promised in Holy Bible. Do not grumble when the pay is too little, you are earning a Husband/Wife.

  4. Do Not Sleep Too Much.

    When you masturbations & ejaculations, you tend to sleep too much. Sleeping too much bring depression. And depression bring a sense of bad lucks, as you have no energy to do all jobs right. You get fire from jobs easily when you are out of energies. Therefore, do not sleep too much. Learn to cut down masturbations ejaculations so as not to sleep so much.

  5. Eat.

    Eat many delicious good foods. So that you gain energies & new meanings in life.

  6. Go Church.

    Going to Church regularly make you a more Holy Person. A Righteous Person abiding to the Holy Bible, as you receive Teachings from a good Pastor. Doing the right things more, GOD bless you with many good lucks. Moreover, going Church weekly build discipline, & discipline gives good lucks. And giving money Offerings during Church services, GOD also bless you with many good lucks.

  7. Listening Friends.

    Try to find True Listening Friends. When Listening Friends listen to your problems talking out. You organize Your Thoughts & Your Life better. If You cannot find Listening Friends, be One Yourself to Someone. Start Listenings. Soon the same kind of Listening Friends group together.

  8. Make Friends.

    Make many friends during your visits to Church. One of these friends someday become your Boyfriend/Girlfriend. As learning to make friends is the first step to have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend. And having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend means able to get marry & have marriage sex. Therefore, making friends give hope that one day You can get married. Especially the good fellow Christians ones.

  9. Read Cstan98 Website.

    Read this Cstan98 Website to gain more knowledges. With more knowledges, you do a better job = better good lucks. You also do less wrong things = better good lucks.

  10. Self-Discipline.

    Wake up at 5am everyday. Sleep at 4am everyday. Read Holy Bible everyday. A Discipline Life means more Self-Discipline. Self-Discipline is needed to increase Self-Esteem & Self-Worth.

  11. Self-Esteem.

    To have High Self-Esteem. Break your Life Goals into Small Steps Tasks. Finish these Small Steps Tasks tohave small wins. Small wins increase your Self-Esteem bit by bit. That is how you build your High Self-Esteem.

  12. Self-Worth.

    To have High Self-Worth. Do not sins. Sins destroy self-worth. Have a Discipline Christian Life. Lead a godly Life.

  13. Spirit-Filled Christian Life.

    When You are sinless. HOLY SPIRIT rejoice in You. You lead a Happy Spirit-Filled Christian Life.

  14. Study Hard.

    When you are young, study hard in school. A good education means a better job, therefore a better pay income, therefore better good lucks. Therefore GOD gives good lucks to Those who study hard.

  15. Wake Up Early.

    Set your alarm to get up early in the morning. Then drink coffee & take breakfast. Then start your day. Build wake up early discipline to gain good lucks. With discipline = GOD gives you good lucks.

  16. Watch Weekly Movies.

    If you are alone, watch as many movies alone as possible. Because movies are very entertaining & stimulating, you not feel so lonely after that. When you do not feel so lonely, you gain confidence, thereby gain good lucks. After You get married, still continue watch Weekly Movies with Your Spouse. Because Good Movies are GOD Training Videos to get to the next level of the Program.

  17. Work To Get More Foods.

    Eat Foods. Have Energies. Work to buy more Foods for more Energies. Cstan98 Repeat Stroke. Do not buy meaningless things. Buy Foods for Energies.

  18. *Conclusion.

    A little additional lucks here & a little additional lucks there. Overall = a Big Good Lucks Life!

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