Cstan98 If You Are Sleepy All The Time

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*If You Are Sleepy All The Time.

We are created not to sleep. We are created to do GOD Works. So don't sleep. Get up & fight!

  1. Black Coffee. (50% Cold + 50% Hot).

    Black Coffee. First thing You wake up. For some reasons. WHO (world health organization) tap water if not filter cold/hot are very sleepy.

  2. Cashier Receipts

    When you buy things. Get a cashier receipt. Why cashier receipts? Cashier receipts are binding contract documents that you use your money to buy those items. Things that have no cashier receipts. May cause energies being drained steal. Or may mean permission given to drug (since it is not bought by You). The me Cstan98 tries not to keep cashier receipts after accoutnings. They are teared & thrown. The me tries not to account for Business Expenses Receipts. They are not worthy the efforts to do accounting for tax cuts.

  3. Fight Court Cases.

    Learn to fight mental court cases with energies draining demons. For example. If you drain my energies. The me Cstan98 drains your energies & keep these energies to be used for Panda Firebox Hellfires = So that unlike you. The me does not drain energies for personal use.

  4. Full Of Foods Energies.

    You need to eat to feel less sleepy. Foods give energies. Keep a Balanced Diet = eat everythings in moderation. Enough seaweed to produce hormones. Not enough fats, proteins, minerals, sugars, vitamins, ... create unbalanced hormones productions . If You are a Full Vegetarian. You need to take more frequent vegetarian snacks meals to make up of less foods energies.

  5. Mucus In Lungs.

    When you sleep too much. Lying down in bed. Foods mucus enter your lungs. Many mucus in lungs make you unable to breathe. Lack of oxygen means low energies. Mean sleepy. To cure mucus in lungs = brush teeth lying on bed + sing Church Worship Songs loudly + stand upright whole day working = it clear mucus from your lungs.

  6. Negotiate Terms.

    Learn to mentally negotiate terms with energies draining satan the devil. For example. When me Cstan98 throws away discounted goods & you still drain my energies. Then reverse terms. When you throw away discounted goods. The your energies still are drained based on your interests. For example. When me accounted discounted goods money value & you still drain my energies. Then reverse terms. When you accounted discounted goods money value. The your energies still are drained based on your interests.

  7. No Discounts.

    Looking at the cashier receipts printout. Check for discounts/sales tax absorptions. It is these items that cause energies being drained stolen. Do not buy from those stores again for giving you discounts or sales tax absorption & drained steal your energies for them. If you no choice. Have to buy from these discount stores. Account Taxes & Tithes for them as Free Gifts Values.

  8. No Free Blue Things.

    Careful of free blue things like free ebooks, softwares, ... downloads. As these blue things drain steal your energies. Making you become feverish or always sleeping. Delete all not-bought free blue things now.

  9. No Pirated Materials.

    You must obey copyrights laws. Keeping pirated materials cause demons to drain steal your energies. Because you steal copyright materials by not buying them. Things like pirated ebooks, movies, music, picutures, ... downloads are the culprits.

  10. No Pornography Sexual Fire.

    Seeing too much pornography cause a sexual fire burning at your chest. Your chest feel warm. This sexual fires burn all body energies. Making you sleepy all the time. Cut down pornography. Read quit adultery (pornography) materials like Cstan98 Jedi Quit Masturbation & Pornography in Cstan98 Jedi Quit Sins Section. And Cstan98 No Adultery Stories in Cstan98 Zen Stories Section. To extinguish these sexual fires.

  11. No Sins Too Much.

    Holy Bible: "when Holy Communion with sins. The you become forgetful sleepy sick (small deaths)." Holy Bible: "if you same sins after letting JESUS CHRIST dies on the Cross for your sins. You become worse state than before. Do not take JESUS CHRIST Name in vain." When you sins. The you die faster. More sleepy means you are dying faster. Sleeps = little deaths. Do not sins.

  12. No Website Bookmarks.

    Some blue websites or webpages. When you bookmark them. They drain your energies. Especially blue webpages.

  13. Quit Masturbation & Pornography.

    The masturbation & pornography burns a lots of body energies. You go into depressions & sleepiness. Quit now!!! For me Cstan98. It is when me is free from masturbation & pornography. Then me is able to work like a Superhuman. Super fast/not sleepy/smart.

  14. Reason Out What Cause That Sleepiness.

    Reason out. Is it that drink? Is it that masturbation? Is it that meal? Is it that pornographic session? Play App Mastermind = find out the Source Codes. Go to the Roots of the problems.

  15. *Conclusion.

    JESUS CHRIST United States Marines: "pains & sleep can be controlled."

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