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*If You Are Sick All The Time.

Both Prayers To GOD & Action Factors. If you pray to GOD to do well in your study examinations, but you do not study, you do well? Of course not. If you pray to GOD to have a good harvest, but you don't farm, do you get a harvest? Chances are very slim. Prayers to GOD need to combine with action factors which you must do. Therefore. In order for you not to fall sick. You must do the following action factors.

  1. Action Factor = Diet.

    Some people always fall sick because they have a bad foods diet. Try to take only fruits, seaweed & vegetables. Many meat & sugars make you very sick. The me Cstan98 learns from a Christian friend, she prays to GOD to guide her what foods to eat so that she can be healthy. She always listen to GOD Voice & learn from many healthy Teachers. She turns from a very sick person to a healthy person who has never see doctor for the past 10 years. She eats only fishes, vegetables & fruits. She drinks 1 lemon juice with water daily. *You may want to turn her fishes to equivalent seaweed.

  2. Action Factor = Exercises.

    The next Action Factor is exercises. Because with exercises, you breathe out the lungs below residue 10% dirty air & replaces with good air. Also, you sweat out all bad chemicals from your body which comes from bad foods & pollution.

  3. Do Not Pick Up Money From The Floor.

    As when you possess the money you pick from the floor. There is a binding contract, that the money sum take of that value from you. It may be from other people who throw away the discounts money. Thereby draining your energies & your health. Making you sick always.

  4. Higher Cultivation Level.

    Let say you are fighting another martial arts expert. If Your Martial Arts Cultivation is higher than him, you never get injured by him. Same Thing. If Your Christianity Cultivation Level is higher than that enemy demon, that enemy demon cannot touch you. How To Increase Christianity Cultivation Level = Read Holy Bible, Worship Church Songs, Give Praises & Thanks To JESUS CHRIST time to time, Prayers, help out in Missionary, help out in Church, do not sins, ... How To Increase Perfect Christianity Level = 5 Black & White Commandments (Do Not Kill, Steal, Adultery, Lie, Problem) Controlled Thoughts, No Masturbation & Pornography, Perfect Sinless, Vegetarian, Virginity, Virtues, ...

  5. No Discounts.

    Do not take discounts from blue stores (even some other colour stores). As they drain your energies & your health. Making you sick always. If you need to buy these products with discount, you need to give 10% Tithes to a Good JESUS CHRIST Church. GOD promises if We don't steal from GOD, GOD settle Our things with satan the devil & give Us Our due Blessings. Also note, you need to account for free discounts and things in your incomes taxes to prevent blue drainings from satanic governments.

  6. No Free Blue Things

    Do not take blue things. Free blue things drain your energies & health. Making you sick always. They are from the blue demons. If you must blue things, account taxes & tithes for their free discounts or values. Delete away free blue ebooks. Delete away free blue website bookmarks. Throw away free blue books. You soon discover that your fevers & tiredness go away.

  7. No Masturbation & pornography.

    When you successfully quit masturbation & pornography, you notice that many of sickness are gone. Sickness like allergies, depression, flu, impotence, low energy, ocd (orderliness compuslory cleanliness), sleepiness, unable to focus, ...

  8. Open Window After Raining.

    Immediately after raining, you need to open the window for the clean air to come into your bedroom. The air is the purest immediately after raining.

  9. Read Cstan98 Doctor Scientist Cures in Cstan98 Medicine Cultivation.

    Read it to know how to cure common diseases. They are my Cstan98 findings, it has cures ranging from throat cancer to cervix cancer prevention. Following these advices, you prevent many diseases from happening in your body.

  10. Room Spaces.

    If your bedroom is stuffed with many things, the air in your bedroom is very stale. Throw away unwanted things, and increase your bedroom room spaces so that the air are fresher. Also. By giving away your unwanted things. You become a blessing to other people who cannot afford the things.

  11. Throw Demonic Items Away.

    To get rid of demonic curses. On Your part. You must throw away all demonic items (they are likely to have unknown languages written on them which are satanic curses). Unfriend all satanic Facebook friends (so that they cannot satanic curse you. The satanic cursing need line of sight = you need to hold one of their thing = as their facebook friend for example). Unjoin all satanic Facebook group (so that they cannot satanic curse you. The satanic cursing need line of sight = you need to hold one of their thing = in their facebook group for example). Throw away all pornography & sex materials like xxx books, xxx ebooks, xxx magazines, xxx movies, xxx photo, ... (these xxx materials invite evil lustful spirits into you which make you further sins. Once you sins, your Perfect Christianity Cultivation Level drops, then come satanic curses).

  12. Under Demonic Curses.

    If you are under demonic curses like past satanic oaths not to leave satanic cults. Pray: "JESUS CHRIST, help me!!! Please guide me what to do." Follow the instructions steps that come to Your head.

  13. *Conclusion.

    Know how GOD works. To get the effects You want.

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