Cstan98 If You Are Always Fired

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*If You Are Always Fired.

Let me guess? You go to each company. Always lose your job. No matter you how hardworking. And try different methods at each company. Always get fired. Below are tips for you.

  1. Buck Up Your PR (Public Relations).

    To stay long inside a Company. 50% of the whole Company must like you enough.

  2. Bring Out Best From People.

    Everyone human nature is good. Bring out good side Angels of people. Not bad side demons of people.

  3. Chain Of Commands.

    (01) Follow Chain Of Commands. If another superior ask you to do one thing. Tell her/him. You need to consult your Superior. Get nod from Superior. Tell back that another superior your superior say can. After work done. Tell both Superiors.

    (02) Try to cc every relevant persons inside company. Everyone in that level must know what going on.

  4. Claim Your Performance.

    Sell your performances. High fliers in company. Because everyone in company agree that person is capable. And done enough for everyone in Company.

  5. Die = Fired.

    Number one mistake. Is you only talk to your one person (the boss). The rest of company 99% don't like you. That is samurai suicide. You at least 50% of the people to like you.

  6. Do More. But Leave On Time To Rest.

    You pay work done more for that Employer asks for. During those hours. After hours. Go back to rest. Repeat next day.

  7. Out Of Scope: Ask For Additional Tasks.

    Learn more things for promotion. Ask for additional tasks. When current assigned tasks are done.

  8. Out Of Scope: Help Co-Workers.

    Learn more things for promotion. Ask co-workers. If they need help.

  9. Salute Everyone.

    From University with working experience Big Brother. Salute everyone from highest ranks to lowest ranks. Because company is teamwork. You cannot do your job alone.

  10. Report Work Done.

    You don't silently do your work. Report every assigned task done back to that Officer. Who ask You to do.

  11. Seek Permission.

    There are routine/special authority instruction. Routine tasks need not ask. But special decisions need to ask first. If urgent. Do first then report tell back later.

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