Cstan98 How To Write This Website

Version2 2018.03.00

How To Write This Website.

Cstan98 Website is not written in one day. Each take many each day revisions from 1998 until now. You are reading years of hard works efforts. Not one day thing.

  1. Create Values.

    Add. Don't Substract.

  2. Better & Better Versions.

    Keep improving.

  3. Don't Worry - Start With Version 1.

    Version 1998 confirmed very worst state than your Version 2017 (for example).

  4. Help People.

    Give what Everyone needs most. At that moment.

  5. It Is Bascially Just A Book.

    It is bascially just a Forever & Ever revising Book.

  6. Know HTML Programming.

    You need to know how to program a Website. Actually it is very simple once you get the hang. You only need to know the basic for text-based Website like this one.

  7. Know SEO (Search Engine Optimziation).

    If You can write good contents. But no one know how to find it (Google Search). Then your hard works are in vain.

  8. Today Version Is The Best Possible Version.

    Tomorrow future Versions take care of themselves. Don't keep things for future uses.

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