Cstan98 How To Setup JESUS CHRIST God Kingdom

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*How To Setup JESUS CHRIST God Kingdom.

See Stroke Copycat Stroke. Do You know this planet earth last time belong to GOD. It just that for some reasons. It is bought over by satan the devil. Now is time to See Stroke Copycat Stroke. Use his satanic money to buy back from him.

  1. Before GOD Kingdom Come.

    If You can buy over satanic government rights to govern a Country, then govern the Country well according to Holy Bible. This gives GOD People a break before JESUS CHRIST GOD Kingdom comes.

  2. Buy Over Satanic Government Rights.

    If You are a Perfect Christian, you can help JESUS CHRIST buy over the satanic government rights faster & sooner. You just earn as much money (satanic & GOD) as possible & them buy over. In Old Testament, King David pays everythings He uses, He doesn't uses free things. If you have difficulties not to use free things. Pay Taxes & Tithes of the free gifts things value you use.

  3. Do Your Part.

    Heaven Tao Teacher: "an Ant carry a rice grain. A Cow carry a cart load. It is all about just trying Their best."

  4. Earn As Much As Possible.

    Even all your money earned get stolen by satan the devil. Do not give up. Keep on earning. Those stolen money, GOD allows You to buy somethings from satan the devil.

  5. Frugal Don't Over-Spend.

    Make every hardearned cent count.

  6. Hardworking Tortoise.

    You should know the Racing Story about Rabbit & Tortoise. We Tortoise Angels are hardworkingly farming & producing. The rabbit satan the devil is eating & playing. You guess who in the end win the Race?

  7. It Can Be Done.

    Theoretically it is feasible. This planet satanic government rights can be completely bought over in the matters of time. All Heaven Planets have been bought over or conquered. This planet earth is the last satanic planet.

  8. Talk To GOD.

    You talk to GOD to ask further instructions. There are things GOD reveals. There are things GOD not reveals.

  9. *Conclusion: Perfect Christians Unite!

    All Perfect Christians unite. Let buy over this satanic planet earth government rights & give to JESUS CHRIST for Him to build His GOD Kingdom.

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