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*Introduction: How To Get Married (Christianity Way) In Singapore.

If you are out of money budget, here is a way to get married in Singapore for under $3,000 (total) or $1,500 (split for each person), the Christianity Way.

  1. Plan A Date For ROM (Registry Of Marriage).

    Talk to your spouse-to-be. Choose a date to get ROM Solemnization. You need at least 2 months from today to get advance booking from ROM.

  2. Go ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Book Solemnization Date.

    Google Search 'Singapore ROM address'. Surf ROM (Registry Of Marriage) website to know which date you need to go down to book which date. If me Cstan98 remembers correctly, you can only book 6 weeks in advance. We go down personally to enter into their computer terminal. Although me thinks you can book the Solemnization Date in ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Website. Because you can approach the ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Officers for help as the ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Website is very confusing. ROM (Registry Of Marriage) fee = $26 . One person $13 .

  3. Buy Rings.

    We buy from West Mall 'Tian Po, gold shop'. 916 (91.6% is gold) gold marriage rings x2 cost $545 . One person costs $275 . The cheapest alternative is metal ring at $10 each.

  4. Book ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization Clothings.

    We book our Clothings at Jurong East IMM Bridal Store (there are 3 bridal stores in IMM). Make-up for bride + gown for bride + suit for bridegroom = $480 . One person costs $240 . Need to tell them your ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization date. If IMM bridal stores are being taken over, & raise prices. Look other places Bridal Stores.

  5. Christianity Marriage Counselling.

    Tell your Pastor you are getting married. Whether there is any Marriage Counselling Sessions from the Church. Cost = free.

  6. Come Up With Confirmed ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization Ceremony & ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Dinner Guests List.

    Plan who you want to invite for the ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization & ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Dinner. Remember to sms them the ROM (Registry Of Marriage) date, ROM (Registry Of Marriage) room number & dinner venue.

  7. Book ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Dinner.

    We book our ROM Dinner at Vanda Terrace at Orchid Country Club (Yishun). It is a NTUC Foodfare which needs not pay income tax. Cost $300 per 8 courses dinner table. We book 3 tables. Cost = $1250 including 7% GST & 10% service charge & extra drinks (as free drinks only include ice water & chinese teas). One person costs $650 . *Note it is not air-con & maximum 5 tables. *Note: can also try Furama Riverfront Buffet restaurant. $42++ for 2 persons. It is a buffet.

  8. Show Documents At ROM (Registry Of Marriage).

    After you register at ROM (Registry Of Marriage) for Solemnization Date. There is a Before Date to show NRIC of Husband & Wife & photocopies of NRIC (Singapore National ID) of 2 Witnesses. You also need to make Oaths that you are not married before. Cost = free.

  9. Driver & Photographer.

    You need to employ a Driver & Photographer for your ROM (Registry Of Marriage) solemnization day. Driver may be your Uncle (who has a car). Photographer can be your teenager nephew. Hongbao cost = $200 each = $400 . One person = $200 .

  10. Previous Day & Night Forbidden Rule.

    There is a Chinese Tradition that the day & night before Marriage Day. The couple cannot meet, or else somethings happen to them. Try to endure. The me Cstan98 thinks it is bad lucks because of committing adultery & losing your virginity before Marriage Day.

  11. The Actual ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization Day.

    You need to go Bridal Shop or arrange at your house to bride make-up on ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization Day. We go to the Bridal Shop at 1.00pm as our ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization is at 4.30pm. Then asks Uncle (who is Our Wedding Day Driver) to fetch us to ROM (Registry Of Marriage). You & your 2 Witnesses need to arrive half an hour before ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization time. Go there early to take photos (we arrive 1.5 hours early). After Solemnization, take more photos.

  12. ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Dinner.

    Then after ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization, We ask Uncle (who is Driver) to fetch us to Restaurant at 7.30pm (we arrive at 6.45pm). *Note: Bride & Bridegroom need to stand outside the Restaurant entrance to welcome the guests. After all guests arrive, start dinner. During dinner, need to take photos & cheer drinks together at each table. After dinner, Bride & Bridegroom need to stand outside the restaurant entrance to bid guests farewell. Pay the dinner. Go home see how much hongbao money you collected.

  13. Honeymoon Sex.

    As our Church Solemnization is 1 week & 1 day after our ROM (Registry Of Marriage) Solemnization. The me Cstan98 cannot wait that long for Marriage Honeymoon Sex. So We have honeymoon sex on ROM Solemnization Day. The me thinks once you ROM Solemnization You are Husband & Wife. The Church Solemnization later is for GOD Blessings to add to the couple. But if you can wait, then honeymoon sex on Church Solemnization Day. For me Cstan98, me is a masturbation & pornography addict. Therefore, cannot wait that long to later Church Solemnization Day. Cost = $8 for 12 condoms (best is normal thin condoms). Use condom steps:

    (01) Both bath. Male need to urine (or else premature ejaculation).

    (02) Both take off clothes.

    (03) Kiss. Pet breasts until p organ have erection.

    (04) Wear Condom on erection p organ.

    (05) Continue petting for 1 minute with condom on to get stronger erection.

    (06) Sexual Intercourse. If you are male virgin, & unable to find the v hole. Wife with virginity hymen, ask her to guide you in. Wife without virginity hymen, use finger to find v hole location.

    (07) When about to ejaculate, use Arch Point Pressing to lessen the outflow of semen so that you recover faster from ejaculation. See 'Sexual Research - Arch Point Pressing' below.

  14. Sexual Research - Arch Point Pressing.

    (01) Have Sexual Intercourse - Missionary Position (Male Husband on top of Female Wife).

    (02) When about to ejaculate semen, use 3 middle fingers press the centre left-right up-down section. The centre section between your p organ & asshole at the semen tubes.

    (03) Not Too Late. If too late, you ejaculate non-stop.

    (04) Not Too Early. If too early, you male not orgasms.

    (05) Long Enough. Long enough until semen ejaculations stop.

    (06) Semen Tubes Jammed. If your semen tubes become jammed with semen, just drink lots of water & urine 3 times. You need to remain stand up to ease the jamming pains. Next time, don't press too late.

    (07) Expert. If You become an expert at Arch-Point Pressing, You can have Marriage Sex all the times without condoms, & Your Wife not get pregnant. Because no semen are ejaculated into Your Wife v hole.

    (08) Expert2. If You become an expert at Arch-Point Pressing, You feel less tired & can have daily sex (except 4 days of Your Wife menstruation period.)

    (09) Secret. This Arch-Point Pressing is a Secret among Armed Forces, Chinese Martial Arts Experts, Emperors, Taoists, ... To make them have many sex with Their Wife & don't feel tired.

    (10) Do Not Polygamy. The me Cstan98 teach You this Secret. On Your Part, You must promise You not polygamy (many wives). Because Your Only Wife get more & more high sex drive as Your wife gets older & as You play Your Wife daily. GOD creates Male to able to satisfy One Wife only. More than that, polygamy cause problems including children, country, family, sexual, ... problems.

  15. Church Solemnization.

    A short Church Solemnization session with the Pastor. Need to recite Christianity Wedding Vows. Cost = free.

  16. Total Wedding Cost Per Person (Split between husband & wife).

    Total cost = around $2,200 . Per person cost = around $1,100 . You roughly get $3,000 hongbao money. Enough to cover your Wedding expenses.

  17. Simple Wedding Dinner.

    If You still cannot afford, then go for Breads & Butters Home Wedding Dinner, MacDonald Cheeseburgers (without meat patties) Home Wedding Dinner, ... Keep it simple & low costs. You are trying to get married, not to show off your wealth.

  18. *Conclusion: Fight Cheakskate.

    There is a long life after Marriage. So do not spend finish your bullets (money) during Wedding. Plan some for Children, Housing, iPhones, Mac Laptops, ...

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