Cstan98 How To Conversations With GOD

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How To Conversations With GOD.

You need to speak to GOD personally all the time. Not just prayer to GOD to ask for something only. Just speak short sentences once a while.

  1. Do Not Lie.

    When You do not lie. You have 100% Reports who that Person You are talking to. It is satan the devil or a demon impersonating. An Archangel. A Little Angel A Little Ghost just trying to find converstaion partner.

  2. Do Not Sins.

    When you sins, you telepathically connect to satan the devil. When You perfectly do not sins, You connect to GOD, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT.

  3. GOD Talk Back.

    If you have (so called) mental illness like me, you can hear GOD or the Angels-In-Charge talks back to you.

  4. GOD Thank You.

    Sometime short sentences like "GOD, thank you for creating me." "GOD, thank you for the creation of sunlight." "GOD, thank you for giving me this toilet."


    Sometime when You talk to GOD. It is the HOLY SPIRIT acting on His Behalf talking back to You. It is ok right. By right. GOD, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT are One.

  6. Praise GOD.

    You can praise GOD always. Like "GOD, you are so mighty." "GOD, you are so wonderful."

  7. Requests To GOD.

    You can make little requests time to time. Like "GOD, please guide me how to have an iPhone."

  8. You Are Not Mad.

    Trust me We are not mad. GOD & Angels talk in silent whispers in Our Heads.

  9. *Conclusion: Aware Of Signs.

    After so much talking to GOD, you build a personal relationship with GOD. Be more aware of miracle signs. Like seeing flying pigeons above you. Like seeing rainbow.

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