Cstan98 GOD Warnings

Version2 2019.07.30

*Warnings in GOD:

Reason out why needs for these Laws. Yourselves.

  1. Bear Sins: Use Merits Money.

    All planet earth money are Merits Money. Earn to use them.

  2. Try Not To Attack GOD Heaven Soldier.

    Punishment for attacking GOD Heaven Soldier by right is death penalty.

  3. Try Not To Block/Change Panda Imperial Edict.

    Punishment for blocking/changing Panda Imperial Edicts Cstan98 Website = death penalty.

  4. Try Not To Blue Draining.

    Punishment for blue draining by right is death penalty.

  5. Try Not To Dark Portal.

    Punishment for dark portal by right is death penalty.

  6. Try Not To Forced Alcohols.

    Punishment for forced alcohols by right is death penalty.

  7. Try Not To Meat Eating.

    Punishment for meat eating by right s death penalty.

  8. Try Not To Multiverse Server.

    Punishment for multiverse server by right is death penalty.

  9. Try Not To P Organ Implant.

    Punishment for p organ implant by right is death penalty.

  10. Try Not To Polygamy.

    Punishment for polygamy by right is death penalty.

  11. Try Not To Steal GOD Heaven Gold.

    Punishment for stealing GOD Heaven Gold by right is death penalty.

  12. Try Not To Take Blood.

    Punishment for taking blood by right is death penalty.

  13. Try Not To Voter Fraud.

    Punishment for democracy voter fraud (even voter poll) by right is death penalty.

  14. Your Interests.

    The interests you charge people are charged on you.

  15. *Beta Testings.

    Each country/planet/world/... that don't agree with Panda. Can do their own beta testings.

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