Cstan98 Game Cultivation - Domino

Version2 2019.02.26

**Introduction. Domino is a adult casino game game. It is what the adults gameplays to build up Their strategies codes.

  1. Domino is made up of many 2 sides tiles. With each side looking like dice face value from 1-6 + space. Suppose to connect same dice face value. To all out tiles domino.

  2. Trying to make Everyone good Domino players. We Jedi need all the help We can get to beat satan the devil.

**Cstan98 Domino Trainings:

  1. (01) Fight = lose/win real players.

    (01-01) iPhone (North Sky) Domino Royale App. See Status at far bottom 'Official Certifications'.

  2. (02) Train = with iPhone AI (Artifical Intelligence).

    (02-01) NIL.

  3. (03) Study = as much as possible.

    (03-01) Wikihow.com .

**1.0 Basic Domino Strategies & Tactics:

  1. Strategy - First Out Same Double Face Tile.

  2. Strategy - Second Out Same Many Face Tile.

  3. Strategy - See Next Connections/Links.

  4. Tactics - All 3.

  5. Tactics - Block.

  6. Tactics - Draw.

  7. Understand - Double/Single/Triple Ended.

  8. Understand - First Tile Should Be Doubled.

  9. Understand - Let Enemy Miss Turns.

  10. Understand - Remember Enemy Don't/Have Face Tile.

  11. Understand - You Must Able To Next Tile.

**Cstan98 Game Certifications Status:

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