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**Introduction. Battleship is naval guessing game. It is what the Americans gameplays to build up Their strategies codes.

  1. If You want to guess enemy hiding patterns. Well versed is a must.

  2. Trying to make Everyone good Battleship players. We Jedi need all the help We can get to beat satan the devil.

**Cstan98 Battleship Trainings:

  1. (01) Fight = lose/win real players.

    (01-01) iPhone (Smuttlewerk) Fleet Battle: Battleships Game App. See Status at far bottom 'Official Certifications'.

  2. (02) Train = with iPhone AI (Artifical Intelligence).

    (02-01) iPhone (Smuttlewerk) Fleet Battle: Battleships Game App.

  3. (03) Study = as much as possible.

    (03-01) NIL.

**3.0 Basic Battleship Strategies & Tactics:

**Website - Wikihow.Com .

**Website - Slate.Com .

Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

  1. Battlehsip Reminder Strategies = Guess Logic + Change Logic (Change/Don't Change).

  2. 0 Second Fast. So enemy cannot react.

  3. Guess. Break Hiding Patterns Logic.

  4. Guess. Enemy. Most Likely Hide Where?

  5. Guess. Enemy. Most Likely Don't Hit Where His Are.

  6. Guess. Concentrate In/Only. 1/2/3/4 Sectors?

  7. Guess. Out Enemy Largest Ship First. You may get lucky take out smallest.

  8. Guess. Out Enemy Current Ship Once Find. So can reason enemy current ships hiding patterns.

  9. Guess. Out Enemy Remainder Ship Second. So can reason enemy remainder ships hiding patterns.

  10. Guess. Patterns. Centre/Edge/Mid?

  11. Guess. Patterns. Changing/Consistent?

  12. Guess. Patterns. Connected/Spread?

  13. Guess. Patterns. Mirror/Random?

  14. Guess. Patterns. Mixed?

  15. Guess. Patterns. Parallel/Perpendicular?

  16. Hide. Confuse. You may have 2 ships connected. To give weird shape. So that other players waste many hits to figure everythings out.

  17. Know. Ship Types. 5, 4, 3, 31, 33, 2.

  18. Know. Ship Types. Remaining.

  19. Mode - Hunt. Slate.Com . Target checkered squares. Because ships are at least 2 squares. If you target black/white of checkered board. You reduce target areas by 50%. Wikihow.Com . Call it Parity Advantages.

  20. Mode - Target. Slate.Com . Once hit. Switch to Target Mode. Target that ship down. Wikihow.Com . Narrow down at area to hit that ship.

  21. Monitor Enemy Panic Rate. Mean last guess hits nearby.

  22. Own Best Formula. Always rewrite own ships hiding patterns.

  23. Own Connect/Nearby. Depend. Diverse hidden patterns.

  24. Own Touch/Don't Touch. Wikihow.Com . Space out with strategies of minimal possible hits.

  25. Strategy. Change/Same. Depend.

  26. Strategy. Copycat. Force Enemy not correct.

  27. Strategy. Correct. If right. Stick to it.

  28. Strategy. Don't Hit Your Same Squares. The enemy may copycat.

  29. Strategy. Double Benefits. Target battleship/patrol ship same time for example.

  30. Strategy. Move Away From Segment. Wikihow.Com . After 2 misses. For me Cstan98. At first. Rotate each segment. Second round. Concentrate segments systematically.

  31. Strategy. NLP Players. Wikihow.Com . If play with players often. Don't put ships in area players always hit. Always hit in area where players always place ships.

  32. Strategy. System. Fast focus. Less loading errors.

  33. Strategy. Target Centre. Wikihow.Com . Statistics suggest players like to put in centre.

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