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<Why me Cstan98 wants you to have a education mini-certification BBA (Business Administration degree) majoring in Operations Management. Because everythings in this world are Operations Management. Playing strategy computer games. Running a Unit like business/family/government/writing Ebooks/... Operations Management is applied in every activity in this world. But if your passion is in engineering. Then by all means go for engineering degree. You need a passion for what you study. To do well in that study.>

<Give the Textbooks due relevant respect. When can afford. Buy Hardback Ones.>

**Cstan98 Education Mini-Certification BBA (Business Administration Degree):

Cstan98 BBA Core - Finance Management (Textbook: Corporate Finance by Michelle R. Clayman)

Cstan98 BBA Core - Human Resource Management (Textbook: Human Resource Management by Raymond J Stone)

Cstan98 BBA Core - Marketing Management (Textbook: Marketing Management by Philip Kotler)

Cstan98 BBA Core - Operation Management (Textbook: Operations Management by Nigel Slack)

Cstan98 BBA Core - Strategic Management (Textbook: Strategic Management by Dallas Hanson)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Accounting (Textbook: Business Accounting 1&2 by Frank Wood)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Business Communication (Textbook: Excellence In Business Communication by John V. Thill)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Business Ethics (Textbook: Ethics & Business by Kevin Gibson)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Business Law (Textbook: International Business Law by Ray A. August)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Business Research (Textbook: Business Research by Jill Collis)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Economics (Textbook: Principle Of Economics by Robin Stonecash)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Management & Organization (Textbook: Management & Organization by Stephen Linstead)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Management Accounting (Textbook: Management & Cost Accounting by Colin Drury)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Management Science (Textbook: Management Science Modeling by S. Albright)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Mathematical & Quantitative Analysis (Textbook: Quantitative Intelligence Analysis by Edward Waltz)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Organization Theory (Textbook: Organization Theory & Design by Ricahrd L. Daft)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Psychology (Textbook: Psychology by Douglas A. Bernstein)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Sociology (Textbook: Sociology by John J. Macionis)

Cstan98 BBA Extra - Statistics (Textbook: Business Mathematics & Statistics by Andre Francis)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Business Analysis (Textbook: A Guide To The Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge by Kevin Brennan)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Business Strategies (Textbook: International Business Strategies by Alain Verbeke)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Change Management (Textbook: The Theory & Practice Of Change Management by John Hayes)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Church Management (Textbook: The Complete Guide To Church Management by M L Donnellan)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Classics Chinese Philosophy 诸子百家 (Textbook: Readings In Classical Chinese Philosophy by Philip J. Ivanhoe)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Classics Chinese Strategies 历代兵法 (Textbook: Military Strategy Classics Of Ancient China by Shawn Conners)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Classics English Philosophy (Textbook: Classics Of Western Philosophy by Steven M. Cahn)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Classics English Strategies (Textbook: Strategy Classics by Michael Ashley)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Event Management (Textbook: Event Management by Jeffrey P. Wrathall)

Cstan98 BBA Further - F&B (Food & Beverage) Management (Textbook: Food & Beverage Management by Bernard Davis)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Facility Management (Textbook: Total Facility Management by Brian Atkin)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Operation Planning & Control (Textbook: Manfucturing Planning & Control For Supply Chain Management by Thomas E. Vollmann)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Operation Strategy & Design (Textbook: Operations Strategy by Nigel Slack)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Project Management (Textbook: A Guide To Project Management Body Of Knowledge by Project Management Institute)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Public Management (Textbook: Public Management by Ian Greener)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Public Relations (Textbook: Pulic Relations by Jane Johnston)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Retail Management (Textbook: Retail Management by Barry Berman)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Service Operation Management (Textbook: Service Management by James A. Fitzsimmons)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Task Management (Textbook: Task Management by MD UDDIN)

Cstan98 BBA Further - Warehouse & Logistic (Textbook: Warehousing & Transportation Logistics by Heinrich Martin)

Cstan98 BBA IT - Accounting Software

Cstan98 BBA IT - All iPhone iOS System App

Cstan98 BBA IT - All Mac Laptop OS System App

Cstan98 BBA IT - Apple Keynote <important>

Cstan98 BBA IT - Apple Numbers <important>

Cstan98 BBA IT - Apple Pages <important>

Cstan98 BBA IT - Basic Hardware

Cstan98 BBA IT - BASIC Programming

Cstan98 BBA IT - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

Cstan98 BBA IT - Data Analysis

Cstan98 BBA IT - Flowchart Drawing Software

Cstan98 BBA IT - Google Search

Cstan98 BBA IT - HR (Human Resource) & Payroll Software

Cstan98 BBA IT - HTML Programming

Cstan98 BBA IT - Management Template

Cstan98 BBA IT - Project Management Software

Cstan98 BBA IT - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Cstan98 BBA IT - Statistical Analysis

Cstan98 BBA IT - Strategy Games

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