Cstan98 Christianity Marriage Counselling

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<Cstan98 Marriage Counselling Objectives are to let Everyone happily married. Even demons. Because when people are unable to be happily married, many people fall into the dark side (i.e. become satanic). The satanic rebellions are about unable to be happily married, to correctly use & understand GOD Female & Sex Creation. Sage-King Government is all about Government of Foods & Sex Distribution among the Population.>

**Cstan98 Marriage Counselling:

  1. 500 Years Virginity Courtship.

    Why Buddhist Classic says People gets married at 500 years old in the Future World. So that you can virgins courtship each other for 500 years before coming into serious Marriage. At least virgin age 42 which is my Cstan98 record virginity timings before Marriage. Apostle Paul in Holy Bible: "if you cannot, try to get married fast." My Cstan98 Understanding: 500 Years Virginity Courtship = Total Number Of Years Breaks (for example 100 years on Earth + 100 years in Heaven + 100 years in Hell + ... If not enough, GOD may abstain Your Marriage Sex for years, so you cultivate enough years to be together).

  2. 1000 Years Half-Virginity Marriage Courtship.

    1000 Years Half-Viginity = 500 Years Virginity.

  3. Careful Marry Mental Illed Person.

    Praying for mental disorders cure for mental illed person have Big Punishments (if wrong) + Big Blessings (if right). Best is both mental illed to have mutual understandings.

  4. Careful Marry Problems/Sinful Person.

    To change a problems person requires many years of Coachings & Patience. Best is both have same problems to have mutual understandings.


    Seek GOD Wisdom, JESUS CHRIST Forgiveness & HOLY SPIRIT Guidance to help build Our Marriage.

  6. Monogamy Marriage.

    King David discovers many problems when He marries too many wives poylgamy. The king solomon downfall is created by his polygamy wives. Do not polygamy!!! The polygamy system is an islamic system, not a JESUS CHRIST Perfect Christianity System.

  7. No Divorce.

    For Perfect Christianity, there is no such thing as divorce. Once you get married, it is for Life. The me Cstan98 recommends even after body death when your Wife or Husband goes Heaven before You. JESUS CHRIST: "there is only 1 Condition for Divorce = Big Adultery (like more than one wife one husband polygamy adultery, wife remarry husband remarry adultery, ...)" Holy Bible has 1 Case where a Prophet stays faithful to His adultery Prostitute Wife where He never remarries. Pray very hard You & Your Wife die/rapture together to Heaven. Not left behind to wait.

  8. Our Cstan98 Choy Marriage Vow.

    For for beautiful for ugly, better for worse, for richer for poorer, for sickness or health, for thin for fat, ... to be Forever & Ever together.

  9. Perfect Christian Marry Perfect Christian.

    Solve all your sins & addictions problems before Marriage. Best is Perfect Christian marry Perfect Christian. If sinful Christian marry sinful Christian, please prepare for marriage tsunami.

**Cstan98 Match-Making:

  1. *Best is same problems & sins level. Because Male & Female are too different already. So marrying as much common things to give the Marriage more chances to sustain & work forever.

  2. Male Black Marry Female Black.

    If you want your black Children Offpsrings to be whiter. Both Husband & Wife should keep on drinking Low Sugar Soya Drinks. Soya drinks = a White Chinese Drink. It takes 3 years constant drinkings = to change the whole body DNA & cells components. Each 3 years you become more & more fair white.

  3. Male Gay Marry Female Lesbian.

  4. Male Hitman Marry Female Prostitue.

    See 'Deadpool & Hitman1, Movies'. Because hitman does killings for a living & prostitue does sex for a living. But it is better JESUS CHRIST United States Male Marines marry JESUS CHRIST United States Female Marines. Ask your Wives to train as a JESUS CHRIST United States Marines like Panda Heaven Soldiers.

  5. Male HIV Ovarian Cancer Infected Marry Female HIV Ovarian Cancer Infected.

    Cure HIV (aids) & ovarian cancer infections together. If you remain single, you can never cure these viruses. Because infected people are high sex drive people. One adultery sex relapse is enough to get a new virus variant needed to restart the no-sex cycle again & again. You never going to make it alone. Get sexually happily married.

  6. Male Perfect Christian Marry Female Perfect Christian.

  7. Male P-Organ-Artifical Marry Female-Breasts-Artifical.

  8. Male P-Organ-Big Marry Female-Breasts-Big.

  9. Male P-Organ-Don't-Have Marry Female-Breasts-Don't-Have.

  10. Male Robot-AI(Intelligence Artifical) Marry Female Robot-AI(Intelligence Artifical).

  11. Male Same-Addiction Marry Female Same-Addiction.

  12. Male Same-Divorce-How-Many-Times Marry Female Same-Divorce-How-Many-Times.

  13. Male Same-Fat Marry Female Same-Fat.

  14. Male Same-Good-King-Type Marry Female Same-Good-Queen-Type.

  15. Male Same-Handicapped Marry Female Same-Handicapped.

  16. Male Same-Handsome Marry Female Same-Beautiful.

  17. Male Same-Height Marry Female Same-Height.

  18. Male Same-Illness Marry Female Same-Illness.

  19. Male Same-Plastic-Surgery Marry Female Same-Plastic-Surgery.

  20. Male Same-Playful Marry Female Same-Playful.

  21. Male Same-Problem Marry Female Same-Problem.

  22. Male Same-Rich Marry Female Same-Rich.

  23. Male Same-Unfaithful Marry Female Same-Unfaithful.

  24. Male Same-Widowered-How-Many-Times Marry Female Same-Widowed-How-Many-Times.

  25. Male Same-Wife-Abuser Marry Female Same-Husband-Abuser.

  26. Male Same-Wise Marry Female Same-Wise.

  27. Male Same-Young-Looking Marry Female Same-Young-Looking.

  28. Male Single-Parent-Same-Number-Of-Children Marry Female Single-Parent-Same-Number-Of-Children.

  29. Male Sinner-Christian Marry Female Sinner-Christian.

  30. Male Transgender Marry Female Transgender.

  31. Male Virgin Marry Female Virgin.

  32. Male White-Semen-Come-Out Marry Female Virginity-Hymen-Broken.

    Because both are not virgins. Try not to drink too much water at night & to go toilet immediately so not to have semen-out wet dreams to protect your future Wife virginity hymen.

  33. *If Mis-Matched Marriage. Please prepare for Coupling Tsunami. You must as soon as possible become more sameness. For example:

    (01) Basketball Your v to get same height.

    (02) Feed Your Husband/Wife to same fatness.

    (03) Sex Your Husband/Wife to look same old-age.

    (04) Soya Your Husband/Wife to get same whiteness.

    (*) Or else in normal 3 years time. The huge differences crack the Marriage.

  34. If It Is Not Broken. Do Not Fix It.

  35. All Jedi Do What Fit.

**Cstan98 Marriage Rings Codes:

  1. *Cstan98 Do Not Lie Stroke.

  2. *Best Is Same Paired Rings.

  3. *Buy Each Other Marriage Ring.

  4. *Don’t Get Killed Over Ring In Robbery. Just ask Husband/Wife for Replacement.

  5. *Engrave Own Husband/Wife Name On Your Given Ring.

  6. *First Line Of GOD Marriage Defence. Don’t take off Husband/Wife ring.

  7. *Look Touch Ring. Reject Stranger = Already have a Husband/Wife.

  8. *Update Rings. When finger becomes too fat/thin. Ask Husband/Wife for replacement.

  9. **Double Left 4th Finger Rings = Faithfully Widowed/Widowered.

  10. **No Ring = Available.

  11. **Other Finger Rings = How Many Rings How Many Liabilities Like Addictions/Children/Jobs/Parents/Problems While Divorced/Single/Widowed/Widowered. Ask to find out what are they.

  12. **Single Left 4th Finger Ring = Faithfully Married.

  13. ***Gold Ring = Deeply Committed.

  14. ***Silver Ring = Lightly Committed. In the process of Dating/Divorce/Engagement/Testing.

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