Cstan98 Black & White 5 Commandments 罗汉五戒。

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**Black & White 5 Commandments. 罗汉五戒。

  1. 戒杀。Must Not Kill.

    1. You kill people, other people kill you.

    2. High level killing = kill person or animal.

    3. Middle level killing = eat meat (indirect killing).

    4. Low level killing = step on ants.

    5. When you not kill, GOD bless you with a long lifespan.

    6. See what happens when Cstan98 do not kill virus, just let bad virus die out.

  2. 戒偷。Must Not Steal.

    1. You steal people, other people steal you.

    2. High level stealing = rob bank.

    3. Middle level stealing = buy pirated movie.

    4. Low level stealing = write idea without quoting source.

    5. When you not steal, you become very creative & rich as you do not steal ideas.

    6. See what happen when bill gates buy msdos 1.0 .

    7. And when the first americans buy new york island.

  3. 戒淫。Must Not Adultery.

    1. You adultery people, other people adultery you.

    2. High level adultery = rape female.

    3. Middle level adultery = play prostitute.

    4. Low level adultery = masturbation & pornography.

    5. When you do not adultery, you get a faithful queen & good job, lucks & wealth.

    6. If you do not pornography & masturbation, you seem to have more good lucks.

  4. 戒说谎。Must Not Lie.

    1. You lie people, other people lie you.

    2. High level lying = tell lie.

    3. Middle level lying = tell half truth.

    4. Low level lying = tell inaccurate information.

    5. When you do not lie, you get very accurate "reports".

    6. See what happens to hitler huge nazi air forces losses, when hitler lies so much.

  5. 戒问题(戒酒)。Must Not Problem (Must Not Alcohol).

    1. You problem people, other people problem you.

    2. High level probleming = cause problems to everyone.

    3. Middle level probleming = cause problems to 1 person knowingly.

    4. Low level leveling = do a problem & do not know it a problem.

    5. When you do not problems, you do not get problems.

    6. See what happens to the Jedi Command in 2016, when all Jedi unite to solve all problems.

**Other Commandments.

  1. Buy Over Satanic Governments Rights.

    Help JESUS CHRIST to gain rights to govern Planet Earth. Give 10% JESUS CHRIST Tithes & 1% Cstan98 Black & White Tithes. Because many satanic governments use these Tithes money. Then their satanic governments rights on this planet are bought over. Once these rights are bought over, use Informal Governments to govern & run the Countries before the Coming of JESUS CHRIST. Informal Governments = Blogging Websites Political Power + Help Fellow Needy Perfect Christians To Find Meaningful Jobs + Set Up Companies to give Perfect Christians Jobs + Social Media Political Power + ...

  2. Controlled Thoughts.

    To be true Black & White Perfect Christians, it starts with the thinking thoughts. Control your thoughts. Conscious of every thoughts, that all thoughts have no wrong doings. When You have 100% Perfect Christians Thoughts. You find Your Self-Worth, & know You are True Perfect Christians.

  3. Cstan98 Knowledge Website.

    You need to surf daily this Cstan98 Knowledge Website for updates to stay Perfect Christians.

  4. Do Not Gamble.

    Do not buy lottery or go casino. Because satan the devil controls gamblings. Perfect Christians do not win in the long run.

  5. Do Not Invest.

    Do not invest in stock markets (satan the devil manipulate stock markets you lose your capital), bonds (money go funding satanic companies or governments for their 666 operations). If You have excess money, give Your Church more Tithes & Offerings to expand JESUS CHRIST God Kingdom.

  6. Do No Masturbation & Pornography.

    Strictly no masturbation & pornography. Masturbation & pornography are created by satan the devil to break your self-worth & willpower by committing many many small sins.

  7. Do No Suicide.

    If you suicide you may go to hell. Try not to commit suicide. Last to the last minute.

  8. Half Vegetarian.

    1000 Years Half-Vegetarian Cultivation = 500 Years Pure Vegetarian. It is recommended you have a try-your-best vegetarian diet (not strict.) Can eat a bit of onion & garlic. If you do not have blood cancer. Can eat beside meat vegetables without the meat. Eat honey, milk, eggs for Balanced Enzymes & Hormones productions. With a vegetarian diet, you suffer less diseases = bed ticks won't bite you + dengue & malaria mosquitoes won't bite you. (As they are only attracted to meat sweats smells) = You has less chance to suffer cancer, heart attack, stroke, ... as your cholesterol in your blood is lesser. Better still, have a 100% Vegetarian Diet with even no meat chemicals inside the dishes.

  9. Half Virginity.

    1000 Years Half-Virginity Cultivation = 500 Years Pure Virginity. Half means still can get married & have monogamy marriage sex. Just no out of marriage adultery.

  10. Look Away.

    You must look away from sexy females (other than your wife or girlfriend) on buses & internet (unless you are having a conversation). This is because if you admire sexy females like flowers, these admirings lead to pornography relapses. Be careful of small things.

  11. Mark Of 666.

    From the Holy Bible. You must not have the satanic mark 666. The mark 666 = is a satanic computer chip in your hand or forehead to use as money to trade for foods & things to live during tribulations. You need satanic money to live in the tribulations. Those who have the 666 marks, go burning lakes of fires hell until burn to ashes (surrendering all your powers to reborne). It is better get beheaded as Perfect Christians.

  12. Monogamy Marriage.

    Monogamy Marriage = one Wife only. If Your Spouse dies, You do not remarry. You keep talking to Your Spouse until You Two come together back. If You remarry = this means your Dead Spouse in Heaven can remarry also. Think careful. Marry right the first time.

**Use Wisdom To Do B&W (Black & White) 5 Commandments.

  1. 1: On Thou Shall Not Kill.

    Use Wisdom. If Heaven Soliders don't kill demons, more Angels & People get kill. Finally Heavens get kill.

  2. 2: On Thou Shall Not Steal.

    When you learn things, you are also sort of stealing things from your t/Teachers. Use Wisdom. Learning things from others are very low level stealing. You need to learn steal things from others to forever learning & improving. You just try to quote the sources as much as possible.

  3. 3: On Thou Shall Not Adultery.

    It is right if you should not adultery (no sex). But go for low level of adultery = Monogamy Marriage Sex. The me Cstan98 asks those extreme religions. Are you able to cut off your p organ & fill up your vagina? Why GOD creates males with p organ & females with vagina. They are created for Monogamy Marriage Sex. We are created to pair-up. But if you choose to have no sex, best is fixed at 500 years of Virginity. You need some hope to have Children for Life Meanings. You do not go on for no sex forever.

  4. 4: On Thou Shall Not Lie.

    Use Wisdom on not to lie. When you fight a fast war, you need to give Fast Reports to Your Troops. This Reports are not 100% accurate (You are sort of lying). If You do not give Fast Reports lying, all Your Troops die in wars. But make it a point to make Fast Reports at least 90% accurate. And keep revising Them when New Data come in. Use Wisdom.

  5. 5: On Thou Shall Not Problem.

    When you solve a problem, sometime you create new problems. You cannot totally no problems when you start doing things solving problems. Use Wisdom. The me Cstan98 like to use Problem 1 to solve Problem 2. So that both Problems disappear without any new problems.

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