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*Be A Vegetarian Christian.

Buddhism Scriptures: "meats are the sources of all wars." When there are meats eating. There bound to be wars.

  1. Holy Communion No Meat.

    Why JESUS CHRIST do not use fish as Holy Communion, but use bread. Because we need to remember what JESUS CHRIST has died on the Cross with Vegetarian Foods like wine & bread.

  2. Love Your Neighbours (Animals Neighbours).

    JESUS CHRIST: "love your neighbours." Extend your love to Our Animals Neighbours also. Hear Their Cries. Hear Their Screams.

  3. JESUS CHRIST Near Never Eat Meat In Bible.

    (01) Although JESUS CHRIST cooks fishes for His Disciples. Give fishes to feed the 5000. But the Holy Bible never quotes JESUS CHRIST eating fishes. Holy Bible only says He eats wine & bread Holy Communion in passover. That JESUS CHRIST wants to eat fig fruits from a fig tree. The me Cstan98 thinks JESUS CHRIST is a near Vegetarian.

    (29/10/2014.) Luke 24:42-43: "JESUS CHRIST eats a fish in front of His Disciple." The me thinks JESUS CHRIST is telling Christians you can be a vegetarian or a meat eater. It is up to you.

    (03/11/2014.) After me finds out JESUS CHRIST eats fish meat in Holy Bible. The breaks my vegetarian vow & eat meat. *Warning: If you want to break satanic vegetarian vows, you need to ask JESUS CHRIST to break the satanic vegetarian vows for you. And You need to be at least Archangel Cultivation to break satan the devil satanic vegetarian vows. Ask any good Perfect Pastor or Perfect Christians to do it for you. Please note: you need to ask JESUS CHRIST first to break the satanic vegetarian vow before eating meat. JESUS CHRIST dies on the cross to break all satanic vows for us.)

    (09/03/2017.) The me Cstan98 thinks JESUS CHRIST tries to keep a Vegetarian Vow. But when He descends to Hell. He finds it impossible to keep It. The First Thing He resurrects to see Apostle Peter after 3 days in Hell. He asks for a fish (or fishes, don't know). *Notice: Apostle Peter is a bit surprised that He asks for a fish (or fishes, don't know). *Understanding: do not anyhow do Vegetarian Vow. Your Cultivation improves faster. But be expected You are unable to keep It in Hell (is there sunlight in Hell for plants?) *Understanding: me Cstan98 breaks Heaven Tao Vegetarian Vow & later keeps Half-Vegetarian Vow (can meat sauce vegetables without meat). The me expects myself to go Hell for 3 Days like JESUS CHRIST & resurrects. *Recommend: don't anyhow make Vegetarian Vow. Because You are expected to be bounded by It. JESUS CHRIST: "don't anyhow make vows to anyone, anything, anywhere. (Because You are expected & bounded by them.)"

  4. Meat Side-Effects.

    After me Cstan98 start taking meats back away from my vegetarian diet. The excess meats cause me to have face rashes (cause by meat impurities) & pre-grout knee-cap pains (cause by excess proteins ureas deposits on my knee-cap). So I start taking less meat back. Do not take too much meat. Best is vegetarian diet with seaweed & eggs. Because GOD creates our human body not for too much meat consumptions.

  5. Watch YouTube: 'Animal Slaughter House' Videos.

    Search YouTube: 'Animal Slaughter House' Videos. See the reasons of becoming a Vegetarian Christian.

  6. *Conclusion.

    Confucius: "when you hear the screams of slaughter, you don't dare want to eat meats." Do you want dinosaurs to eat you & loved ones? So should you eat weaker animals. GOD does not create Us weaker Humans to be eaten by stronger dinosaurs. So don't act like a meat-eating dinosaur.

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