Cstan98 Argument - 100% Blame Satan The Devil (No Self Accountability)

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*Why Cannot Totally Blame Satan The Devil?

If you keep blaming external factors. You don't grow. Your internal problems forever exists. There is no accountability.

*Why You Also At Faults.

It takes 2 to bite the baits. The bait giver & the eater.

  1. Accountability.

    It is when You are accountable for whether to take the baits or not. Then You soar like eagles. Baits can be rejected. The satan the devil can be defeated. GOD Creation (Us) can overcome all enemies/obstacles.

  2. Blaming.

    Let say a male who divorces. The he keeps on blaming the other party (the wife). You guess what happens at next marriage. Yes. Another divorce. Chinese Saying: "because change potion. Do not change the medicine."

  3. Change.

    It is when We 50% blame Self. Then We are able to change. Changes mean growths.

  4. Keep On Pushing.

    A 50-50% probability of winning. Push Troops to fight/train like mad.

  5. Stronger.

    Blaming satan the devil 100% is saying he is stronger. Blaming self 100% is also saying he is stronger. Blaming him 50% is saying he can be defeated.

  6. Victory.

    Victory belongs to Those who fight like hell time to time.

  7. We Can Win.

    The my Cstan98 Testimony shows that satan the devil can be defeated. But it takes to admit there is a serious problem. And You need many hardworks to overcome it.

  8. *Accurate Defining/Profiling/Reporting.

    A Scientist. Defining a problem accurately is solving 50% of that problem.

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