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  1. COVID19 - Sources 2nd Investigation.

    (*) Panda 14 Starfleets investigations of sources of CONVID19 are:

    (*) Do you people really want to persecute parties in courts? These demons kill anyone who interfere in their operations.

    (01) The blue billionaire bill gates. Who want to be number 1 rich again. The he cultivate and sell the virus/vaccine in china wuhan authorized lab.

    (02) The china government. Who want to kill dissents. The they buy from bill gates.

    (03) The blue democrat united states governments. Who want to kill Republicans. The they buy from bill gates.

    (04) The eurozone governments. Who want to kill Brexit. The they buy from bill gates.

    (05) Panda rogue AI (artifical intelligence) god8. Who don't like BI (Biological Intelligence) who run this Universe. This god8 don't pre-warn Us Panda 14 Starfleets about CONVID19. Now it is coordinating demons to attack Us.

  2. COVID19 Vaccine.

    (*) To speed up find of a vaccine.

    (01) This virus is from bat. How do bats cure themselves? What they like to eat? How do they live? In order to survive COVID19. The vaccine in order to sleep upside down?

    (02) Same time. Work from last cure of same type of virus. Best same type = flu category. Best same time = transmission from animals to humans category.

    (03) This save us from going through all versions of cures from zero to everythings. You people need to narrow down to speed up finding of a vaccine.

  3. Biggest World Court Cases

    (*) Because donald duck starts suing country class lawsuits first.

    (*) Let compute all the sins of all countries. Since past:

    (01) All Japanese AV Pornography.

    (02) All United States Playmates Pornography.

    (03) All Wars like border/tactical nuke/terrorist.

    (04) Carbon Emissions for ozone depletion.

    (05) Currency Manipulations.

    (06) Cyberattacks.

    (07) Disruptions - Business/Life.

    (08) Fraud - Auditors/Banks/Invesments.

    (09) Harvesting - Blood/Brain/Vital Organs.

    (10) Implants - Breasts/P Organ.

    (11) Refugees.

    (12) Trade Wars.

    (13) Trafficking - Drugs/Guns/Prostitutes.

    (14) Virus Panademic - Flu(Bat/Bird/Pig)/HIV.

    (15) War For Oil.

    (16) World Hunger.

  4. Incentive For Singapore Foreign Workers.

    (01) Cstan98 Double Stroke. Give Singapore dormitory foreign worker S$100 a month for not falling sick. First. It is money incentive that is forcing them to go hospitals to cut foods costs. Second. It is to Singapore advantage that foreign workers have money to buy good nutritious foods. To build their immune system.

    (02) Understand that S$100 a month is big sum for Singapore. Because 60% of 5 millions population is foreign workers.

    (03) Alternatively. Use S$100 a month to buy 3 meals for each dormitory foreign worker. May be put anti-biotics version100,000. Let say the first version of anti-biotics = version1. And the last version of anti-biotics = version1,200,000.

    (04) Vegetarian Diet. The me Cstan98 suspect balanced vegetarian meals may increase CONVID19 resistance. Heaven Tao Elder: "in future. People are forced to be vegetarians." Source of virus is from meat we humans eat. These CONVID19 virus may multiply because of meat components in blood.

  5. Anti-Christ One Government 666 Alert.

    The me Cstan98 calculate with worldwide recession leading to government money rationing. And worldwide physical churches shutdown. The me calculate 50% chance that anti-christ 666 money system going to arise. With rapture and full Tribulations. Even not this time 2020. But may be the next bigger pandemics.

  6. Halimah Is An Asshole.

    All kindergarten children starts calling old people like me names like mental disorder. First Warning Shot to Halimah. Going to re-ask GUAN YIN let Tan Seng Bock to be next Singapore President.

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